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  1. Greetings! On my way home from work today, I heard a radio commentator discuss a different memorial of 9/11. This is a memorial for the Islamic "martrys" who gave their lives in a valiant attack on the United States. A memorial being celebrated by millions of radical muslims, including those in the US. The war against terror is far from over.
  2. Greetings! I'll never forget doing leg-lifts while holding an M14 in the air. But the craziest thing is when I was ordered to help fix a clogged toilet commode. We had an OSVET recruit from the Marines that almost topped the scales at 285lbs , and it seems that he had the capacity to lose about 25lbs by taking a single dump. Although he never admitted it, he was seen leaving the bathroom shortly before clogging the commode. So here we are trying to plunge and snake this toilet to no avail, finally I unbolt the bowl and lift it off the floor. What I saw next was unbelievable--- the 6 inch pipe is stuffed with a turd the size of a football! We had to break out into pieces onto the floor with a crowbar. That was a cruel and unusual punishment work detail, but it was hilarious at the same time.
  3. Greetings! It's about time people gave the Tampa Bay Bucs their due, that team is no fluke! Having said that, the Jersey Giants are very interesting this year.
  4. Greetings! This has been in the works for some time as the UK is a part of the new EU Army, and by doing so will have the same standard rifles as Germany. P.S. There is no truth to the rumor that the British Army will adopt Goose-Stepping in parade drill.
  5. Greetings! Thanks for your efforts, thanks for the games!
  6. Greetings! Ok I'll give a try again, coming!
  7. Greetings! This whole identity issue between Jack and Keith Idema seems really confusing, and unnecessarily so. I wonder why the editors let that go?
  8. Greetings! You may want to check out two non-government but distinguished military schools, The Citadel and VMI. Virginia Military Institute's most famous graduate was Gen. George S. Patton. The Citadel has produced many renowned military men. The main difference is that you will not enter military reserve status until your senior year when you contract, as opposed to being a Cadet or Midshipman which is a military rank. SAT scores and bios including what major courses you choose are key to recruitment and acceptance.. There is no Congressional appointment process. The Citadel has a reputation for striving to be a harder school than the Point, and has had documentaries and books written on their hazing tradition.
  9. Greetings! Server down again? What is this---some kind of circus?
  10. Greetings! There is currently a tour going around the country featuring B.B. King and Jeff Beck in the same band! I tried to get tix to this show in a little old theatre(pronounced Thee-Ay-Ter) down in Tampa but it was sold out. The old Jeff Beck bands with Rod Stewart's vocals before Stewart became a famous singer was the best electric blues I've ever heard.
  11. Greetings! Actually I've visited places like Egypt, Saudi, Qatar, Bahrain, so I have some experience. But if you really want an experience, you should have seen these fiends dancing in the streets of East Patterson, NJ after the WTC burned down!
  12. Greetings! @Ruin OK, if your comfortable with only 5% of Islam, fine. That's still at the very least 75million people! Take for example our "friends" in Saudi Arabia. While the government says peace, their TV stations stir up violence and teach their children to hate. In Saudi a 10% figure would be way to small. The most popular name for newborns in Saudi? Usama.
  13. Greetings! @Pyro Monty My point is that if only 10% of Islam believes in converting the entire world by force---that minority is huge! 150 million people is more than many countries. So when people say let's not castigate an entire religion, for but a few radicals, I wonder if they know how many a few really are? We really don't know what percentage of Islam is militant, but if it's say 10%---where is the outrage from the 90% majority? Their silence to these atrocities are deafening.
  14. Good point- angry at the Muslim Fundamentalists not the general Muslim Population. Just to clear that up- read back through. I have Muslim friends, not meant to offend Muslims- just sick of some Elements in Muslim World. Cheers Gordon Greetings! Do you realize that if only 10% of the Islamic world was supportive of radical movements like Al Qaeda, they would number at least 150 million? That is a very conservative population estimate, and the 10% ratio is also very low. Although I'm no fan of the gangsters running Serbia, I think our support of the muslim rebels was only an appeasement to middle eastern Arab countries and was wrong. Many of these muslims just moved in from Albania and other places, and then demanded independance.
  15. @Viper,Sep 2 2003, 13:41 yah, know exactly what you're talking about ..... I remember when they found out who the DC "sniper" was and everybody was making a big deal about the fact that he had an M-16 acuracy medel - all the news people where saying he was a trained sniper and whatnot when all he really did was hit a few more targets in his basic M-16 qual. Greetings! At the heart of this was actually a rant against private ownership of rifles from the media. The slant was this---"these M16/AR15's are so dangerous that any fool can make sniper shots within a couple hours of practice".
  16. Greetings! As someone who is not "in-the-know"(i.e. has a mole inside UBI), I'm expecting GR2 to be surprise announced any day now. The only thing that makes me not believe this, is the expansion pack for RvS.
  17. Greetings! Arrow TI with 1/2 inch staples.
  18. Greetings! You make a good point! Have you considered the vulnerability to Electro-Magnetic Pulse effect ?
  19. Greetings! @parabellum Well, they can be used as flotation devices, you know for maritime safety. Actually poolside---yeah, yeah, that's the ticket!
  20. Greetings! How about inflatable life-size figurines of Susan Grey and Astra Galinsky?
  21. Greetings! In light of recent events, I'm amazed at what is still a lack of security that exists on the borders of the US, and within the country. It seems the only thing the Patriot Act and Homeland Security has done is to further erode the freedoms of honest citizens. I think the country and the world, would be well served by reinstating Mr. Marcinko.
  22. Greetings! I seem to remember an earlier thread on this same topic. Since this is a reworked G36C, the short SMG version, it's going to be inaccurate at longer ranges. I'd rather have the best of both worlds with an M4. But just think what a huge waste of money this is! Instead of trying to reinvent the G36, if that's what we want, we should just copy it. The very few innovations in small arms these days seem to be coming from Germany and Switzerland anyway. Which is another problem, what ever happened to American ingenuity?
  23. Greetings! That's exactly right! The FMF is that part of the USMC that was cited as being the Corps "sea power". But as such it is a part of the Navy's ships and under CNO command as a support partner in the Navy's Operating Force. This is the only area that the Corps can be said to be involved in sea power, and that's in support of the USN! It was stated as well, that the Navy also acts in a support role in the Corps ground and air operations. This would be in the area of Carriers for the VMF, Seabees, UDT and SEALS, and naval gunfire support. This is why I say the way to BEST answer the question is the USN.
  24. Greetings! Let me clarify that what I called "lumps", was only what it took to overpower and subdue the sentry patrols, as was described by Cmdr. Marcinko. I must say, that if that had happened to me, I would have been extremely alert the next time on duty!
  25. Greetings! @phantom My last post wasn't directed at you personally, but to the thread as a whole. And this is directly supporting the logic of which branch of service best answers the Jeopardy question.
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