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  1. How does that work? I'm a console gamer, so whilst I take a great interest in mods, I'm afraid that I cannot use them. I did some research lately and apparently, the .50 BMG will penetrate the rear doors of a BMP. I also suspect that the roof could be penetrated. Could you figure this into a mod? Does GR take into account the angle at which the bullet hits the target?
  2. Remington 870 Pump-Action mainly, though SPAS 12 and SPAS 15 Semi-Autos are sometimes used. Browning Semi-Autos were also used prior to the 870 (1970's). With the shotgun(s) will you be able to blow doors down, like you can with grenades? Sounds a cool idea, good luck with it. Why not have the Arwen too? Or the Sterling, SLR etc? I can't see snipers carrying an MP5, unless it's an MP5k.
  3. A .50 will not penetrate a BMP's armour, the only APC that could be destroyed is an old SdKfzW 251 or something. I like the suggestion of using the Abram's shell, as it is high-velocity and KE. The only problem is, it would then take out BMP's and T80's - which is very unrealistic. Does Ghost Recon differentiate between KE and Chemical AP rounds? - I studied a BMP an Abrams KO'd and it didn't look like it... Ideally the round should act like the M82, but have the damage of the grenade - but with the .50's range modifier and without the blast radius. Can this be done? I noticed the guns can deflect hits, how does the .50 act with this? Interesting subject, hope it all goes well for anyone attempting it.
  4. I have seen armoured Landies used in Northern Ireland. They are easy to recognise, as they have skirts running to the floor. Your best bet might be the Pink Panther, it's bristling with M240's and may be easy to program?
  5. These are great guys, pieces of art! Can these actually be used in Ghost Recon? I hate to nitpick, but that last model is of an AKSU - not an AK47.
  6. I thought it might be a good idea to have a topic where all the stuff from the Ghost Recon's can be discussed? Also, I think the Forums could use a slight tidy up, sorry! It is the best GR site I've seen though, good work!
  7. That can only be a good thing, they need to be educated! - Also, those weapon graphics are niice!
  8. FN do a lot of American weapons, including the M249 Minimi, M240, Browning HP etc.
  9. I'd recommend Sniper Elite, it has winage, gravity and everything - good game too and even has 2 player co-op mode! - Anyway Republicane the SR25 has both a silencer and fires a 7.62mm rifle round, whereas the .50 is a 12.7mm anti-armour round! Also an enemies weapon can deflect a bullet on GR1 - now that is attention to detail!
  10. I like viewing the weapons/vehicles artwork. The descriptions are also well written. I like it when these things are put into games
  11. Sounds great. Could you use an Emulator for this? Would it make it easier? What like? Have you an example picture?
  12. Yes, 2 bad games. GR2 & Summit Strike are good games though, but unfortunately slightly flawed (AI).
  13. #1...I don't notice this problem. #2...I understand the airstrike, but if someone threw something at you, you'd know about it wouldn't you?... #3...Yes, that's silly. #4...Too true, what a shame. Still, with 2 or more players, it doesn't matter. Yes, BIA is amazing. Games AI seems to have drastically improved lately, with the exception of GR2. I find this hard to accept as GR1 set a lot of the standards, as did Rainbow 6. There should be more people, in 2 teams - like GR1 was.
  14. The M240; I can use it offensively, defensively @ long or short range very effectively. It also has sufficient power to take out unarmoured vehicles, supress the enemy and 'spray and pray'. The MAAWS and Tokarev pistol for secondaries. The LAW is unfortunately unnecesary in the game and the pistol is for when it gets too close, or for when the main weapon runs out of ammo. I think the last slot I'm not too bothered about, pity that the Claymore's are clacker only...
  15. I think that when you scope in (right analogue button on the XBOX) you should see through whatever the weapon has, even if it only has open (iron) sights. Otherwise you can have 1st or 3rd person perspective, as per normal. What I do want changing is the double-click option - if a weapon has a 10X scope, then thats what the zoom should be. Having to hit the button twice I find annoying. 2 games that are similar to how people seem to want are Hidden & Dangerous and (less succesfully used) Conflict:Vietnam. The most realistic games have to be the 2 Brothers in Arms. What about the G36 though? - I wish the Red-Dot was shown (an advantage in CQB).
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