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  1. According to the DOJ, about 69% of all 'murders' each year are a result of firearms. However, 51% of the approximately 15,000 firearm-related deaths each year are suicides. Only about 44% of firearm-related deaths are actually homicides. That's about, what 7,000? That means that, if each homicide is committed with a different gun, then only .00003% of the firearms in America are used in a homicide. Further, less than 1% of all non-fatal violent injuries each year, from 1993 to 1997, involved firearms. Not quite the staggering figures that idiots like Michael Moore and his associates would have us to believe are they?
  2. You just have to watch where you point that thing. Also the GF can play all she wants, I like having her play GR too. Wait...Mike has a girlfriend now? Man, I've missed so much...
  3. I don't think it's a case of ignorance or fear, but a case of deciding that some things just don't have a reasonable risk/benefit ratio. It's already been established that cloned cells do not, over time, function properly. This is evidenced by the obesity, disease, and premature aging seen widely in cloned animals. Of course, there's also the issue of doing stem cell research, but no one has been able to prove conclusively that stem cells are actually a viable source of information or benefit to the medical community. Cloning in itself is fantasy, and will most likely never be a viable reality for the medical and/or scientific communities.
  4. This is a completely heinous act of stupidity, perptrated by liberal elitists, who have no more common decency or moral compass than a badger. Such rabble don't deserve to be called 'teachers'. 'Propaganda spewing socialists' is a much more fitting title. While it is true that we enjoy the freedom of speech here in the United States, it is also true that one's citizenship can be renounced verbally, and such statements as made by these teachers certainly straddle the line of doing so. <rant> This is more evidence that the Washington Times (or was it the post?) was correct: the Democratic Party (of which it is obvious that these 'teachers' are members) has dug for itself a gigantic pit, from which it may well not emerge for years or even decades. This seemingly perpetual inability (or is it unwillingness?) to follow someone who is not a liberal elitist has permeated throughout the left for so long now that the two seem inseparable. What strikes me as very odd, however, is that these social-ites view Bill Clinton as their hero. Bill Clinton, however, is not an ultra-leftist. He found his success by appealing to everyone, and not by catering to the armchair revolutionary socialist elite (find the hidden message, Grasshopper) </rant>
  5. I don't really care for that song, but seeing the 'egg' effect when the jet broke the sound barrier was really, really cool.
  6. For a custom reticule, you need to know where the corners are on the portion of the reticule that you see. For example, in the crude illustration below, The left coordinate for the reticule is zero, because it's at the zero coordinate on the image. The top is is also zero, because the top of the image is adjactent to the zero coordinate. The bottom and right values are 224, because both points on the symetrical visible portion (colored in that odd blue color) are at coordinate 224, or, 224 pixels from the edge. As for the pips, use a similar method, depending on where in the image you place the pip. The reticule portion of the gun file for this reticule would look like: <ReticuleBaseLeft>0</ReticuleBaseLeft> <ReticuleBaseTop>0</ReticuleBaseTop> <ReticuleBaseRight>224</ReticuleBaseRight> <ReticuleBaseBottom>224</ReticuleBaseBottom> I hope that helps!
  7. For a custom reticule, you need to know where the corners are on the portion of the reticule that you see. For example, in the crude illustration below, The left coordinate for the reticule is zero, because it's at the zero coordinate on the image. The top is is also zero, because the top of the image is adjactent to the zero coordinate. The bottom and right values are 224, because both points on the symetrical visible portion (colored in that odd blue color) are at coordinate 224, or, 224 pixels from the edge. As for the pips, use a similar method, depending on where in the image you place the pip. The reticule portion of the gun file for this reticule would look like: <ReticuleBaseLeft>0</ReticuleBaseLeft> <ReticuleBaseTop>0</ReticuleBaseTop> <ReticuleBaseRight>224</ReticuleBaseRight> <ReticuleBaseBottom>224</ReticuleBaseBottom> I hope that helps!
  8. Nice catch on the typos. I seem to suffer from chronic-typo-disorder. Very nice re-wording of the last portion as well. Where were you when I was wearing out my calculator trying to come up with a suitable system of formulae to calculate this stuff?
