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  1. Take for example the many innovations that were made by different modders in GR1, people like Inkognito, Chavez and Jack57 who using the same game engine added great new features and capabilities that were not part of the original.

  2. A developer that would incorporate every one of the features that have worked in the past, and add real innovations, would become a leader in the industry that would set a new standard.

    That isn't true. This forum is full of a lot of people who think they could make games but don't have any idea what it's like.

    Just piling on a bunch of 'Oooh, it'd be cool if we did this!' things is exactly what videogaming needs to avoid.

    I believe the forum is full of people who have terrific and creative ideas and preferences.

    I believe that a smart company will listen to their customers, but when they actually give them free ideas of what will sell them in the future, they really should take advantage of this.

    I know of no other forum that has as much of these type of discussions as here on this board, and it's a real treasure that should be mined by developers.

  3. I always have been amazed a what a wealth of marketing info this forum board could be to any developer that would use it. Any dev that would implement the sum total of the suggestions and wishlists posted here, would be sure to have a product that would be a superior fps.

    Since many of these individual features had been to some extent sucessfully done before, they could be copied and reproduced for new games, but instead we have seen devs insist on trying to "reinvent the wheel" and actually produce features that are inferior to what has already been done before. An great example of this would be how grenades are controlled, numerous games after GR1 have come out with a grenade tossing system that are badly flawed despite the fact that GR1 has already done this so well.

    A developer that would incorporate every one of the features that have worked in the past, and add real innovations, would become a leader in the industry that would set a new standard.

  4. Doom3 and HL2 were interesting single player games, but the after a week I had to move on.

    Quake? I hate Quake.

    Nevertheless, I think demos should be made mandatory by law.

  5. Hardly...you forgot the Sir! at the end  :P

    Lets face it..some ppl like the more realistic shooters and some like the more "run and gun" ones. My kid brother is a CS clan player and I've tried converting him without luck, heck I even gave him VBS1 with all addons for his 18th birthday and I don't think he's played it more than 3 times since then....that's alot of money out the window for me  :blink:

    Wow, you are a great brother!

    But this is a classic example, have you ever wondered why there are all those directional arrows spray painted everywhere on the CS maps?

  6. BTW In my observation most CS players are really console players

    LOL, this is getting hilarious. Want to back up your statement where did you actually observe this?

    All my friends who play CS regularly do not own a console, and are hardcore PC gamers who regularly upgrade their rigs.

    CS is the most popular multiplayer PC game in the world - not just in the West, but Eastern Europe, Asia etc. Most people in those countries don't even have access to a Xbox or PS2.

    Obviously if your CS friends don't have access to a console then they cannot play one---but I can assure you they would if only they could!

    CS was a milestone game about what, seven years ago? The fact that they are still involved in this antique(both 1.6 and CSSource) lends credence to my observations.

    The point being that an arcade fan doesn't need any improvements, just more of the same with uber graphics.


    While I don't believe in Darwin's theory of Evolution, if you take a look at the Ascent of Man chart, most of todays CS players are somewhere between the Borneo Man and Australopicthicus. While it's true that some are extremely bright, I've found that most of these suffer from Attention Defecit Disorder and other learning disabilities.


    Now seriously, as to the CS player speeds being unrealistic, I was not just referring to the tireless forward run speed with instant acceleration, but the fact that the speed is the same backwards as well as sideways. No human can do this, SF training or not.

    Not to mention the jumping and MP exploits ala Neo from The Matrix.

    To be fair,(which is more than he deserves)Hatchet may have only been referring to the forward speed, and not the rest of the movement.

    This almost could be possible on iceskates, though EA Sports made them go from 40mph to like 60mph and thereby ruining the franchise for me.

    On the subject of speed, I felt that SWAT 4's player speed was absurdly slow and that along with some other glaring faults that were never fixed, helped to dampen many peoples enthusiasm for what is an otherwise excellent game.

    Although, S4 was a commercial success, a practice of studiously ignoring the fans made many leave the scene early---without buying the addon.

  7. Of course we all understand that sales figures and a streamlining of game development have made consoles the primary market.

    But sim games like LOMAC or IL2 simply cannot be produced on a console to be anywhere near the scope of what they are presently on PC.

    Regardless of console sales, realism/ full immersion PC games are still a very profitable market particularly if that game plays to that market.

    BTW In my observation most CS players are really console players, generally they do not like games like GR where the player run speed is closer to reality.

  8. It matters not whether you distinguished between the group you were attacking. The effect is the same. Going after consoles and holding them to blame for the loss of realism in PCs is misguided. They are no more responsible for the realism loss than the rest of the world is at fault because the market was out of your favorite Beanie Weenies.

    The lowest common denominator, the arcade fan, is what drove EA Sports to dumb down the greatest NHL hockey franchise ever. It wasn't enough to do this only on the console versions, but they decided to do this to the PC game as well.

    As a result, I no longer buy EA's NHL, a game I played every year since 1992 on Sega, PS1 and then PC.

    Arcade console players are having an effect on how companies make games for PC, and we have seen what this has done to GR2.

    Still, there is a more serious/realism fan niche market that needs to be catered to and companies that do so will be rewarded.

    LOMAC isn't for everyone, in fact it isn't for most people. There may not be as many servers as the hyper bunny-hopper Half Life, but it is a sucessful series nonetheless.

    I just want the GR series to get back on track with it's original fanbase as well as winning over new fans, and I'm hoping they do. But, you can't take the approach of trying to please everyone, or you will definately will lose the more serious fans.


    I'm not conceited, I'm just better than you are! :P


    Well said, jay!

  9. The reason that choices were given between SP and MP were twofold; one was to see the priority people have on each gametype, the other was because it may be easier to make and release different demos ala SWAT4.

    In that game the MP Demo was released while betatesting for about 6 weeks until the truly spectacular SP Demo came out about 2 weeks before it hit stores.

  10. I think it's ok if some enjoy consoles and the linear arcade style of play that comes with them. Go fan-boy! Go fan-girl! ...etc.

    It would be so very nice if the next-gen consoles delivered realism in these platforms, as it is I use a playstation type USB controller on EA sports games, until EA decided to ruin the NHL franchise a couple years ago with insane player speeds---what the fanboys love!

    As to what I mean about realism, let me say that I quit playing GR1 almost two years ago, so GR1's limitations aren't what I'm using as a standard.

    While I don't play VBS1 because I can't justify spending that much money and because the community is so small, I do play the military sim LOMAC which I will suggest may be more realistic than any fps sim, by virtue of the fact that sim time counts toward flight quals in RL.

    Also, a version of this is being used to train Air Traffic Controllers. I can also attest that the radar and electronic countermeasures simulation is exactly what you would see and hear in reality.

    I'll tell you right now---I don't like console fanboys and girls on the pc forums calling for and praising all those arcade features they like so much.

    This is not to flame the console fans, but just to explain how PC fans feel.

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