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  1. The threat of Ebola is absolutely something about which you should be concerned and to which you should be paying attention. The potential for widespread infection is secondary to the potential for widespread panic and all that accompanies it, if and when the virus takes hold in the West.
  2. ... People still use stuff from Dynacomp? That stuff is over a decade old. If it floats your boat, then go for it.
  3. No kidding ... sometimes, I feel that if Oxygen were a piece of hardware rather than hardware, then it'd make a great paperweight. But as Wombat suggested, maybe make a text document of what you've done and what you've tried. Then, take a break from it for a few days. Also, there are tools to import content from Maya and (possibly) 3DS Max to Oxygen. I've never used them, so take this with a grain of salt, but it may be possible to weight your models in Maya and/or Max, and export them to Oxygen, already weighted.
  4. I see what you did there. Your sarcasm is full of win, sir. Full of win.
  5. Looking good, Alex! PS - Don't let the people on the BIS forums get you down; I never go there, because the community there is dominated by self-important jackwagons who think they're God's gift to gaming, and ruled by forum nazis. Good luck over there.
  6. Nice work! As far as weighting the head, I meant you probably hadn't weighted it properly in Oxygen. Looks like you've sorted it out nicely though!
  7. That looks like you've neglected to add weights to the head's vertexes.
  8. In order to change a unit's side (faction is a separate beast altogether), you need to use the 'side' entry in your config file. For instance, side = 0; will set the unit to OPFOR. Acceptable values for units and vehicles are 0, 1, 2 and 3 for OPFOR, BLUFOR, INDFOR and Civilian respectively. Also, I use Notepad ++ w/ an SQF plugin. You can find the plugin on Armaholic. It makes things much easier when editing configuration files, rvmats or scripts. BI's tools are, for me at least, the last choice.
  9. You're welcome to poke me if you need help with configs. I've been modding BI games for over ten years, and have learned a thing or two in that time.
  10. I have a pair of Presonus Eris E4.5's that I love. They sound phenomenal, and as near-field monitors, room treatment isn't as necessary as it would be for larger speakers. (That said, that my room is treated) I use them in conjunction with a subwoofer, as the Eris 4.5's frequency response rolls off below about 70 Hz. A pair of Eris E8's would be my next upgrade, but at $500/pair, I can't afford them.
  11. You guys (and gals) should check out VTS Simple Weapon Resting as a solution to weapon sway. It's dreadfully simple to use, and quite effective. Also, the Arma 2 maps are now available for use in Arma 3 without resorting to using that bloated mess which is AIA.
  12. GRAW 2 is the old days? Nay, my friend. Nay. The old days were Ghost Recon, and before that ... Rogue Spear. The really old days was Rainbow Six.
  13. Come and play Arma 3 with the group I play with, bro. You, too, will move on.
  14. We would arguably have no fine community here at GR.net without the writings and influence of Mr. Tom Clancy, who has died at age 66. RIP, Mr. Clancy.
  15. I made the mistake of going hiking this morning. It was cool and cloudy with a nice breeze, but about an hour later it was 102.9 degrees. We were exhausted by the time we made it back. When you live here, 85 degrees is nothing Dude, I thought Florida was hot, until I went to Texas a couple summers ago. Sure, it's 98 F and 90% humidity here, and it feels like a sauna, but I'll take that any day to walking around in the oven that is Texas.
  16. As Hammer said Para, you might not think that's hot, but by U.K. standards and especially in Brecon, this July has been very hot. Great for tourism, but bad for squaddies in training and on exercise, especially selection. They carry one water bottle and puri' tab's. Not all RV's have water to hand out. Typically those that do are road level. Two man RV's on the hills won't be taking water with them. They've enough to carry. In fact, the medics/ambulance are road level too. Once you're walking, water's mainly sourced from streams and hit with a puri' tab', and that's all you need. I'm sure you know Para, heatstroke, like hypothermia, comes on quick and if you're on your own, that compounds the danger. Heatstroke, all three of them I'd say. One major advantage of doing the walking phase in summer, is daylight. There's lots more of it. Walking and navigating at night is a slower affair, and you're up against the clock. 3K an hour across map. Brecon's more known for temperamental and foul weather resulting in death and injury as a result of the cold. I got frost nip on some of my toes and two of my fingers. It lasted for a few years. If I was a civvie hiker there on the day, and some squaddie had asked me for water, I'd have shared. But I bet his directive staff would have given him more than a hard time if they'd have found out. Who cheats wins. DS Good points, DS. Heatstroke is a killer, for sure. Your reference to the lads carrying only a small amount of water is what makes me think their unfortunate deaths are due less to the heat itself, and more to dehydration. Pity the lads don't carry more water; that alone will kill even the bravest of men.
  17. Surely, there must be more to this story than several young studs dying in mildly warm weather. The BBC article states that two soldiers were pleading with someone for water, so perhaps it was dehydration, not heat that killed these men. 85 degrees F isn't that hot at all, but dehydration kills, regardless of temperature.
  18. Outstanding! The wife and I really enjoyed the first one. We'll look forward to this one as well. (What can I say? When you spend most of your adult life working with kids, you learn to enjoy kids' movies. )
  19. Great to have you back, Argyll! I have many fond memories of working with you on GR mods. Glad to hear you're doing well!
  20. Must be nice, Rocky! We're stuck with 3 mbDSL here. It's that, or 7 mb cable, which costs over $60/month and requires a long-term contract. No FioS. No Virgin. No Comcast. Florida sucks, lol!
  21. Very sorry, Riley. Pets are like part of the family, and losing a pet after so many years really hurts.
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