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  1. Thanks! That was one of the best collections I've read!
  2. Are you referring to briefs like in jockeys? Did they have anything in rubber or Latex?
  3. I used a Saitek Evo all through Pacific Fighters merged version. But as soon as I got LOMAC and tried switching from one aircraft to another, I saw the need for some sort of HOTAS, and got a Saitek X45 mainly because I got it at half price, and because there are so many great user made profiles for it. One profile fits all the aircraft! You can get a factory reconditioned X45 for $39 plus $5 shipping at the Saitek site.
  4. The ranking system in AA is much more a qualification of skills, while BF2's is almost entirely based on the amount of time spent playing the game, or in a particular class of troop. I really dislike BF2's system of artificially increasing the player attributes such as the unlocking more accurate weapons , just because someone has spent more time at it.
  5. Quote:"But, maybe it's okay to say UBI/RSE does not "listen," whereas does not "care" is too radical/smashing/potentially crushing to developers, etc. working on GR:AW?" Maybe you can send the UBI team some cookies to "console" them, Janie? I don't mean any insult to any of the people who are just "following orders"and doing their jobs for the corporation, I just want the UBI PR people to be truthful in their statements to the public.
  6. We were told by UBI/RSE that LD would be a tactical minded game like the previous releases---it isn't. They didn't listen to this community whatsoever, in fact they seemed to listen, then do the opposite! Different team notwithstanding, UBI still ultimately calls the shots. A large number of R6 fans are GR fans, how can we believe the PR that makes assurances that have been simply not true?
  7. I guess I won't tell you about how he made a mortar out of some pipe...
  8. Did any of you Hockey fans saw Mark Messier's #11 being retired at the Garden? I've never seen before a ceremony as big or as long as this one, even for Gretzky. Here's my problem; When Scott Stevens has his number retired by the Devils in a few weeks, it will be almost nothing in comparison, even though he is as great a player and leader. Damn those Rangers !
  9. Some sage advice there! When it comes to tinkering with the operation of the mechanisms themselves, I am clueless. I had a buddy who was able to make his .45 a full auto by monkeying with the parts. What a useful skill to have! He used to carry around a reciept for a new part on order, just in case he was questioned.
  10. Article: Police in Britain using a radar gun noted a reading of more than 300mph, just before their equipment fried. Seconds later a low-flying Harrier jet hurtled past. The police complained to the Royal Air Force about the damage to their equipment, but the police were told to consider themselves lucky. The Harrier's target-seeker had locked onto the radar and triggered an automatic retaliatory air-to-surface attack. Fortunately for the police, the Harrier was not armed with missiles."
  11. Start here: http://harris.dvc.org.uk/jeff/ You'll out find things about the Model 1911 that even Samuel Colt didn't know of!
  12. I must disagree with the characterization of Guns and Ammo being just a "rag". GnA is where for years Col. Jeff Cooper has had his column, a leading expert on the Government Model and that had ran tests for the military on this pistol. I had a link here somewhere in this forum where you can read an archive of his writings, but I haven't found it yet.
  13. The non-repeating huge maps alone, are enough to pique my interest. I've always liked the ability to fly thousands of miles in flight sims, and wanted to see this integrated into a FPS with vehicles. But the both the Co-op and the mp descriptions with the objectives based gameplay is what I've been looking for more of. Any descriptions available of the player speeds and movement here?
  14. Actually plans for an EMP have been discovered to used by Al Qaeda cells. An EMP will knock out anything that used electronics or electrical components, including cars, trucks, fresh water pumps, fuel station pumps and many more ordinary things that run civilization.
  15. Quoted from Carmack: "The graphics systems are much better than though. Graphics has an inherent natural parallelism. The capabilities of the Xbox 360 and PS3 are really good on the graphics side, although, not any head or shoulders above any PC stuff that you can buy at a higher price point." I'm going with this version, especially since the newest PC processor sets have come out, with another quantum leap forward due any quarter now.
  16. Well we had plenty of warnings, but it's still tough to accept that with most games the PC version is going to ported, or missing altogether. The comments as to lack of parity in performance was refreshing to see, after all the hype of the capabilities of these new consoles.
  17. OK, seriously now: What a difficult goal! I cannot think of one game that has sucessfully done that yet, I hope it works but I have to doubt it. The original GR and R6 was successful precisely because it was a niche market game. All the games I play to date are not popular with the mainstream and are not for everyone, which is fine with me because it weeds out a lot of bad players, and makes for better gaming communities. I think making a one-size-fits-all will be a bad compromise but I really hope it works! I've seen how leaving it all up to individual server settings and/ or "reality" mods to season the game to one's liking has the effect of watering down the particular gaming community even further. The unaltered "vanilla" game is what is usually the only accepted version in ladders and competitions.
  18. Too bad, I rather like the idea of them screwing themselves...
  19. After hearing comments about how the movie differs from reality, I've decided to get the book; http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/074329164...glance&n=283155
  20. I'm suspicious, March 31st is as close as you can get to---April Fools Day!
  21. The information was published in an interview with Jim Marrs on a radio broadcast. You will see it specifically mentioned in the summary, with also the allegation that the dimensions for Dealey Plaza were altered by the Warren Comission to throw off reenactments and computer models. http://www.coasttocoastam.com/shows/2005/11/22.html Beware, I could find no other reference to this, so it could be a load of malarkey!
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