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  1. The Elite Beer Drinking Assassins are always recruiting. Visit us at elitebda.com
  2. Anyone, EBDA decided to throw up a GRAW multiplayer server periodically for our members and while trying to play I noticed that after I connect, play the first map it will not load the next map, ctrl+alt+del to end the game. I figured there was a thread or threads on this here and found the threads on setting permissions, did that on both all users and my user, and this thread. My problem here is that the link above is over a year out of date, the forceware drivers are 175.19 for the 9800 GX2 and this problem is not intermitten but every single map. I'll continue to search but if someone has seen a solution that I missed I'd appreciate any help. Thanks, RNB
  3. All, Wondering if any other server admins are having the same problems. We've seen a rash of "Lost Connection to Server" messages occuring to multiple players on the EBDA server. We've worked with the Service Provider to clean up the log files, check the network settings, etc.. but still continues. Any other teams seeing this? Redneck Bob_EBDA
  4. Wolfsong, please pass on the thanks for the patch. While not technically a bug, we've seen the load times in mulitplayer both during changing maps and between rounds on the same map become significantly longer. Is anyone else seeing this?
  5. Hey Roco good to hear from you. We run the server with a 7 sec spawn immortality, most players, especially those affiliated with a specific team should know all the spawn locations on the stock maps by this point. The 7 sec immortality is for the very reason you stated, give players a chance to get out of the spawn zone. Our rules are simple, first, don't shoot into or out of the spawn zone. If a player can see another player spawn don't shoot at them (specifically TDM, Siege, and HH, RVSA is a little more complicated and we're more tolerant on that mode). We warn (above 3 times) and then kick players for shooting both into and out of the spawn. Shooting out of the spawn invites others to shoot into it. Second, don't swear, attack, or make derogatory comments towards other players via the in-game chat. Breeze is not a member of the EBDA. We welcome public players to our server, if a player has a problem with our admin team we ask that the player have the courtesy take it up with us first. However, if it is a simple question about not liking how we admin our server don't play on it.
  6. All, We have found a player on our server that we can not take a screen shot of. The command returns an indication that a screenshot was successfully taken but there is nothing in the screenshot folder with this players name. Are there known programs, any mods, or flat out hacks that block the screenshot function? I remember that initially at launch there were problems with the tool returning a blank white jpeg. BDA is very suspicious of this player and before we act I'm just looking for feedback from the community as to what is known when taking a screenshot fails. Thanks, Redneck Bob*BDA*
  7. Hold TAB to show grid G to increase grid spacing Shift+G to decrease grid spacing N to toggle between free move & snap tp grid Thank you.
  8. Ok, so I'm giving the editor a second pass. While I am enjoying the freedom the editor provides, I'm really looking for is an answer to two questions. The first is whether or not there is a key combo, menu, or something that allows the user to raise and lower static elevations via a gradient such as there was with the GRAW editor. I'm trying to line up walls and just ctrl+up or down arrow aren't cutting it. Secondly, if there is anything like the spacing in GRAW's editor so that walls nicely, for lack of a better term, snapped together. Redneck Bob*BDA*
  9. Are you saying they where cheating somehow, or did you just ban them because you couldn't get a screen shot? I don't see how you could consider banning them. We have not accused anyone is cheating. The point of the matter is that until this issue resolved, the abillity to take a reliable screen shot, be it a port issue, a operating system issue, a problem with the admin function, or a blocker, there will be ethical questions surrounding individuals when a screen shot can not be taken. We are attempting to provide a server that everyone can enjoy and BDA will allow those individuals back once this is resolved. If you do not care the rules on our server, don't play on it.
  10. Viiper, I set the BDA server to 300, since 35 was in no way enough as Joker mentioned, and immediately the problem after the reload. However, the teams did switch but at a much slower rate. Team 1 plays Side A , someone wins (no info) Team 1 plays Side B , 5 seconds in, the round ends Team 1 plays Side A again Team 1 plays Side B , 5 seconds in, the round ends Team 1 plays Side B Additionally the timer in no way appears to be counting down 1 second for 1 tick. At 300 it should be 5 minutes and we had games ending just over 2 minutes in.
  11. Excursion, likewise I am getting the same error. Crash in application version: grpcrc1.30 data\lib\script_network\gametype\gametypesiege.dsf(-1): cant find member: _currently_owned_by in type <void> SCRIPT STACK data\lib\script_network\networkmanager.dsf(0) data\lib\script_network\networkmanager.dsf(0) data\lib\setups\setup.dsf(0) data\levels\custom_levels\lions in winter\lions in winter.dsf(38) I have not tried to export in any other mode yet but have this same error with 2 different siege maps. Has anyone replied as to what the fix is?
  12. Thanks for posting the link WhiteKnight. As Milar stated they did not ask permission from *BDA* to redistribute the maps. As much as we would like the maps to get a deeper penetration into the GR community unless the author has asked GR.net to host them for the public we are trying to keep them on the *BDA* server as method to increase traffic and let the community know about *BDA*. We have requested they remove the maps from their map pack.
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