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  1. Yeah so we just had a nob cheese (who will remain nameless) play the TK game with us on the offical servers. Thing is we're powerless to stop him any way other than shooting him ourselves. Yada yada, low IQ, troubled childhood, sexual insecurity, small willy, I don't care the excuse for team killing. Hell I'd go for a CD key ban as well but I like to smack stupidity down. Rant Rant Rant
  2. ubisoft is one of the better quality publishers IMO, EA just shovel out products.
  3. woot! 24-0 Got that only because I got in such an advanced position I was side swiping groups, and I kept moving position so when they'd be coming to get where I was I'd be lying in wait for them. Dunno if its cheating or lag but I've seen people shoot while in full run, the first bullet comes out at a 90 degree angle from the gun, usually hits me in the head.... *edit* Sometimes when I round a corner I have to take a guess at where the opponent is, as you're rounding the corner you have a slight advantage as you know exactly when what's going down goes down. Usually I win if I'm aggressive over defensive, Unless I'm standing in a completely unexpected place. Who dares wins and all that m'larky.
  4. this happens to me on the offical servers every now and again. I run no mods.
  5. I already pointed out that my points were wiped out for the start of the round. No amount of 'using my head' is gonna stop me from starting the round with a pistol when I have 20 points to my name (after winning the round....). Hell I got the most tactical award that round, but when you're 6 men down (like we were at one point) tactical gives way for numbers (and firepower). I wouldn't say I'm a bad player (not great) I often hit #4 or #5 in a full server, but when you start a round with a pistol vs automatic weapons, it becomes a sucky onesided spanking.
  6. Point system. After a fairly dominant game of domination (17:3 in kills for me) We hit the next round. For some reason I notice I have only 20 points to buy stuff. So I run out with a pistol. Seems like it was fairly epedemic as most of my team are pistoling it as well. As soon as we encounter the yankies it comes fairly clear the opposition are not suffering our point drought. Pretty quickly we're on the wrong end of a whipping. Problem was I had to play 4 spawns with pistols due to the system. Cause my team was fairly new/inexperienced/incompitant/pistoling vs assault rifles they weren't capturing points so they were spawning with pistols n getting stuck in a repeat cycle. Thing is I was still hammering people and ended up 13:6 with mainly pistol kills. Problem is come restart round 3 we're still really under equiped and get nuked again. End product was half the team left and we went men down vs superior firepower... Problem is this happens quite often, the games snowball, one team starts to peg the other one back then people quit and your down numbers (which is very hard to compete against in a numbers game). I think this stems from the frustration of not having points to buy even an XM8 and the raping you end up recieving by guys with SAWs. You can't pick up other peoples weapons and with just 10 points a kill you often end up getting hammered even if you peg back one or 2. It is gonna make me quit cause I try to remain calm but spawning into a swarm of bullets stops being funny after about 1 time. Personally I think domination games would work better if the point system was irradicated totally. Its not like the more expensive weapons dominate, the maps aren't sniper friendly and the SAW isn't a be all end all weapon, sure you wouldn't see much of the XM8, but thats realistic isn't it Oh and grenade launchers suck
  7. Problem with the MP is it really favours blitzing to get zones. Slow play effectively gets punished.
  8. I snipe, I love it. This game is all about sniping, just not always with the sniper rifle. Just cause the other weapons have scopes and are reasonably accurate at range doesn't make the Sniper Rifle useless. Still 2 people one bullet, that's loads of fun.
  9. as if this quote represents the modding community ?? even in the mod forum you can see improvement, this is only one guy who spoke his mind it is not representative for the community i've even seen ruggbutt enthousiastic about a mod being made, that blew my mind....... Problem with speaking for other people is unless you have paper sigs supporting you, a company is gonna right you off. And if it's one person a Company can afford to miss you out. Thing that gets me is so far I've not really seen much as to why people dislike this game other than 'It's not Ghost Recon 1' I have personal gripes I wish I could sort out, but I just find this whole thing a bit overdramatic.
  10. What it means ? Sorry I'm Italian so I can't understand everything , What's poly? Polygon Triangle that makes up all 3d objects.
  11. Scar L + Scope. Nice n simple. Quick burst nearly always kills. only weak in extreme range
  12. You're right. Lets just remove this one bullet because it's too small of a touch. We should have a hand animation bending down and picking up magazines. I watched a Mexican soldier for 10 hours, how come he doesn't need to go to the washroom? I hate this game. That animation was done nicely in Sniper Elite game. You had to stop by the corpse and press action to pick up magazine from its wpn. If you had more time, you could do a body search and take ammo from pockets etc. Everything else is Quake now a days. If you can pick enemys magazines why you cant pick its weapon? Or those nades it may have? @RabidMoose: too subtle, perhaps? Ah, well; I appreciated it. Sarcasm aside I love the 31 round touch, its nice. I do like the Idea of claiming ammo by picking mags up as opposed to running over them though. Worked so well in H&D. You could even steal the (somewhat superior) weapons, would mean you'd not have to worry about ammo supply. Little touches.
  13. Okay I understand the need to reduce number of active enemies in the game. However I'm getting kinda sick of snipers spawning after I've scouted the street and tearing me apart. Last thing that happened was I rounded a corner to finish off 1 last squad guy only to have an entire squad spawn before my (soon dead) eyes. Anyone figured out how to increase the spawn distance (or spawn everything at the start) so this issue is resolved? it's the major thing that's dragging the game down for me atm. Cheers. And if this has been addressed can you link as I did a search with the keyword spawn and it came up blank. Raxxman
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