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  1. That's right, your not just shooting blanks!
  2. I found that by strapping a feedbag around my neck I can have both hands free for the keyboard. However, the mic has a tendency to get fouled with food matter.
  3. Are you sure there won't be an Ammo Bar to go along with that Health Bar? No more need to count rounds while your running and gunning, just glance at your health and ammo meter bars, then spray and pray, heh heh! Am I thinking inside the Xbox, yet?
  4. As a former SP and Co-op player who has converted to strictly TvT, I can relate to both mindsets here. Co-op and SP is a mostly linear battleground where usually you rarely if ever get flanked from behind, the frontlines are always ahead of you. Yes, if you get flanked from behind in Co-op, you probably made some mistakes, unless the scripter put in some spawns from the rear, or a more challenging patrol path circuit. But in TvT this is often not the case, especially in newer games with larger map areas you look for opportunities to flank from any direction. This scenario happens very often in TvT.
  5. The example doesn't work against a long range sniper, but that doesn't mean it won't work at shorter ranges. For snipers: You are in a crater looking through your scope and some stupid rifleman stumbles into your crater from behind---wouldn't you like to roll onto your back quickly?
  6. Please don't lock this, the heavy guns haven't been heard yet!
  7. On the contrary, they openly seek and attract attention this way, which is a big part of the problem.
  8. What about a .45 SMG hose gun? Roll onto your back, Sit-up and spray!
  9. I think the point of those official government statistics is that there is a much higher percentage of pedophiles among gays, way out of proportion to the "straight" population. I agree with you about the word "straight", it's better expressed as normal, as opposed to abnormal. As in abnormal psychology? What purpose would there be in having an all-gay gaming team if sex has nothing to do with the game?
  10. Can you do all that and handle a set of chopsticks?
  11. What the hell? ← No thank-you, here's why: http://www.familyresearchinst.org/FRI_SPECRPT_pedo-sum.html http://www.catholicintl.com/epologetics/ar...lity-health.htm http://www.frc.org/get.cfm?i=IS02E3
  12. Seriously, there is a probablilty between gays recruiting and pedophilia, if not young children then definately teens. That company has every right to determine this policy, and any attempt to resist this is nothing more than another gay rights advocacy suit to make more case law precedents.
  13. I understand exactly what you mean about Joint Ops and it's awful hit detection, bullet spread, and bunny hopper movement. It's why I dumped the game after only about four months. I especially despised the grenade control and physics, GR1 and SOAF did this better than any game out there. If GRAW has any of this nonsense about it, it will be just another of several stupid games with great graphics that seems to be the formula today. I hope that "mainstreaming" doesn't mean copying all the mistakes made in other games like trying to change what was already successful(re-inventing the wheel).
  14. The relevence of my concern about porting 360 games to PC is about the gameplay as well as utilizing the PC platform to it's fullest potential, and I don't only mean graphics. The options and features that many PC games have today, are not just not made for consoles if they are even possible, so a port from a console lowers the bar for PC games. Show me a serious sim like LOMAC or IL2 on a 360, and I will change my opinion, but until then nothing could be more relevent to me.
  15. I loved your analysis and followed your line of reasoning all the way up to this point; "If the borderline hoards of pc/console gamers see game media for the pc that is just about as good (or near to) as that for its 360 counterpart then it's likely that many of them will decide to stay put with something tried and tested and spend the $500 dollars they would have used for the 360 on upgrading their PC." As I see it the problem, if there is not much difference between console and PC games, then it's because PC games are not being developed separately, but rather largely or wholly ported from 360. This seems to have happened already with R6LD so far, and I'm afraid it might be a trend. If so, then many PC gamers may as well buy into XBOX 360, because the PC games were dumbed down.
  16. Will it fix any of the gameplay issues like having eyes on top of your helmet and being able to shoot using that false viewpoint like over a stair riser?
  17. Strictly Co-op players would never see the need, but in TvT this sort of scenario happens all the time. In other games that use knives, a prone rifleman can never get turned around fast enough when a knifer comes from behind him.
  18. Forget about the sniper, if you're already prone and in engaged in a firefight and someone tries flanking you from the rear it makes perfect sense to do this, since it's the quickest move to face the threat.
  19. I have to agree with Hellcat's comments concerning UBI following popular trends in the industry, and that stats are one of them. We have seen how many are willing even to pay extra server fees to have a stats tracking program. I believe that UBI or some other company has an excellent opportunity to innovate a stats ranking board that would bring up the overall level of gameplay, rather than be a hinderance by rewarding bad gamers as is the case in BF2.
  20. You can roll, but you always end up on your belly.
  21. A great suggestion, and I don't know why it hasn't been done by any game I know of yet!
  22. Hopefully, there will be a very big difference between the console and the PC versions.
  23. There better not be any way possible to frontal kill a rifleman with a knife, or UBI can count on a R-E-F-U-N-D.
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