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  1. Greetings! This is exactly what has been happening with at first the European Economic Community, now European Union as a political state. Then, also the Asian Pacific Co-Prosperity Sphere and then GATT/NAFTA in North America. I predict this will lead to Hemispheric strife and warfare, rather than the individual states fighting each other.
  2. Grover Cleveland did all that, then was assinated in his own home!
  3. Greetings! I just wanted to say that our team really likes to play the SabreTeams mod and I was happy to see your input on the weapons and skins in Frostbite. Looking for some more of these kind of missions too.
  4. Greetings! The Eurofighter uses carbon composite fiber materials to absorb radar radiation. That, plus it's low profile cross-section make it a very stealthy aircraft! BTW--did you check out the flying and strategy games on that site? Fun way to propagandize!
  5. Greetings! Is that graffiti, or is that just urban camoflage?
  6. Greetings! Did you also know that the Vatican City has the largest State Department in the world?
  7. Greetings! You can download the latest TS2 comms at www.teamspeak.org . Get the RC2 client version. You of course will need a mic w/headphones or speakers and mic set up to talk on the channels. Further directions on how to set up the comms, get access to the channels, and how to contact this team or Alphasquad's TS2 server can be given by PM and e-mails.
  8. Also what about the Eurofighter equipped for close-air-support? Check this linkage: http://www.eurofighter.com/Default.asp?Flash=True
  9. Greetings! That picture of that fish has got me in the mood for a trout omelette! @ruin Actually it's easy, just glue a fiberglass panel underneath the table. You can waterski by towing the chair and standing on it!
  10. Greetings! That looks like it has a very shallow draft---perfect for the everglades! Have ya'll been giggin' any frogs out in that bayou, boy?
  11. Greetings! @Ruin About that toilet paper---there may be a limit to the interest of these marketers/governments.
  12. Greetings! Trying to figure out where to install this one. Is it server-sided or an active mod?
  13. QUOTED FROM WK77 One night after getting into a bit of a fight with my then GF, I took off in the family car without permission (GTA if they wanted to push the issue) and headed to the GF's about 30 miles away. Greetings! 1978 eh? I could see that awful DA now trying to calculate the Statutes of Limitations...
  14. Greetings! I seem to remember some Susan Grey wallpapers with nothing but daywear lingerie on, and the MP5SD. She certainly didn't look manish!
  15. Greetings! I've always been a fan of reg neckties, but I never knew which regiment they stand for. Any help?
  16. QUOTE (Stalker_Zero @ Jul 15 2003, 00:41 ) I wonder what they have to counter anti tank attack choppers?? Greetings! Right now the only contributors to this joint effort are Britain(for now), France and Germany. Germany has Soviet hardware from former East Germany as well. But Russia is on that side of the urals too and may join as well as other former Eastern Bloc allies. How about a fleet of Hinds?
  17. Greetings! They're a lot like those on the VW pic. I like them! Are they also for the low 4 inch tires like those in the pic?
  18. Greetings! Yes, telemarketing is annoying yet so many people are buying from them! The "do not call list fines" for violations are way to high, this is a set up to collect huge fines from busineses. If you can't tax it, fine it!
  19. Greetings! Team SpecialDetachment SD is increasing it's roster to play up-comming missions in the Alphasquad SSL Stealth Tourney. The weapons-free firefights for missions three and four has given us need to expand the number of players at insertion. The right candidate(s) will have an opportunity to play in the next mission. Candidates must have the latest TS2 comms installed. Respond by PM with your e-mail address to inquire.
  20. Greetings! Fun Games!
  21. Greetings! I wish to play mission two, mission one gives me fits!
  22. Greetings! No, mine isn't tricked-out like that one, but I do like the wheels in that pic!
  23. Greetings! The operative word here is imbed. These RF tags are imbedded inside the product. Say its a textile like a pair of jeans, the tag is imbedded in the seam. If you'll scroll up and hit on the above link you'll understand how small they really are. The plan for putting these inside the Euro bills, the same way the tape that's inside US dollars is placed is also furnished if you'll page up.
  24. Greetings! This is the plan to replace barcodes: http://www.tagsys.net/
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