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  1. I agree, since I stopped playing consoles(Sega, PS1) regularly years ago, I'm not up to date on what fan-boys and girls want, only with what they are willing to settle for which is less than what the PC can and should offer. I don't like the CS Quake type of PC game, but I agree that those that do are likely not to mind playing consoles and often do. I've not to date seen or heard of any game that is better on console than what is offered on PC, and understand that the only way that would be possible would be to dumb-down a PC game that was designed for console.
  2. Neither are you. Just kidding, perhaps I misunderstood the above?
  3. Hmm, that sentence was edited into his first post at a later time Magnum. Not quite sure what's happened there, but looking into it! ← Looks like a signature line.
  4. It's interesting that the audience was next-gen console devs and not PC platform devs. But are those target market console fan boys and girls really looking for all that realism that PC gamers crave, and can X360 or PS3 deliver it?
  5. Are the lucky devils gr.net staff and cronies?
  6. I'm liking the possibilities here, I wonder if this can be used in TvT?
  7. The release of the [GR] team review, PC game screenshots, and short video clip has been a most wellcome source of news for many of us fans, but how long will this hold you, and what do you want next?
  8. Listen carefully to the audio on the AGEia PPU vs. non-PPU demo videos. It sounds like there's a little feminine groan, which I took to be a female character-type being used as the camera and groaning when hit. Or is my audio that bad? --Logos ← Could have been a freudian thing.
  9. More on Li Ka Shing: http://www.softwar.net/kashing.html
  10. After the Dubai US ports debacle, now this? http://www.guardian.co.uk/worldlatest/stor...5707111,00.html
  11. connie lingus


    After skimming through the text it seems they are very big on internet site vandalism, and practical jokes.
  12. Well despite the the fact that BF2 turned out to be an arcade POS, EA at least knows how to hype a game enough to get you to try it.
  13. I just have to comment that the Falkonet and his Ghost Recon Elite Platoon are serious hardcore GR PC gamers, and that I'm glad they were chosen to preview the new game. It's been a long time, but I still remember playing the FLAVA mod campaigns with no respawns with couple of those [GR] guys, and it was a really a top notch frag session.
  14. Sorry simulacra and Steel Hack, I smell cronyism!
  15. If it was a man that did this he'd be crucified---unless it was in Vermont.
  16. I still like your theory, and it's consistent with that tidbid advertisement that was released---not to promote GR:AW, but to sell video cards.
  17. Actually i got mine from http://lockon.ru/ Also you can get the helicopter addon Black Shark when its released.
  18. It's only $18 and it also adds a load of sp missions and new planes including the Su25T(full weapon avionics). The 1.2 patch adds more. The link I gave you should have a download area, this is where I got mine.
  19. You'll need to get the 1.1 Flaming Cliffs addon and 1.2 patch if you want to play online. Go to; http://www.naturalpoint.com/trackir/03-enh...ing-cliffs.html
  20. Armed Assault looks great, but I hope GRAW is better still.
  21. I don't think that a NDA would be able to prevent a person from generally saying anything about how a person liked AI or TvT, only specific details about exactly what it is. I thought that in the last thread Colin said arrangements were being made, has something changed?
  22. No, I'm not a part of the Polishing Weevils mod team, I'm just a fan of what they did and are doing now with the new OE2. I agree that those guys would be a great choice to get a look at GRAW, and don't forget that Suli was a big part of the GR Co-op scene before he joined PW.
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