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  1. On Crash Site, at the docks.... pretty much anything to do with them. They will eat your bullets. They will drop you into the bottomless pit. If you spawn on the docks in RvsA theres a chance you can fall through the back of them and end up stuck outside the map looking up at the the world. If you don't have a gernade all you can do is ask for an admin kill and wait for an ADAT to blow.
  2. No Ka-Bar, no care. Edit: Would also like to be able to take off the glowy-goggles in night and fog maps.
  3. There is a glitch where custom maps will show more players than are actually in a server...it will give a total of all players that HAVE BEEN in there. Perhaps it is also still uploading them data as well...
  4. I, for one, conclude that the thread title is a little weird.
  5. If you try some time, you might find, you get what you need... By the time I'm out of ammo there's usually plenty laying on the ground. =)
  6. Air strikes and Artillery are tactical also but I sure don't want to see them used in GRAW lol.... I am fine with the 1 gernade thing, it forces people to either pre-nade or wait until they hear something, they can't do both. If you have too many gernades it makes the game about everyone sitting still and waiting for someone to breath and then the area gets peppered with frags.
  7. Question: If we set this to false: <var name="has_tag_system" type="boolean" default="true" /><!-- True if the players should be enabled to tag. --> Would that eliminate they enemy tagging bug after a /restart_match? It might disable the tagging in RvsA, but that's not a deal breaker.
  8. I'm intereted in seeing what you hash out to see if the guys will do it. I think our largest objection would be to respawns...so no respawn RvsA/TDM/or HH.
  9. The noob on the bridge in The Cut is yours truely. If you look closely I actually get a kill at the exact instant Conny kills me, so at least I have that going for me. =) edit: hey where did that scene go? wow it's a long movie. lol
  10. Wow bro, that was brutal, but I know what you mean. It's personally still fun to me to play no-respawn...and occasionally I'll jump in a kill spam server if I'm left with no alternatives.
  11. Welcome to last month http://www.ghostrecon.net/forums/index.php...=45570&st=0 He has 2 serial numbers and I can provide the ban hashes if you like. Just provide them to the host of whatever server he has been in.
  12. Viiiper: I've found from practical experience, ideal settings are to take a screenshot every 60 seconds with a 30 second time out. Also the 640x480 setting is OK, but honostly useless if the person is running 1600x1200, etc...and 800x600 is certainly enough. Also I had to put the xml code under EACH game mode, TDM-HH-Siege, but maybe it can just be put somewhere else to effect all 3.
  13. Think of it as a deterrant. You'll notice theres no mention of the current glitch with the file names, we need a patch for that.
  14. I got one for free for having tons of hours logged into GRAW 1...lol It does cause noticable lag when stuff blows up, like a half second pause. Have you tried the Aegia Island map yet?
  15. I'm sure you can use a text tool (or even windows) to search all the other text files for that same hash for someone who used it before.
  16. What in the world are you guys arguing about? The tread starter didn't even mention hamachi, he's trying to play in an isolated lan, a sandbox if you will. There is a known issue where the game will 1) Query Gamespy, and 2) Check for an updated version. One work around is to disable "autologin" if you're going to be LANing it. And if it still hangs looking for an update, give it a minute.
  17. And thank you. Oh geez, can an admin please check if ruggbutt and pz3 have the same IP
  18. Hit the "restart" button in the bottom right when it says "connecting to server" to dump to the lobby. Saves you a few seconds but you still basically load the map.
  19. Good idea but what's done is done. I did try to google the text in the top left and nothing came up so I think this isn't wide spread...thankfully. I'll keep flipping through the screenshots that come in every morning...less boring than actual work.
  20. For those that haven't enabled the auto screenshots feature on your server...do it. And remember to flip through them occasionally too. Having my morning coffee and I almost spit it out when I saw this one. <ban hash_id="c81aa335931d6bafeaa6d484f5b99699" name="RawPacket" ip="" duration="0" date="2007-09-21 06:43" day="2820" time="6.7166667" end_day="" end_time="" />
  21. Ahaha III just started playing again for the first time, if it was him I'm going to kill that guy with the butt of my SCAR. In GRAW 1 he had some funky key layout and habbit of standing up that caused the server not to register it. It's a funny glitch and he never knew he was doing it. We got him on TeamSpeak one time and explained why everyone was mad at him.... he vowed never to prone again lol..
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