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  1. Eh?? What geological breakthrough are you basing that incredulous statement on? Oil is finite. We are consuming it at a logorithmically increasing rate relative to its natural formation. How then do you suggest that we will never exhaust the supply unless we simply stop all usage immediately prior to its exhaustion? Greetings! Oil reserves that have been discovered are far from being used up. Oil reserves that are in the sea and in the tundra has yet to be fully utilized. Many more areas are untapped yet. Oil recycling for motor oils and other lubricants yield much but is not used by most countries. Oil shortages are a canard to gouge prices!
  2. Greetings! I just tried a new mission pack that was just another one of those hot spawn area mega-firefights that need 9 respawns to finish with no objectives. When are people going to get tired of making (and playing) these fugazi no talent firefights?
  3. When you log in or register to a website you are often clicking your permission to accept cookies and tracking programs. The same when you open emails. Reputatable merchants often use tracking programs that give info to undesirable or unwanted merchants. This is not yet illegal!
  4. Greetings! I agree with SB, it sounds like a trojan horse. I would try reporting it to the maker of Spybot S&D, but first run the live updates, it may already be cataloged.
  5. Greetings! Let me say that it took many attempts to figure out when to take the shot on Ordonez, since one shot from a silenced weapon caused the two patrols around the balcony to freeze! If the patrols froze in sight of the exits we were forced to break stealth and a firefight ensued! The trick was in knowing that they were going to freeze, something you wouldn't know the first time around. This is a great brain teaser!
  6. Greetings! Oil shortages are a fraud perpetrated by the OPEC countries and oil corporations. We will never exhaust the oil supply, but those who sell oil will cut production to keep prices high. I really do wish our war in Iraq was about oil! I'd love to seize the oil fields in Saudi too.
  7. Greetings! The Fed (central bank) in the US is allowing the dollar to fall below the Euro at a precipitous rate of decline, causing OPEC to want oil to be traded in Euros rather than the Dollar. If this happens gas prices will double overnight!
  8. Greetings! After many attempts, we were able to 100% complete the non-cinematic version of this mission without killing any hostiles, except for the target. Unfortunately, we heading back to extraction when I had a sticky W key and drifted to close to a patrol and was shot, so finishing with 98 points. We did this under the same rules as a tournament game with only myself and Patriot. I know that 98 points was acheived in the past by shooting the balcony guard only. I was wondering if anyone got 100 points?
  9. Greetings! As for Clancy's writing, I can easily believe that Without Remorse was written with the help of a "ghost writer"(no play on words intended)since it's so much better written, and has better continuity than the other books. As for Hannibal, it was a huge dissapointment following Silence of the Lambs and Red Dragon, because Clarice Starling would never be seduced by Lecter, ever! It was too unbelievable, and I think Jodie Foster knew that, and passed on the film.
  10. Greetings! I think it's a F-86 Saberjet.
  11. Greetings! Actually we do have a very new and modest website under construction at http://www.freewebs.com/squadsd/ Also, our puter guru Jasbo, has a modest dedicated server that we utilize for team practices and fun. Contact Jasbo for IP and password.
  12. Greetings! That's about the the most brilliant marketing idea I've ever heard, I will try adding that statement to the bottom of my mail pieces so as to protect myself. Thanks a ton for letting me know!
  13. The cover enhancement (as far as blending in AND leaving no tell-tale US weapons/brass in the AO) and ammunition resupply are the two main reasons. Reliability only factors in as the ak-47 is usually the most reliable assault rifle indigenous to the areas SF types operate in. Greetings! Let's not forget that having a weapon that sounds the same as your enemies can also be advantageous. As to the reliability factor: I recently saw the documentary "Automatic Kalashnikov" where at the factory a man dons a canary suit and walks into a sandblasting windtunnel and fires 30 rounds. He emerges caked with dust and the filthy rifle still fires! Kalashnikov himself, says no other weapon will pass this test.
  14. Greetings! Anybody ever seen a Mercury Toronado, or a Rambler with a 440?
  15. Greetings! That's a whole lot of money to spend, just to redesign the G36C. If the G36 is that good, we should copy it. But that kind of funding should be looking to get something much better for our troops.
  16. Greetings! Team SpecialDetachment SD is increasing it's roster to play up-comming missions in the Alphasquad SSL Stealth Tourney. The weapons-free firefight for mission four has given us need to expand the number of players at insertion. The right candidate(s) will have an opportunity to play in the next mission. Candidates must have the latest TS2 comms installed. Respond by PM with your e-mail address to inquire. PS. We have had responses from players on the other side of the international date line. This causes concerns with being able to schedule practices and tourney dates. We are in North America, so if you are in Outer Mongolia please understand that it is yesterday here. SD has players in different time zones and schedules meets in the interests of all members.
  17. Greetings! According to Locogamer, Loco stopped providing a mirror for 4.7 because of charges of mod theft. But he still offered 4.8 because it was called a compilation, and gave credits to the authors.
  18. Greetings! Okies are from out in rural Oklahoma. And that leg-lifting method you described is how these Okies expel intestinal gasses.
  19. Greetings! I use a laptop for my jobs and for gaming also, and I must say that after 1 year the technology has made my puter obsolete for gaming with all the new cards that are out. Resale of these things is absurd, since what it costs to buy the better models new, is not outweighed by the low price of an older used machine. I say this because prior to buying my current laptop, I looked for used ones, some at $900, and with P4 out the PIII's were too obsolete. The same way I balked at the used laptops, is the same reason another buyer will have a problem shelling out any serious coin for my year old machine. Because 4GHZ chips will be in all laptops soon, I would wait before purchasing another laptop right now.
  20. Greetings! The Army too, eh? This is what I mean about inter-service rivalry and redundancy. The Army was allocated and in command of troop transports and supply ships for a time in WWII, although that was the Navy's mission. This is just more of the same power- grabbing that wastes money and loses lives.
  21. Greetings! Could this be a ploy to locate and persecute conpiracy theorists?
  22. Greetings! I see this as another example of the inter-service rivalry that wastes money on redundancy and has historically cost lives. I'm not in 100% agreement with the views of Col. David Hackworth, but his call for a unified single defense service is something I believe should happen.
  23. Greetings! I have WinMedia Player9 and get an error message saying that the "Filter not found". Can't play these movies either. Tried to go online for error mesage help and it says "no further help". Pretty frustrating!
  24. Q. If you were to spell out numbers, how far would you have to go until you would find the letter "A"? A. One thousand ---Quoted from Phantom. As a musician I beg to differ, whenever we begin a song, we go A-one, A-two, A-three...
  25. Greetings! The only thing I can see causing the GR community to die, is a far superior GR2 or other release. I can't remember ever seeing so many different kinds of mods released every month and practically everyday now!
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