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  2. this is pathetic i cant beleave they left the permision open to change and delete file
  3. but you have to have holes cut out or you cant place any static objects on the map only props
  4. this map should have some instence fighting on it for some fun play download here
  5. urban streets night is rdy for download you can get it here download here
  6. i am allso having the crashes when exiting
  7. i found one more bug when you go to create game and pic start map you canot see all the maps if you have alot of costom maps in your game they need to add a scrol bar so you can scorl threw the list other wise if you have more then 10 to 12 maps you canot see them all
  8. thought i would post a few screen of a night map i am working
  9. i was having the same problem with a map i was working it would save any of the prop brushes i was trying to errase some thing and it wouldnt save it
  10. this time i put the read me file in for got it last time around enjoy download south bridge Here
  11. my first map is done and rdy for download its a dom map filefront
  12. i was getting the same thing till i ran it with 5 passes medium and that seem to work good just took longer to render but i didnt have any more black shadows
  13. all most done with my first map
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