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  1. me and most players in clone clan are playing. started laddering for this game too.
  2. good games AoD that is a good match
  3. they might release it on march next year,like what happened with Rainbow Six Vegas, ubi released patch 1.05 about 6 mths after the release of 1.04
  4. dang...i had fun playing on the no respawns server! sad to see this happen
  5. to RNA, u may come on to our forums http://forums.clone-international.com or ventrilo : voice-va2.branzone.com port 3821 or ncog's email : ncognito@cloneclan.com or padewan's xfire : padewan, constantine's xfire : cloneconstantine to arrange the match date and any specific arrangements,in case you are having some problems on posting here like ncog. thanks
  6. im doing this on behalf of my clan leader,C1.Ncognito Friday, Saturday, or Monday after 8pm EST is cool by us. looking forward to your response soon!
  7. i would agree to disallow high ping people (lets say over 150ms) to play in this tournament. just mind you ping is a relative thing,if you see me lagging,i see you lagging too i dont wanna explain too much about pings and connections here ,and i wish we can get this tourney started. it might be good if its organised like the PGL one minus the match sneaker.
  8. great film!this could help promoting the clan too
  9. these must be lag in the server or among players. because i always see people dont put up their rifles and kill me. and there are occasions that some players were moving to the left,in a split second they warped back a bit to the right very fast and killed me. these are some disadvantages for high pingers like me lol.
  10. i dont really think spawn camping will not happen in RvsA mode. there were some scenarios where the assault team reached an adat site late,once an adat was blown up they spawn raped the recon team. actually spawn raping would happen if players dont really stick to the way that a game mode is supposed to be played. of course except tdm lol in pubs there are always new players joining and they dont know how to play certain modes sometimes. and its also why i tend not to play objective-oriented modes in public servers.
  11. im not sure if theres a general crashlog thread,if so pls send me the link k heres my specs: AMD A64 x2 5600+ (AM2 socket) A-DATA 2 Gbs of DDR800 Ram Magic-pro A2N5 Extreme II Motherboard Winfast 7950GT 256mb version at stock clock speed Creative SoundBlaster Audigy 2 Value Sound Card WD 250gb Hard Disk Windows XP Pro SP2 with all updates. VGA Driver : 94.24 i get this crashlog when i chose my kit and about to respawn:
  12. i dont remember if it was the same time as yours,but there was also a while that i couldnt login to gamespy this evening. was gamespy in maintenance ?
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