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  1. goes quite well!! we are in a quite non-graphical phase right now where we try out diffrent technical approaches to things since we want to try a diffrent technical approach than alot of the vanilla graw content! so we are basicly learning how to do what, like how to fake fake lightmaps in the sewers with the help of vertex colours and stuff like that..its really cool how many diffrent approaches you can take to do the same thing hopefully soon we have some more actual contents to show off!
  2. here is another updated pic of the first house. what we are doing now is working on the basic texture set that all houses will share, bricks, stone, plaster, whatnot so we are in a bit of a startup phase. once the textures are out of the way, making diffrent versions of houses will probably be quite fast! well...fast compared to..I dont know.. we are also trying to work out whats the best way to do the terrains are..we are looking at both making them by hand or in something like terragen...
  3. here is the first wip image of a small iraqie desert farmers house...
  4. umm, its a lamp that hangs from the ceiling as I said its just a quick test test to try get anything at all into the engine.now that I know how, I can start making proper stuff.
  5. haha! after a bit of struggling I finally managed to get my test model into the editor..its not very pretty but its just a test.. will soon be followed by "real" models now that I know the basic drill!
  6. dude, talk about nitpicking! I think its teh awesome, I downloaded the tutorials and are gonna start try to get into these xml watchamacallits, havent modded anything in a couple of years..
  7. I dont wanna think about grin_willies nuts I do want to think about making sp missions tho...mmm sp missions... *homer drool*
  8. game prices are always weird, they go up and down and down and up..diffrent price for a diffrent country or store, I wonder how that works
  9. yeah you could be stupid, but if you are, so am I! cus I dont really understand either..
  10. haha I actually remember that quote from the beginning of the pokemon movie..lol I dont wanna talk about it..
  11. opaque means its completley non-see through like..a wall. or a dog. or a mirror in this case!
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