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  1. I totally agree. How are new players going to enjoy a game where you have to wait nearly 10 minutes for another game. Only having 2 spawns takes the fun out of the game. However, if you look you can often find servers set with ulimited spawns. Public servers should have more spawns or less time per round.
  2. Nah... my favorite mission is Mayday! Mayday! Night vision and no stupid AI elLOCOmutha... some tips for ya in deathmatch play:- When you spawn always, always, always check your back. Use your 3 second invunerability to clear your immediate area. Movement noise, gun fire, muzzle flash and tracer bullets give away your position. So always watch your back or move position. Listen for the enemy and look for their shadows on the ground. Night vision can be useful on all maps - I have it bound to one of my spare mouse buttons. Learn to move left or right when shooting. This is why some find me hard to kill cause I dont stand still Trying all the weapons is fun. However, if I want to win a round, I always end up going back to a SCAR H/scope/silencer, can't recommend this weapon enough. Also, I find the M8/scope/silencer good, especially on the night map. Though weapon choice is personal preference. Hope that helps. Good luck.
  3. Did you play the [Ghost Recon]? Alot of the people who played the original game were very disappointed by GRAW. I didn't play the original game, so had no prior expectations. I like this game, but am fortunate to have a computer capable of runnning the game well. Singe player is very challenging, even frustrating, compared to many of the other games I have played. But the idea of a tactical shooter is to make you think and not run-n-gun. Multiplayer - the game, out of the box, only has domination and coop modes. Neither of which appealed to me personally. However, patch 1.20 has added 3 new deathmatch maps and one of them requires night vision which I think is so cool. A new patch is currently being tested which contains Team Death Match and Hamburger Hill modes. Reports from beta testers are very very positive. It's is just a pity that the game was not complete when released it may have gotten more favorable press reviews.
  4. Blended metal bullets Fascinating stuff. A 5.56mm armor peircing bullet that fragments on contact with soft tissue. Gotta be against the Geneva Convention
  5. The Geneva Convention (and what I consider common sense) indicate that the intention of combat should be to wound, not kill. This serves two purposes; the minimizing of fatality, and the removal of more troops from the field of combat. A dead soldier doesn't need a medic and two buddies to carry off out of the field. A wounded one does. One good hit with a non-mushrooming round, and you've created an injury that will require more than the injured person's attention. Same hit with a hollowpoint, and you've created enemy fertilizer. One down, many more to go. At least, that's the principle behind it. Victory through attrition, not death. That principal may work fine agains conventional army forces. However, it does not work too well against the doped up fanatics in the middle-east. If you shoot someone holding a rocket launcher you definatley do not want them getting up again, as there is opium in their system and they cant feel pain. It is more likely to be western military medical personel and resources used to treat wounded enemies. Reports on the internet suggest that American troops are asking to be issued with old M1911 .45 cal hand guns and 7.62 M14 rifles.
  6. I understand what TDM is (Team Death Match). Basically the same as counter strike - 2 teams fight to the death - hence the name. I have never played Hamberger Hill. My guess is that 2 teams figth for the control of one area. Howerver, will this not turn into a big camp fest? Guess I'll find out soon enough. Lots of 1.21hh/tdm servers sightings
  7. Okay, you're an [GR] player and you're looking at it from that perspective. This is good news for you and others like you. What is your honest assessment of the effect the patch will have on non-[GR] players that currently like GRAW such as myself? ...ditto... I hope they dont ruin this great game I already like it
  8. I have a dual core processor and I get accused of cheating all the time ...but I have run the AMD dual core software patch The only problem I have is with my mouse speed occasionally doubling. Thought, it works fine when I restart the game.
  9. As GRAW is a game set in the future, any bullpup design would be using forward ejection - current example F2000 Or maybe caseless ammo as with the MR-C.
  10. is that nice or what Would be cool to see the HK416 in the game. Speeking of advanced weapons: apparently more and more modern guns are using the bullpup design. This design is supposed to be better suited to modern urban warfare. Would be nice to see a gun based around an AUG, SA80 or TAR-21. Maybe even chambered for a 6.8mm round which may be NATO's next choice of caliber. BTW we are not allowed real guns here. So I have no idea what I am talking about, so be nice.
  11. The speed hacker did seem to struggle on Suburbs. It was probably all a green blur to him However, he did manage to win one round in Hollow. Hmmm.... moderator deleted a word that we Irish substitute for a swear word which uses the same letters as French Connection UK. Has he never seen Father Ted the comedy??? Father Jack uses the word all the time. The word I used is not even considered rude here Rhyms with Becker and begins with an F Wonder how much of this is going to get censored? Big Brother is watching me
  12. There was a speed hack being used by a player on the Euro 4 server tonight. Everybody spotted it. One of the players was moving so fast he was nearly impossible to shoot. I suggested we should report him and get his CD KEY banned (is this possible?). He said he has a CD KEY generator anyway. What a complete w****r! I would have liked a KICKVOTE option. However, as usual, I got accused of cheating just because my score was 25-4. My accuser told me that this score was impossible I would rather play against a hacker (nailed the ###### twice) than get kicked simply because I play too much I remember in Battlefield 2 the players all voted to kick a server administrator/player But he was using the Hotel expliot in the Kirkland map MODERATOR EDIT: Do not bypass the swear filter. edited by: zjj
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