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  1. Nah, comparing Ghost Recon with VBS2, only to get the (ever so polite and informative) smack down from Gordo was your dumbest exploit. =D
  2. Oh, that would be outstanding!
  3. G'Day mate! Been way too long. Looks like it would have been an excellent demo to witness! I've seen a few down here in Australia over the last few years and they are impressive! Though i was a little bit closer then the video was taken from! There is talk of creating International SOF capabilities based on regions. I.e. sharing more intel and resources...could be a good thing. It has been way too long, my friend! Let me know next time you're in town, and I'll take you to dinner. We need to catch up, my friend!
  4. Looking good, Gordo! I need to update my HASP key in order to play 2.0, though. I never did update my key when BIA switched PE users from the YYMEA key to whatever the new one was.
  5. My wife and I wanted to go and watch, but we couldn't get there in time. Looks like a fantastic demonstration though!
  6. LOL someone has changed my post, in order to prevent confusion. Some of us have known each other long enough to be on a first-name basis. Which is normally caught by our filters and changed to our forum name. Interesting! I did not know that. I'll be mindful of that in the future!
  7. LOL someone has changed my post, in order to prevent confusion. Some of us have known each other long enough to be on a first-name basis.
  8. You and me both, Rocky. You and me both.
  9. There would be no Ghost Recon community without Rocky. It's only fitting that his name is first on that list. He should also be mentioned again, just to make the point.
  10. Correct, Riley. But the point was, that a few highly-motivated men can take on a much larger force. You do have a good point though.
  11. I thought fleshlight was a typo at first. Then, I realized you had capitalized it. Why must I be so inquisitive? Why must you be so mischievous?!
  12. John Basilone and two fellow Marines, during the battle for Henderson Field on Guadalcanal, held off and annihilated nearly three thousand Japanese troops, after the Japanese reduced Basilone's fifteen-man unit to just himself and two other men. So, four against two hundred? I wouldn't put that in the realm of impossibility for a few highly-trained and highly-motivated American fighting men. American history is, thankfully, spangled with brave men who have taken on insurmountable odds in battle, and won.
  13. Awesome, thanks! SWTOR has proven to be really enjoyable for me, to say the least. I echo my previously-expressed hopes that the game will expand its horizons in the coming year or so, but it's already killed my nearly eight-year old EQ2 habit.
  14. Ugh. Bringing Mitchell back, in itself, would be enough to make me not purchase GRFS, even if the rest of the game rocked. I'm so tired of that inane story.
  15. My wife recently surprised me with a copy of SWTOR, and I've been enjoying the game a lot. TOR does have some limitations and annoyances, but I do enjoy it. In the future, I hope to see things like customizable starships, friends in our starships, player houses, player-written books (a la EQ2), more crafting options, and generally something to do besides killing things. I reference EQ2, because in that game, there is so much to do. You don't have to adventure at all, if you don't want to, and there's still a wealth of content for you. It's also coming on eight years old though, and TOR is still in its infancy, so hopefully TOR will begin to spread out a bit soon. Other that those limitations and the subpar artwork though, I really enjoy it.
  16. Clearly, plenty of people cared. Major fail by whatever trite little tart typed up that wiki page. RIP Davy. Many happy memories.
  17. Outstanding news, Rocky! Now that I've read the news article, I feel daft for not getting the HINT IN YOU LEFT FOR US IN ALL CAPITAL LETTERS.
  18. Already discussing it here. Jump in!
  19. His name was Aaron Vaughn. I don't know which SEAL he plays in Act of Valor; I only noticed the article about him on SOCNET after I saw the film.
  20. The environment does look so much more like Ghost Recon than either of the abysmally bad GRAW titles did. It almost looks like Ghost Recon, in fact. I'm still not digging the optical camouflage, though, and sincerely hope that it gets the axe completely before the game ships. Not that I'll be purchasing the game, if it ships w/ Ubi's draconian "You can't upgrade your PC" DRM.
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