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  1. Don't sweat it BO, I got the joke. I like the patch. Firefight is SWEET.
  2. I have been one if not the biggest whiner about coop. I am still checking things out but what I have tried has made me very happy. After downloading & installing the patch, I dusted (literally dusted) off my GRAW box & checked it out. I don't think I'll be posting anymore as I will be playing now. I hope the modders will be able to hash things out because I think you guys are the best around. My bitching is over. Thanks GRIN & Testers. To BoGrin.....This Troll is out.<-------that was a joke Bo. Laters
  3. I did not say [GR] wasn't good out of the box & you can use my PM to quote what I did say. [GR] ROCKED out of the box & mods kept it & are still keeping it going. Some of these mods were complete camagns & totally new maps made by very tallented modders. Not that you would understand because....OH Yeah....YOU PLAYED THE DEMO. I'm just trying to get you to understand that the DEMO doesn't let you understand the HARDCORE GR player. Don't comment on what you don't understand. THANK YOU! whew
  4. Are you talking about the DEMO OF [GR]? IF so you are clueless as to what I am feeling about GRAW. Have you ever played HX5, DA49, Frostbite to name a few Mods from [GR]? No CLUE my friend. GET [GR].....Download these mods & play them. This really makes me laugh that you come in here telling hardcore [GR] COOP people how to feel when you haven't even experienced it. The DEMO is enough for U to understand ME? Youv'e got to be kidding.
  5. TK is team kill. I'd like to see a screenshot of this though
  6. I have to apologize about my blow up & language but I went from high (reading about MP3 finnaly coming out in a few days to this post & someone finnaly coming out with the truth about COOP. I regret any offence taken but I stick by my meaning of the post. I will never buy another GR if my time will be sitting in here waiting for patches instead of playing & enjoying. The only reason i ever came to GR.net before was for mods & I never posted about GR1......I was too busy playing from Day 1. I bought this game the day it came out & I still have played GR1 more since then. Sorry but this sucks. I was wondering what I will do when & IF GR4 comes out on PC (doubt it). I won't be the first in line for it like I was on GRAW. I'll wait & come to these forums to see if it is worth it. I think the second version of something should incorparate everything from the first & then be much better. Like I have posted before.....I loved GRAW SP. I didn't like the month of trying to stop it from crashing on my NEW 256 PCI express video card. (thanx again noquarter for the help) but then I beat the game in 2 days & went to MP to find this mess. I am frustrated & am truly sorry to offend. I'll get my MP3 patch & if I'm not happy I'll move on. sorry to hear the Coop modders are tired too. Enjoyed your work. As for the run & gunners... Enjoy GRAW MP. Sorry TOW ANGEL but sometimes you should let a guy rant in peace. Some ranters want to rant without an excuse not to. Sorry bro. sorry papa...didn't mean to offend. I'm just a [GR] man in a GRAW world. At least GRAW didn't give us the CLAP. Lost a year off my heart though.
  7. If you like Pretty graphics & SP (I'll give grin the SP) & unfinished MP & months to get a SEQUEL to a game you loved= ALIVE. IF you bought GR1 cause you loved R6 & loved GR even more & expected GRAW to be the better GR. DEAD. I had more fun playing ROGUE SPEAR online. Like alot of others have said.....this is AW not GRAW. Did any of these people that rated the game play GR1 day after day for 5 years waiting for GR2? Yes i've bought alot of games since GR1 came out but I always ended up going back to GR1. Gameplay...Multiplay....mods. You can't beat GR1. I read Tom Clancy books, I play Tom clancy games. This is not 1.
  8. I spend more time in the forum than playing GRAW. That's sad.
  9. Neutral till MP3.....[GR] is alive and well though
  10. Some people see us coop ppl as whiners. We have waited the longest to get our DEAREST GR back. The TM & DOM guys come in here & call us whiners? We haven't got a patch yet. When we do get 1 coming it's a beta so they can let run & gun test it 1st. sorry to be so negetive that's the way it is. Meanwhile us coop guys wait. I love GRAW but give me COOP!
  11. I'm not a modder but I did like IGOR to make my own missions. I know GRAW has 1 but it hurts my brain.
  12. One more reason I'm a fan of the external mod manager idea. LOOK, someone pulled it off (to some extent) with [GR]. I KNOW they're separate programs, and GRAW is far more complex, but as far as MOD installation goes it's still pretty simple. Extract to such-and-such folder, start GRAW, and enjoy. Don't make ME, of all the idiots in the GR-universe go learn enough about modern programming to do this and take all the credit for it when there are TONS of talented folks out there already capable of doing this anyway. THAT would b bad... VERY bad...
  13. anybody Checked out R6 vegas? looks tactical! hehehehe
  14. I am going to put this (the way it is) MP & TEAM guys are somewhat happy with the patches. Us Coop guys haven't found a patch yet that helps our delema. I'm still waiting. Firefight & Defend should have been in the game from the begining for PC. From reading other posts, I can tell that UBI didn't give GRIN alot of options on this. I am not against GRIN on this. I think GRIN did a hell of a job on GRAW. The SP is graphically beautiful & the urban feeling of terror is incredible. The weapons are fun to use & challenging (can't wait for mods). I'm just frustraited from the secrets. Each patch I'm hoping for some coop but none. I just wanted my favorite GAME GR to to have what GRIN gave it (REALISM) with my GR way of thinking (ROE) hint hint. Even my old fav R6 with some opening doors & room clearing. I know that Rocky & everyone here has to monitor these forums & that's gotta get on your nerves. This is the first forum I've ever joined cause I saw GRIN here. That's respectalbe as hell. Just hope this post helps the expansion because I'll buy it for the SP.
