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  1. I would like to cast my vote as well. As if you didnt already know.

    Yes, I would like to see the OE1 / OE2 Mods get a spot here on the GR.Net Forum.

    Anyone interested in learning more can visit: www.obsidianedge.net

    Obsidian Edge

    I would like to point out that there are sooo many people in these forums complaining about AW not being the same as GR1. Everyone seems to want a game that is very close to GR1.

    If just a few players would try OE then more players would see just how much like GR it really is. HINT HINT. It is VERY much like GR1. You would be amazed.



  2. FarCry is not my type of game. I would say that it is not suited for many of the players here in this forum. It is more fast paced and not "tactical" in nature.

    However, the Obsidian Edge Mod for FarCry is VERY much my game type and I would have to say that if the players here would give it a chance, they too would agree. I cannot begin to tell you how much it is exactly like the [GR]. I MEAN REALLY LIKE GR !!!!

    Do you hear me? Can you understand what I am saying? Obsidian Edge Mod is very much like [GR] !!!

    Now that the Polishing Weevles team are working on OE2, I am very excited to see what they turn out (for free, by the way).

    Really, all that I (and several other players) are really asking is that you spend $9.95 on FarCry and then download the Obsidian Edge Mod for free. Really, what have you got to lose? $9.95?

    I even took it upon myself to purchase 4 copies of FarCry and download 4 copies of the OE Mod onto disc. I have been giving them out to some of my friends to recriut. Every single person that I have given it to, has loved it. In fact, they have, in turn purchased a new copy and given it to someone else. This should say something about the quality of the mod.

    I do not work for Crytech nor have any affilitation with the OE Mod. However, I am now naming myself as the #1 Fan and #1 Supporter. I will walk to the ends of the earth and bleed OE blood in my quest to convert players to this game.

    The funny thing is .... I am trying to convert players, that do not know they need to be converted, to a game that they would love if they would give it a chance. This will be difficult and tiring. I will not give up. Help me help you. Help me help others. Tell everyone about the Obsidian Edge Mod for FarCry. Let the Revolution begin !!!

    Long live Obsidain Edge !!! (GR:OE)


  3. I have something to say.

    Before anyone makes note of me only having one post - let me explain. I have been with GR since the beginning. Yes, the beginning. I was even playing the RB6 series since its inception. I venture to say that I have possibly logged more hours on the [GR] than any 5 players in this forum combined. Yes, I do have a life and a pretty good one at that. But I truly loved the first GR. Still do. GRAW is not GR.

    The reason that I only have one post is because I do not (usually) post in forums. The reason? Most forums, regardless of good intentions, turn into an internet shouting match between immature players. Most of which do not know what they are talking about not have any information to prove or back-up their claims.

    UBI has sent most of the true PC GR fans on an emotional rollercoster over the past few years. I am amazed that they have any support left whatsoever. First, the long wait from GR1 to the release of GR2. Oh yeah, wait a minute .... that never happened.

    I personally feel that UBI NEVER had any intentions of releasing GR2 for the PC. But they kept telling us that it was almost ready. Then, delayed. So we waited another month ... delayed again. We waited another month .... delayed again. The whole time we are waiting, we are assuming that they are working on it. So, we waited and we waited and we waited ... finally they announced that it was not being released for the PC at all !! I could hear the foundation start to crack in the GR Community. Betrayl was whispered among many of the true "hard core" GR players. I was one of them. And my suspecions proved to be true.

    UBI, instead, choose to only release GR2 for the console gamers. Then, we (the PC gamers) were told that GR2 was not released for the PC because they wanted to give us "more". They said that they wanted to release a Ghost Recon that was up to our standards. So .... we wait, and wait and wait .... then, as if God, himself, spoke to us ... UBI announces the release of GRAW. Wow, even I was excited (I must admit). Still cautious, but very excited.

    I even pre-ordered 5 copies of GRAW for me and the rest of my group. When the local shop we ordered from did not receive their copies on time, we all paid for the game again and downloaded it (legally from Direct 2 Drive).

