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  1. I tried 3 pass and medium, then I tried 4 pass and high... same results. Sob. 800x600? Where do you set a resolution in the export pane? I haven't noticed it yet The passes/render quality makes me confused too... what's the ideal number of passes and quality level? What did GRIN use in the game for their original maps?? I really wonder. thank you! Meg
  2. Hello all, I am having fun with the editor, just to build some small deathmatch maps. Everything ok, it's quick and fun, but then I export my maps and something strange occurs: In the inventory window (in the game) weapons have a strong yellowish-greenish shade, and when I play the map, same thing: my arms and the weapon are green, and many props and objects look greenish too. Sometimes it may be pinkish, too 2 maps are ok, no problems. But the other 3 have this horrible-looking problem.... what does it mean? Plus, the lightmap looks strange, some shadows are so deep that the objects look almost black. Other than that, everything works and the maps are perfectly playable. Thank you all, I hope the forum people can help me. Meg.
  3. finished it last night. Ok, I got used to the country locations after a while, and afterall there were small towns too, so urban combat has not really left the game. I still think what I said about GRAW2 physics... locking them so only ageia owners can get the real thing is a negative choice to me. 98percent of people DO NOT own an Ageia, so to 98percent of gamers GRAW2 is a downgrade compared to the magnificent feeling of GRAW1 And sadly, I dont think things will get any better with an eventual GRAW3 There are other nice things, new things, and most of them are cool. Color palette is better, graphics are improved Oh well, we'll see whats next.
  4. Now, from my comments may look like I am bringing this game down. FALSE! I still am a great fan of GRAW, I think its the best (we'll see COD4 though....), and I love GRIN's attitude, I mean being here on the forum to talk to the fans and give suggestions and stuff. Models (humans) are wonderful, weaponry is great and the sound is overwhelming. That's it, when you are used to something that's almost perfect, you notice any little disappointing thing in a sequel. By the way forgive my broken english, it is not my first languiage and Im doing my best. EDIT - by the way, on my wishlist, a patch that blocks online players calling me bit*h when I kill them and I'd love to know if there are any other female Ghosts around.
  5. yes... the same game During the weekend I will play alot the single missions campaign, hopefully I will find some nice fun.
  6. That makes me partially happy, thank ou. This confirms my doubts, on Ageia you say it is great, on a standard PC it is sadly downgraded. I wonder if there is a commercial agree between the Publisher and Ageia to boost the cards sells. I will never buy one anyway. Yes, it shines, but in chapter one it was wonderful, realy blinding, warm, very "mexican" (remember the movie "Traffic"?), in a word: realistic, loved it.
  7. I agree, but the urban maps in Mexico city had an unrivaled charisma. And, to repeat my words, the multiplayer maps are so... poor. All the same stuff, some trees, few details and object, all very similar... that's the worst part of the matter in my opinion. About the physics, I have the feeling GRIN may have intentionally downgraded them in standard version, and maybe upgraded them in the Ageia version, but only GRIN themselves can answer to this question I guess. Sob.
  8. Definately!!!! The feeling is like a sad downgrade, the game has lost much!
  9. I see, anyway I expected much more after one whole year... I just started the campaign, still frustrated, maybe the single experience will be a little better. Multi maps are pathetic Imho. And... I dont know, there is still something different from GRAW1, I can't define it, but it's a mix of feeling, graphics and physics, a slight difference that makes me prefer chapter one. Thumbs up about the new weapons, various and well built. This is ther perfect game to me, the one I always dreamt about, and I want the best for it.
  10. There was a grat game named GRAW. I wrote there was since it is going to remain my fav one so far. I installed GRAW 2 48 hours ago and I really don't know ... Where are the huge urban levels? Where is that wonderful blinding effect, that used to show up and tint everything with a warm light when you stared at the sun? Where are the promised improvements to IA? Where the heck have physics gone???? Everything looks more static now, just some cars and tyres to destroy, that's it. Launching a grenade in GRAW1 was pure estatic destructive pleasure: burning cars, crashing traffic lights, flying garbage.. I miss al that and more. Multiplayer is sad.... sad!!! A few maps, all similar, kingdom of snipers and campers. Seriously, you should give us a maps pack soon, I don't mean a metropolis-urban pack, ( I know the action moved from Mexico City ) but at least small towns, vehicles, structures... After a 12 months wait, all I get is 50 euros of disappointments. I could cry. Sincerely Maria Elena. Italy.
  11. that's buongiorno, to say good morning, and ciao to say bye How can you help me? the map is still bugged, i dont know what to do... thank you
  12. thank you very much, i will try tonight immediately!! Bye
  13. Hello all. Im going straight to the point, hope someone is good hearted enough to help me: 1 how do I use static objects like ind_roof in the editor? I noticed you can position them moving by the arrowheads on my keyboard, but there are limits, their mass keeps other elements away... 2 texts and some roadsigns are a hell of a problem too when it comes to position them on a wall, any tricks or tips? 3 and most important, I have 2 nice, brand new maps for deathmatch, 1 is okay, but the other one behaves strangely: arms, weapons and some props in game have a pink or sometimes blue shade, horrible. This thing happens every now and then, even on other maps, and sometimes it doesn't show up at all and the map comes out perfect... what can I do to fix it and deliver my maps??? Thank you all, looking forward to your comments Maria Elena, Meggy Italy. PS in case you don't knowany other, am I the first female mapper/GRAWer online??? Wondering.
  14. will try tonight thanx you all guys for helping me see ya soon M. Hello, everything ok, from the start menu I followed the path and there was a link to the editor too. Sorry about the alarm, but i FELT so sure there was an icon to launch the editor next to the game's icon... maybe I have seen it in my dreams I dont know now... Thank you all again, already mapping with the amazing, fun editor and: WOW!
  15. will try tonight thanx you all guys for helping me see ya soon M.
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