  9. Very good insight into life Yoda. As always, it's a pleasure to read what you have to say.
  10. Yes, our government is riddled with baby boomers and flower children, which, IMHO, is a major factor in some of the loopy laws and regulations we've seen passed. The problem, IMHO, with both the hippie mentality, and the 'gen-Xers', is the absence of absolutes in the thinking of either. Without someting concrete to guide our leaders, or our future leaders, they will (and have) resort to empty daydreams and vain utopian ideas. It's a nice thought that everyone in the world would lay down their weapons, and be brothers and sisters, but it's not going to happen. That's not human nature. College students and flower children seem to hold onto the futile and fruitless dream that such an absurdity could come into being. This is what unsettles me about flower children and youth today. They are more than willing to set aside the things that are tried, true, and established, in favor of impossible daydreams.
  11. Let us not forget - the ignorance of youth is not restricted to South Korea! Our young people in America are just as deceived as the S. Korean youth. Imagine a world in 25 years, where the college kids that we now view as naive and wishful thinkers, have the reins and begin to make their dreams reality!
  12. Oddly enough, I read yesterday on foxnews.com, that thousands of people had gathered in S. Korea in a pro-US rally. The gatherers were thought to be mostly Christians, and I'm sure that their religious persuasion has something to do with their support of the US, but I thought it odd nonetheless.
  13. One of the things I've always respected about you is your ability to wholeheartedly disagree with someone, yet show them respect and courtesy. And it's nice to see you again as well.
  14. It's funny you should say that. I had actually remembered something you told me, along those lines, awhile back. You said, not verbatum, that you liked it when I ripped people a new one faster than they could say 'ouch', and that I did it with a smile on my face. I made a concerted effort not to do that this time. Now, if someone had said "Death to America! Allah is King!", I may have put on the reamers and gone to work. But I really just wanted to convey the thought that it's very easy to generalize religions, but when folks are asked to provide specific, solid proof of their argument, things quickly turn nasty, as it can't be done.
  15. Yeah, but when was the last time you heard the Pope or the Archbishop of Canterbury stand up and condemn the paedophiles in the Catholic Church? Or whoever is in charge of the Evangelist Church speak out against the KKK? I can't speak for Catholics, but, as far as Evangelicals and the KKK goes, I can tell you: Ask any Evangelical pastor what he/she thinks of the KKK, and if the KKK is a representative of Evangelical Christianity. The answer will range from "No, the KKK is not representative of Christianity, and here's why", to "What are you smoking, kid? Of course the KKK is not representative of Christianity, and I'm offended that you even had to ask!" I think, also, that, as Christians, we, among ourselves, know and are aware that groups like the KKK, JW's, Mormons, etc., are in essence cults - deviant groups who use Christian imagery and Scripture to teach doctrines that are very contrary to the core beliefs of Christianity. Sometimes we forget, though, that others need to be informed of where we stand on such issues. I think the same can be said of Islam. @Zeb: Sure, each religious group has, at one time or another, perpetrated some heinous crimes against various peoples. But each has also done some very wonderful things for many peoples as well (yes, I pluralized people on purpose). The true gauge you should be looking at is: How do religious groups stack up against secular groups. I have yet to find any religious group who has perpetrated the horrors committed by Hitler, Stalin, Lenin, or Attilla the Hun. Each of these people were purely secular leaders, and, in the case of Stalin and Lenin, attempted to stamp out religion. So, I ask, in light of secular leaders, is religion really so bad? This is a common argument, and one that really, aside from a period of time concerning the Catholic church in the middle ages, has no valid backing in western civilization. It's very easy to make such generalizations, but I sincerely challenge you to provide proof that each and every mainstream religion is based on money and power. You may be able to provide evidence that various religious leaders have centered their desires around money and power, but not the religion itself. Religious leaders come and go, as do the scoffers, but religion is here to stay. note - The above is not a jab, insult, or a flame. I sincerely mean it. I challenge you to provide the above proof, if you wish. E-mail me if you like.
  16. Good gospel songs, eh? Hmm... I like No Dark Valley, Love Lifted Me, and Holy, Holy, Holy , by John Heber and Reginald Dykes (that one's really old)
  17. I am a youth pastor and music pastor. I used to be a famous modder.
  18. Hey...what have I got to do with strange happenings, numbers divisible by six, and not-so-nice numbers? I actually had a very good day today. My paycheck was twice what I thought it would be, I slept in very late, I had a nice dinner with Mrs. Para, and I got a couple of really good books. Maybe it's the whole 'man of God' thing...
