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  1. This is a great idea so people ought to post some new map and mod requests . Let's see how GRAW 2 starts off and then get this ball rolling.
  2. This Triple Play combo pack was produced rather quickly out of boredom just to keep GRAW alive and I feel this is going to be a lot of fun since we had a blast testing them last night. The first map I made is a small TDM map (External_Affair) which is very simple and direct with a large monument in the center dividing the spawns north and south. The second one I made is a medium TDM map (Internal_Affair) which is a bit more complex. The third SCE_Cobb made is a large TDM, HH, and Siege map (TequilaSunrise) which is huge with four warehouses and stairwells reaching the sky for snipers that are divided by a towering highway. ENJOY!!! Download Link here : GRAW_Triple_Play
  3. You guys hate to get spawnraped right? ...and you wanna have a ton of fun? Well, here ya go: War Zone Map
  4. You must install 1.20 patch first then 1.21 patch. Simple fix
  5. Thanks Rocky for the repack and the nice review Tom. I mainly focus on the fun factor while making a map because isn't that what this is really all about? BTW, Loading Station is one helluva map and you can easily miss out on all the fun in the sewers if you didnt know. GJ Tom.
  6. Here is a night-time version of Garages_dom by special request: Garages_dom_night.rar
  7. I had the same exact problem as Athenian which always gave me a "Graw.exe error to close" upon startup of the 2nd round as soon as I moved the mouse. So I had a weird feeling it was one of the Static or Dynamic objects that may have been overlapping or just needed adjustment. I replaced the gasstation's with buildings and decreased the size around my Garage map a little bit by deleting a few more buildings and that solved the problem. I hope this helps you guys.
  8. If you have the "gasstation" in your map then delete it or replace it. Check your placements and make sure they are not overlapping. Take a look in one of the editor tutorials which tells you what to be careful about using.
  9. Thanks Sunraa that is really appreciated.
  10. I will get you guys a link up shortly.
  11. I am not about to go registering everywhere and uploading also. SCE is my home and I have sent you an invitation. You are all welcome to download it for free. Do you judge a book by it's cover or a map by its SS?
  12. I think it's better we keep the downloads restricted to a single site in order to keep the files safe and virus-free. It is really not a big deal to register which I'm sure everyone knows how to do.
  13. I have made the New York City map for the original GR and I have also re-designed the Penthouse_Sweet map for Ravenshield. If you guys are looking to just have fun then try this map out in Domination and Team Deathmatch modes. Check out our custom map section at www.shadowcompanyelite.com Login required. Here is a direct download: Garages_dom.rar Garages_tdm.rar
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