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  1. I was clicking on cajun's sig and saw this:
  2. Well, what about the adversarial multiplayer? Shouldn't we find out how it runs with a full server? How many people is that? 16? 32? 64?
  3. I can sympathize with your illness, and I know how uncomfortable that feeling is, because I've been susceptable to so many of them. One ear infection was so bad it caused scarring inside my ear. I hope you recover soon.
  4. I only found drivers for 98SE, will that work for Win98?
  5. I don't see why releasing a first demo while we wait is so bad an idea, in fact I thinks it's a brilliant way to stir up interest in the game even further.
  6. I'm trying to help a friend retrieve documents off an old Win98 pc and transfer them to a new computer using a Memorex TD2 128mb travel memory drive. The new computer immediately configures it as an E Drive, but I cannot get Win98 to recognize it and have it show up as drive to save the files to.
  7. Rather than shell out the money now, you could always take a look at all the nice screenshots and play the PC Demo that was due earlier this year.
  8. See what happens when you didn't sign an NDA? There's also a UDT unit that employs killer whales trained at SeaWorld to demolish submarines!
  9. Ok, here's a dirty little secret; Oftentimes the weapons fall through the floor of the map and cannot be retrieved! This bug was cited to VU Games a long time ago, and as far as I know it still hasn't been corrected.
  10. I like the idea of drones, I wonder if they can be heard? Can using drones give away your position?
  11. We're all lurking in the PC subforum trying to ask questions and speculate about what we would like to see produced. As it stands, the only people that know anything solid about this PC version, can't say anything about it!
  12. World of Warcraft Is A Feeling by purepwnage World of Warcraft is a Feeling You look good in high-res You've got uber chat skills Won't you grind quests with me - endlessly Tanking mobs is my role I maintain aggro But the rogue doesn't know, he's not MT (main tank) tonight World of Warcraft is a feeling Who needs a social life I can't wait to log in, Hop on a griffin Stockades, gnomer, SM Won't you join me, on an instance farming run Let me hit the vendor, free up some bag space Once I repair, I'll be good to go World of Warcraft is a feeling Who needs a social life Stratholme, Scholo, and UBRS He just dropped my valor helm How could I roll a 6? Grats to my guildmate, but I can't believe this ###### This is the best game This is the best game I've ever played This is the greatest game World of Warcraft you're the greatest game World of Warcraft you're the greatest game The best game I've ever played Woah I can't wait to log on Hop on griffin World of Warcraft, a World of Warcraft A reality.
  13. Now, the drive isn't reading the disc for MS Works Suite! I think it is the drive now.
  14. Actually, people have been saying exactly the same thing over there for a long time ever since the GR2 fiasco, but a lot of fans got their posts deleted, and some even got banned for not keeping quiet. It's all about who you know over there.
  15. In GR1 the enemy AI were able to be detailed to carry one weapon, either a primary or pistol, or just nades or RPG. I do not recall ever seeing enemy AI switch weapons, and I don't think they were given this ability without some modification. I do seem to recall the friendly snipers switching to pistol while running, but since you could always jump into a friendly AI body and control all weapons, then switching was possible, but the enemies just had whatever was in their hands. I do remember the grenadiers only tossing nades because that's all they were designated for. It would be fun to see them switch weapons, but that sounds like an awful lot more variables to put into the game.
  16. The person who I believe is most responsible is for the term tacsim is SOTO Mac. Maybe you can give him some sort of forum award for this?
  17. I can tell you from experience that airbag sensors can go off too easily if they are hit just right. Another reason it might be real, is that the cost of replacing an airbag on a MB is more than the $500 or $750 deductible on the auto insurance. Unless you think that's just a balloon prop?
  18. I agree that the VIP behavior you describe in the console game is unacceptable for PC. Since we are waiting longer for the PC version, I'd like to see the rescued hostages be able to either be given weapons, or be able to pick up dead enemy weapons and act as friendly AI. I recall that great movie Proof of Life, where the hostage is given a pistol in his rescue attempt, which he uses to fight his way out. Why not in GR:AW?
  19. You forgot to mention that flouride both in water and toothpaste, is a poison to the body. The ADA recommends flouride on every label! @newman "Swedish Proverb : many small streams become a great river." Or a foul smelling cesspool. Now, I think that Poita's surmise about MS X360 concerning the complete media blackout of a PC game that is way overdue for release, is better than the apologists on this board saying it's simply not finished yet. Until somebody comes up with a better explanation, I think it's the best theory put forth by anyone so far.
  20. hehe - they better whoop the pens tonight or it's gonna look like Lou made more bad calls at the trading deadline.... Here's one for you connie - click for a nice Devils wallpaper: ← Thanks for the new desktop! However, did you notice the word STANELY Cup?
  21. You might be on to something, I use a cream with Glucosamine, MSM, and Chondroitin because it supposed to be good for my "joint".
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