  19. This is a very sad day indeed. It's not oft that I've not known the grief of having friends pass from this life. Like my friend Oliver, I feel like I'm in a bad dream. I shall forever miss Keith's "And how are you today, young man?". Keith was genuinely interested in me as his friend, and went out of his way to be a good friend. Kindness and generousity such as was his, are in too great a demand these days. Go rest high on that mountain, Keith. Your work here is done.
  20. Parabellum


    GasBGon Site Buy one for your dad.
  21. The problem is that you're using fp/s, instead of mp/s. I know it's confusing, but you need to use mp/s to calculate the damage coefficients. fp/s is only used in a couple of instances, neither of which are included in the actual GR variables. Try it again, but substitue mp/s in the 1435 - (Dc1 * Vel) + (Dc2 * Vel^2) That should help immensely. Again, the methods I used were complicated, and hard to really understand, to say the least. Unless you're just a mathematical masochist, I'd suggest just using the data I've pre-calculated for you. Lastly, I intend to still follow the boards here on a not-so-often basis. I don't mind answering questions like this one. I just don't have the time to dive into the deeper aspects of the math behind Ghost Recon's velocity/damage system that I used to have. On a somewhat brighter note: I'm earning enough money at my church, that I won't have to work the full-time job that I was working, so I'll have more free time than I initially thought, so don't give up all hope and jump off a bridge when you need help such as this. Just give me time to reply. In all humility, I've yet to see anyone (aside from DonMiguel) actually understand this stuff as well as I'd like to think I understand it. EDIT - here's a whole mountain of information for you, including my last data, which, IMHO, is the best work I've done for GR. Enjoy. And copy it to your HD. If the forums go down again, it may be lost forever. Advanced Weapons Creation For Ghost Recon This tutorial is intended for advanced users only, and knowledge of algebra is required. This turorial does not require Microsoft Excel, but a scientific calculator, such as the large, graphic models made by Texas Instruments, is recommended. Common Terms: Note: All velocities are in meters per second (mp/s), unless otherwise noted. The Ghost Recon (GR) Velocity Equation: Vr = mV + (P x R) + (M x R^2) R: Range variable Vr: Velocity – specifically, the velocity at x range mV: Velocity at the muzzle of the weapon P: The percentage value of the weapon’s initial velocity that is kept at x meters. For example, 0.95 @ 100meters This value is represented in the GR velocity equation as (P x R) M: Modifier for velocity. This value is represented in the GR equation as (M x R^2) The Ghost Recon Damage Equation: (E x Vr) + (D x Vr^2) E: Ratio of energy to velocity at a given range. For example: The ratio of energy to velocity for a projectile with 330 ft/lbs moving at 1100 FEET PER SECOND would be 0.296 Note that this value MUST be calculated using feet per second – NOT meters per second. D: A multiplier, which is a function of velocity squared. Steps to finding Vr, mV, and P You need to have: Velocity in feet per second Velocity at x range (in meters), where I use 100 for rifles, 200 for sniper rifles, 50 for sub-machine guns, and 25 for handguns The first variable, B, will be muzzle velocity, converted to meters per second This value is not used in determining any other velocity functions. The second variable, P, is found by dividing velocity at x range, by muzzle velocity, which will produce a decimal value. This value should be multiplied by negative 1, which will produce P EXAMPLE: Velocity at muzzle (mV): 1100 Velocity @100m(Vr): 950 Amount kept: 0.864 Divide by –1: -0.864 <- - - This value is P The Third variable, M, is found by working a variation of the GR velocity variable: Vr – mV + (P x R) = M Here is an example: In the above example, mV is 1100, Vr is 950, and P is –0.864 Plug those variables into the above equation, and solve it: 950 –( 1100 + (-0.864 x 100)) = -63.6 What this means is: 950 = 1100 + (-0.864 x 100) + (-63.6) We know that –63.6 MUST, in reality, be (M x 100^2), so we