    At first, I was pleased. Not over thrown, like I expected or should have been. Just pleased. But hey, even the first GR has some issues when it was released. I was willing to give it a chance. After all, I had already been waiting for 5 years. What would another month or so hurt?

    Soon after entering the map editor, I realized that this game (although boasting the Ghost Recon name) was not and never will be Ghost Recon. Still though, I did take the time (approx 150 hours) and made 5 very good maps. The editor was laiden with bugs and glitches. Many of my maps had to be done and re-done numerous times before final complettion. I realized after I had finished my 5th map .... wow, there are not any more maps that I can make !! What I mean by this, is that the editor is very "cookie cutter" in nature. There is no terrain generator and the LEGO piecies that were given to us are just that .... LEGO piecies. If I were to make another map, it would have to much the same as one of the other 5 maps that I had just finished. There is a very limited selection of buildings, object, props, and terrain.

    I have not released my maps and probably never will. I realize that many of you could care less and that is fine. In truth, if I feel this way, then there are others who must feel the same way. For those of you who have just arrived here in the GR world you cannot understand what this means. Ignorance is bliss. I envy you.

    The [GR] is still being played for several reasons. One is because the game is solid and was, overall, just a good, fun game. Reason two is because the mod community supported the game and made new maps, new weapons, new game types and new characters. It kept the game fresh and interesting. I truly do not see this happening with GRAW. If it does not - then it will die!

    In fact, I will no longer refer to this new game as GRAW. From now on, I will simply call it ... "AW". I do not feel that it deserves the GR title and therefore, I am removing it.

    Simply put ... I am willing to give AW only one more chance. If MAJOR changes and improvements are not made, then I (along with thousands of other GR supporter) are gone!

    In fact, I have recently come across an older game - FarCry. Now, FarCry itself is not my bag. However, it has been modded by a group called the Polishing Weevles. They have transformed the faster paced FC into more of a tactical shooter - very much like the [GR]. If you want to see some real "hard core" GR fans, then you need to check out their mod of FarCry. It is called Obsidian Edge. It is closer to the [GR] then GRAW will ever be.

    I cannot stress this enough .... if YOU are a true GR fan, then you MUST check our the Obsidian Edge mod for FarCry. I love it. And as I have already stated, I was possibly the biggest fan of [GR] in the world.

    The mod team for Obsidian Edge (OE) is now in works with Crytech and they have their hands directly in the new game - Crysis. Within a few months of Crysis release, the new OE2 Mod will also be released. I have not seen much of it yet, but I can already tell you that it will BLOW AW out of the water.

    In fact, after typing out this manifesto, I just realized that I am DONE with AW. Why would I play a game that is not what I like? .... The answer is simply and true for many of you. Memories and Emotion. Yes, you still have ties to [GR]. Wake up. AW is not GR.

    Come with me to the dark side. All I ask is that you try the OE Mod for FarCry and I promise, you will see what I have seen. The 'real' GR is now known by a different name.

    GR:OE. I stand here as the first of many who will come to realize this.

    You may read this and immediatley dismiss what I have said. That is fine. I was just like you a few months ago. Eventually, one night, while you are home playing AW, something will happen that makes you finally realize .... hey, this is not what I want. Then, all I can ask of you, is that you at least give OE a try. You will never have to admit that I was right and that you were stubborn and wrong. We will let all that be water under the bridge.

    I will get my revenge anyway. By the time you admit, realize and actually buy FC with the OE Mod, I will be light years ahead of you and I will slaughter you over and over and over again. This will be my satisfaction.

    I have gone on far to long and I apologize. I guess this is what happens when you wait so long before posting in a forum. At any rate, I hope you had the attention span and love of the [GR] to read the entire post and now you may join me and my group in GR:OE. I truly hope to see you there. BTW - we did just put up a dedicated OE Server. Feel free to join us there for some GR game play.

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