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  1. Well, I was finally able to get that second disk to install. I have still have no idea what it was, although I did remove a folder for the EA game service before reinstalling. As to the suggestion of getting a new driver, I could find no new drivers available. Thanks for all of your responses, I really appreciate the help.
  2. I've been as an observer to several pro CS:S and 1.6 LAN tournaments, and while the gameplay is very unrealistic, within the bounds of that world there are many tactics and strategies that are employed by the ranking teams. Although I'm not a fan of CS gameplay and feel it's success is the singlemost reason why new games are being arcaded down, I can recognize this.
  3. @tangovictor Your sig pwns all Ranger fans. Go Devils!
  4. Jeremy likes all RTS games, Doug doesn't: http://media.putfile.com/PurePwnage-MeetFPSDoug
  5. Sorry, you are right about my previous post. The CD drive is HL-DL-ST CD-RW GCE-8487B The software I'm installing is EA Sports FIFA. I thought this maybe was a problem with WinXP because this has happened before with other software on at least three other comps.
  6. While I may not 100% agree entirely with what Tink wrote, which may have been too general and not specific enough, I really hate how he's been treated here. Tink never attacked anyone personally, but once a moderator went off on him, others started piling-on like a pack of rabid dogs. Shame on you guys, you're better than this.
  7. The disc drive according to the device manager is named ST380011A and it's a week old.
  8. I saw other threads on this but I was unable to find them. Does anyone know how to get around the WinXP problem that sometimes does not recognize a second or third install CD/ROM?
  9. Check this vid: http://media.putfile.com/PurePwnage-WoWisafeeling
  10. How about a mod with the ghosts patrolling the US-Mexican border?
  11. Rugg's exactly right, you cannot see the back of the sight when you truly take aim through an iron sight, only the front blade(s). This subject has been covered before in detail in these forums. Even the campy BF2 did a more realistic job of the view using iron sights.
  12. Is it the unofficial name of the dev team responsible for GR2 for the PC version?
  13. A photo of a top secret commando unit comprised entirely of trained chimpanzees has been leaked. Animals rights groups such as PETA, have filed suits against the US government in federal court, calling the unit "savage" and "inhumane".
  14. I'd be interested in seeing the type of wound and death animations in Full Spectrum Warrior, used in GRAW.
  15. No, they are not. Please allow the devs to respond unless you know the answers. I'm looking for the answers to the AI night vision question as well as the grenade question that was posed, and I do not see them posted above.
  16. I was so very concerned that UBI would actually keep this deadline and that the 3 year long wait for a PC sequel would finally be over. I'm so grateful that my expectation of enjoyment has once again been put off into the future. Instant gratification is for losers! Delayed gratification is much better, but what's even more sublime is UBI's way of giving one a date for release, oh sweet release, then after letting the tension build, they simply cancel or postpone for another time---what prolonged excitement! Thank you so much UBI for developing in me patience, discipline, and faith.
  17. Ditto! May God bless you and your family.
  18. I always thought that OpenGL was code for a certain type of AA meeting, so I was avoiding it.
  19. I read that Black Shark v1.3 will add a mode that will do just that.
  20. Or,---they got the designs directly from sources associated with the US Government: http://www.jonathanpollard.org/1998/040798b.htm
  21. I use to use always run checked because I always moved while in the crouch stance, rarely upright.
  22. connie lingus


    The fact that UBI published FarCry Instincts is no consolation.
  23. The US is legally infiltrated by Communist Chinese military, giving them a base for military and technological espionage. This article explains more: http://www.washtimes.com/national/20051104-111851-2539r.htm http://www.newsmax.com/archives/articles/2...15/172400.shtml
  24. I think you will find the Cyborg Evo is inadequate for LOMAC, as I did. You really need extra hat switches to operate the TDC for the radars and Air to Ground TV screens, just to mention one control among many. This is the reconditioned X45 I was mentioning for practically the same money as an Evo: http://store.yahoo.com/saitekusa/x45digjoyand1.html
  25. I'm no prude, but the display girls I saw at a custom car show were practically nude. This one lady's rear-end was so large her T-Back thong disappeared!
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