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  1. Greetings! I was wondering if anyone in this forum has experienced a DUD nade in Frostbite? I was in a firefight with five tangos, and after eliminating four, the fifth ran into a doorway. I threw a hand grenade in through the door and then waited to see the result---no explosion, no kill! I had to go up and finish him with my rifle but got wounded by the tango in the exchange. What a nasty surprise! A player watching through my eyes saw the incident and was amazed as well. Another player said the same happened to him in another game using a M203 launcher. I wonder if this effect is intentional, or is it a glitch? It certainly adds an element of realism to the game!
  2. Greetings! Will one of you gurus please reply to Stinger's last question? I'm dying to know myself about the Direct X 9 support?
  3. Greetings! If I were a gambler I'd bet that Japan already has tactical nuclear warheads and the apparatus for deployment standing by. If history is any indicator, they will be used without warning! connie lingus
  4. Greetings! The departure of Locogamer and his disgust with a "game filled with cheats" has got me thinking; What if we had a tourney where the worst of Loco's Top 100 Cheats were invited to play each other(without knowing why they were invited)? It would be very entertaining to watch these clowns try to find each other when some are sniping from off the map and the others have an invisiblity mod! When they do find each other, their invincible armor cheat mod stops them from getting hit. So the game goes on and on until they accuse each other of cheating. Can you imagine? connie lingus
  5. Greetings! The reason why cheating is so prevalent is that so much of goes on in our society. Athletes who can't read or write are recruited by major universities who give them degrees after shooting them full of steroids to "give them an edge". Cheating on exams and turning in plagerized papers is a common scandal. Paying money to "amateur" athletes to recruit them. The business world after Enron , A. Anderson, Imclone got caught is only the tip of the iceberg. Marc Rich fleeing to Switzerland and selling embargoed goods(weapons, food, oil, etc.)to countries at a 200% markup. Then looting the soviet treasury with the mafiya and the commisars. Cheating is considered street smart!
  6. Sounds like DS and IT weren't installed yet! Did you run the installation?
  7. Can't remember the last $20 I spent that I still continue to have fun with.
  8. Why do you think they call it the UNREAL engine?
  9. As a player who is not aligned with any official clan and has a team comprised of both clan and non-clan members, I find this requirement both restrictive and elitist. This is an outrage! connie lingus
  10. they see you... they see you... they see you... etcetara...
  11. We will have to get a replacement if that's the case--Yes!
  12. Greetings! Great to see more co-op tourneys and Stealth missions so soon. The anytime you want to schedule the game feature, is a great innovation and makes it easy to participate. I just found out that one of my team is going away to Alaska for nine days on Tuesday when the first d/l is coming out! As long as we get all the missions in by the deadline we should be able to compete on the board. Thanks again, Chavez!
  13. Greetings! We found this mod to be very surprising with the reduced night vision and the multiple insertions and intelligence updates on missions 1-5. Also, the unknown number of ghosts was a factor in giving us a sense of alarm as reports of the ghosts progress was displayed--a very rapid advance. The Farm mission was very eerie with the limited night vision! I especially enjoyed the creative briefings. Thanks Jack!
  14. I've noticed that---not that I was looking. There are so many tremendous mods for GR that most people are hosting with at least one activated. As for me, if it weren't for all these mods I'd have moved on to some other games like tiddlywinks for the PC or some such. P.S. Mods Rule!
  15. Direct X 9.0 was included in the retail Ravenshield, on installation of the game, you are asked if you would like to upgrade to 9.0.
  16. I hope you report this to the anti-virus services like Symantec or McAfee. They will in turn update their files and protect their users.
  17. Greetings, Yes, I certainly do think that memory improves the game! For instance, it helps to remember where you were on the map when you were killed last, and which way the the shots came from for your next spawn. Yes memory sure does help. I strongly recommend taking Ginko Biloba to improve your memory.
  18. Dear Compman, This is to address the second part of your question. It seems like your playing the first mission in NK's Ghosts mod. If that's the case, then in order to pick up dead enemy weps, you must walk over the body back and forth till it takes. NK's Ghosts is only mod I know of that has this feature. Happy ghosting!
  19. Dear Pave Low, That was it! It worked like a charm, thanks for setting me straight. You guys are the best! Thanks to Jack57 also.
  20. Dear Pave Low, P.S. The grpath file was NOT checked read only--should it be? The error message always appears whe opening the program.
  21. Dear Pave Low, Thanks for your response! In answer to the first question; Yes I get the error message. Second question: Yes--GR Directory Box appears. Third question: This is blank. Forth: MM folder contains all those files Fifth: modsset.txt file cannot be read--says it was corrupted, this is after re-installing. Lastly the Mod Settings page is blank.
  22. Greetings! I have been trying out this mod for about four days now,with all the different skins and weps, and this has just been pure fun! I really like the beach and island village maps, and new missions on these are just what the doctor ordered. I actually think the most interesting game is the polling center Rescue mission. Starting with just a pistol(and not a zoom pistol) then collecting the dead enemy weps is something totally original for GR. I just wish that the ghosts being held hostage could somehow watch through the eyes of their rescuer instead of watching the map! All in all, this is one cool mod. Thanks Nkognito!
  23. Greetings! Having the Russian AI engage and kill the Terrorists AI is just about the most realism I have yet seen to date in GR! The fact that this happpens only in certain circumstances is what makes this almost spontaneous, which is a strange term to use when talking about a puter program. I wonder what other surprises there are in these Stealth missions?
  24. Greetings All, That Damned Bridge mission,is the only one I haven't yet had a chance to play. It's a pity because the Island Mission is one of my all time favorites, and I was so curious to see how this one stacks up! Thanks BJB!
  25. Dear Jack57, Thank-you for your reply. Yes, the mods can be changed normally within the game, and yes , I did set the directory to the Ghost Recon folder and not Mods. I'm still not able to see anything in the Mod Manager and it still asks for a path every time I start it.
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