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  1. im totaly sure. but i did write over the original model with a new one. i added the texture but would i have to redue the atlas thing or should it be ok?
  2. for some reason the texture still doesnt work,but the object is nolonger sideways(i knew it was sideways because i can still see the green box around it) any way i have the same file name that i specified in the target_atlas.xml file and the material.xml file so why is my object still see through atlas code <texture_node name="atlas_props" file_format="dds"> <atlas name="target_atlas" texel_format="AF_DXT5" width="1024" height="1024"> <image name="targetmat"/> </atlas> </texture_node> material code <materials> <material name="targetmat" src="diffuse"> <diffuse_texture file="targetmat"/> </material> </materials> once again wat is wrong
  3. ok also when i use this in the map do i need to give some one the costum objects or can they just load it from the map?
  4. when you say name of the texture file do you mean the atlas texture or the original "targetmat"?
  5. yaaaaaayyy it works. now i got a new problems. 1.my modle is side ways. 2. my model is now see through. how do i fix these
  6. well targetmat is the material i gave to it and the rest were (i was trying to make it a cartoony target) i gave him a carrot like nose and 2 bubble eyes all with the save texture. i am remaking it and taking out the nose and eyes, if i just over right the original file will it still work correctly
  7. i dont have the .max files so i cant open it but i know i linked the main part of the object to the root point. but i linked the rest to the main object could this cause problems?
  8. well i just get a error message from microsoft that the editor crashed and to send them a error report. and can u please spesify at you mean by linked
  9. ok so i managed to create a new object and import everything (from what i know) corectly. the only problem i have is when i try and place the new object graw map editor crashes. what did i do wrong that this happens
  10. ok i got the target signs into graw but when i try and place them graw map editor crashes. what have i done wrong? if u want i can post the codes to.
  11. i was wondering if you could send me a file that you have done so i can understand how all the peices fit together? email:blinky_57@hotmail.com
  12. im kind of new to this editor stuff. i read the tut on how to import modles but it didnt make sence to me. how do u get the .xml files and how do u change them for the like matierial.xml and the modle.xml? sooo confused (also how do you tell the games to view the targets as a kind of ai so that you get points for shooting it (also like health lvls so all shots count as a one shot kill) sorry if these are complete noob questions
  13. i was thinking about creating a kind of shooting range (like in americas army) were targest rise and fall and if shot give you a point (like if you killed some one). i was wondering if it was possible to script this and have the targets rise in a random order. also i wish to create another training map where your in a urban setting and red targets kind of move around and pop out from behind falls and stuff(would this be possible to?) thanks
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