  15. I wouldn't say they were mistakes. Just not realizing how much the Gr community resists change and trying to accomodate some of the things we fought tooth and nail not to change. As a game that only had 14 months to develop.. if i hadn't played GR1 i would have thought it was a great game out of the box. The Sp rocked and domination was fun... once i got past the "It's not GR1 stage" . It also had a basic dedicated server which though needed more functionality for an initial release (kick and ban would have done it) Do to there support, and tutorials, and want to please us as the community I would definately buy an expansion pack from them. (It may be to quick for a GR4 though in 14 months again unless they are using the same engine and make it more of an expansion) Hopefully RSE 'cause those guys know how to make a game!!!! That would be an xbox game. Note they canceled GR2 for pc saying we wouldn't like it. RSE is dead for pc. get over it Well that's sad because they (RSE) DO know how to make a great game ala GR. I still can't believe GRIN didn't realize that they would have to impliment [GR] into GRAW for the hardcore GR people from the begining. I've been with RSE since the begining ala R6. GR is R6 with a major makeover for the better. GRAW is GRAW. When & if GRIN gets it right you won't see me in these forums.....I'll be too busy playing. But for now I have to check in to see if what should've been in the begining is here yet. ala patch after patch. I wanted something new but I also wanted GR to be GR.
  16. Hopefully RSE 'cause those guys know how to make a game!!!!
  17. what I underlined in the quote would be sweeeet!
  18. Not to get off subject but now I see why you behead me on some of my posts. You never played [GR]. Not getting personal or nothing but you should get [GR] & check it out. Download some mods & see why alot of [GR] players post the way they do.....frustrated. Plus it's plain out A GREAT GAME. People are still playing [GR], alot of them. As for this feature ROE. I miss it terribly.
  19. Sounds like they forgot Firefight. Did they? Alot of people are gonna be upset if they did. but with mods that only modders can install it won't matter anyway. If I have to install mods manually I'll shelf GRAW & go back to [GR]. Oh wait.....I already did that in JUNE. Sorry I can be a smart###### when frustraited.
  20. I completely agree, It's down to the modder to script, not the end user. Unless all that visual basic malarkey can be done transparently and at the push of a button then the whole point is just redundant. A utility like this should be built into the game if it is to be seriously modded. I have no desire to install a graw mod, much less create one (a missed opportunity ) I agree. I'm not a modder. I like an exe or a zip with an exe & readme that says (install, activate in game & play) otherwise it looks like this to me kljdfhg;qergv;oegskl;dthqoernvkdfjhg Well, back to ubicom & [GR] to play some coop. I'll be back looking for the patch. I wish GRIN & RSE could've got together on this 1 cause I do love the GRAW SP missions but miss the ease of [GR].
  21. It's not really the modding that's difficult, it's the ability to enable and disable whatever mods you want to use that is. I can't have 2 skin mods for the same thing (ie US uniforms) installed, but not activated. I either have 1 skin mod activated, 1 sking mod not activated, or no skin mod at all. Not to mention being unable to use some basic mods with the anti-cheat enabled, and mods just don't seem worth it to some (such as myself). Some mods look great, but I won't download them because I can't really use them. This is exactly the issue and the reason many modders simply gave up on GRAW. You can make the game engine as moddable as you like, but if there is no functional way to support USING mods, then there's really no point. No matter how much effort you put into creating modified content for the game, people are not going to bother messing with files and moving folders around just so that they can use a mod or play on a standard server. The addition of the AC was a good idea, but the way it was implemented was certainly not very well thought out. Rather than having the game force you to use ONLY the information from unmodded .bundle files when connecting to an unmodded server, you simply get the boot, get accused of cheating and have to move the folders of whatever modifications you have installed. Now, of course you should not be able to use mods on unmodded servers, but making it so that we have no way to enable or disable without moving files and folders about is what crushed the concept of modding GRAW completely. Making a game easy to modify from a coding, skinning and mapping point of view is not the same thing as making a game mod friendly or supporting mods. A mod friendly game is one where it is easy to USE modifications. - How difficult the modifications are to make will define how many people are willing to make them. - How difficult the modifications are to -use- on the other hand will define how many people are willing to use them, and let's face it... if no one is willing to use the mods you're creating, why bother creating any? Making mods easy to use is FAR more important than making them easy to create. You guys went ass backwards on that and the results didn't turn out well. All the same, I'll certainly give you kudos for making an engine that's easy to modify from a coding standpoint, but for next time, take a long hard look at your policy on this subject. Modders are generally technically bright people. They can figure out how to make the mods even if it's difficult. The average gamer on the other hand will not even move files around to use a mod. If they can't install it and turn it on or off at will, they won't even bother and THEY are the important people in the equation, not the modders. This is the truth (I am not a modder) but I love the modders. I loved the installers & Mod manager [GR] modders used. I downloaded the mod I installed it in no time. I activated the mods, told my buds on teamspeak what mods & what order they were in & then got the cofee going cause I knew it was going to be a long & fun filled weekend. I guess I'd better take some classes so I can use mods in GRAW. Great point.....GREAT POST!
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