divide –63.6 by 100^2 - That gives us –0.00636 – This value is M So, our velocity data would be: mV = 1100 P = -0.864 M = -0.00636 IMPORTANT!: Mv MUST be converted to meters per second before being entered into the Ghost Recon .gun file. Damage Formulae Note: The following data is intended for advanced users only. You will need a good knowledge of algebra and a scientific calculator to perform the operations listed below. You will need: Muzzle velocity, in Feet Per Second (Fp/S) Muzzle energy, in foot-pounds (ft/lbs) 1) Find Dc0 Divide energy by velocity. E/V = Dc0 Example: 200/1000 = .2 The result is Dc0 2) Find Dc1 Find appropriate damage on chart (see next page) Example: 90% = 1000 Damage = (Dc0 x V) + (Vc1 x V^2) Example: 1000 = (.2 x 1000) + (Vc1 x 1000^2) Simplify this operation: Example: 1000 – (.2 x 1000) = E 1000 – 200 = 800 Divide E by Velocity^2 Example: 800/1000^2 = 0.0008 This is Dc1 Put these variables in the appropriate fields in the Gun Editor within IGOR. Damage Table Find the appropriate chance of wounding from a center-mass hit at the muzzle on the left, and look to the total damage value on the right. Use this in step 2 of the damage formula above. 99 10000 97 3300 95 2000 93 1425 90 1000 87 770 85 665 83 587 80 500 77 435 75 400 73 370 70 333 Rifle Ballistics Sniper Rifles Caliber, length Velocity 0 Velocity 1 Velocity 2 Damage 1 Damage 2 Maximum Eff. Range (meters) .50 BMG 30” barrel 1006 -0.950 0.00025 1.935 0.023 1900+ .338 Lapau 26” barrel 974.026 -0.81774 0.0002086 1.31 0.011 1900+ .300 Win Mag 26” barrel 1006.494 -0.930 0.000205 1.136 0.002 1600 .30-338 Mag 26” barrel 1175.325 -1.081299 0.0002026 1.045 0.007 1500 7mm Rem Mag 26” barrel 928.571 -0.854285 0.00011142 1.112 0.003 1275 76.2x51mm 24” barrel 831.6 -0.740124 -0.00017464 1.007 0.004 910 5.56x45mm 24” barrel 1024.64 -0.922 -0.001034 -0.392 0.002 540 Assault Rifles 7.62x51mm 20” barrel 786.6 -0.900 -0.0001134 0.971 0.002 785 5.56x45mm 20” barrel 970.2 -0.823284 -0.001148 -0.378 0.002 500 7.62x39mm 20” barrel 725.3 -0.063826 -0.0023236 0.641 0.003 525 5.45x39mm 20” barrel 914.76 -0.823284 -0.001148 -0.363 0.002 500 Carbines 5.56x45mm 16” barrel 914.76 -0.823284 -0.001148 -0.363 0.002 500 5.56x45mm 10” barrel 831.6 -0.723492 -0.0035759 -0.349 0.002 325 9x19mm 16” barrel 375.025 -0.329868 -0.008 -0.1 0.0065 175 Sub-machine Guns .45ACP 8.75” barrel 351.12 -0.319519 -0.006 -0.434 0.016 200 SS190 8” Barrel 715 -0.63635 -0.008 -0.162 0.0025 235 SS190SD 8” Barrel 300 -0.267 -0.008 0.068 0.011 165 9x19mm 8” barrel 366.52 -0.329868 -0.008 -0.359 0.0065 160 9x19mmSD 8” barrel 308 -0.27104 -0.009 -0.359 0.0065 145 10mm Auto 8” barrel 399.74 -0.85 -0.0045 -0.471 0.010 185 .40 S&W 8” Barrel 321.86 -0.827 -0.0031 -0.380 0.010 185
  22. You've made some good points. Unfortunately, the velocity equation used by GR will eventually produce a parabolic curve, which is obviously not realistic. That's one reason a max range is specified in the .gun file. If you set the max range to a distance less than the range at which the velocity would start to rise, then you won't get any anomalae. One way around this is to calculate the velocity coefficients at a longer range. For alot of the later data I worked on, such as WOI 2.0 (with DonMiguel) - we used a longer distance to calculate the curve. In some instances, I use the max range to calculate the data, rather than 100 or 200 meters. As far as pistols being dead after 75 meters: That's actually greater than the effective range of any 9mm or 45 ACP handgun. Neither of those cartridges, or the guns firing them, are going to be very useful at any greater range. The same can be said of the .223 round. Sure, it's capable of hitting targets at 1,000 meters. But, its effective range is not more than 500 or 600 meters. Thinking that a 14.5" barrelled .223 weapon will kill a man outright at 400 meters is wishful thinking at best. The same is true for handguns in Ghost Recon. I challenge anyone, under combat conditions, to hit a man with a handgun, let alone cause an incapacitating wound. It's just not going to happen. FYI: According to the FBI, the effective combat range of a handgun is 25 feet. Edit - Those of you who may like to get into the physics and math of Ghost Recon, may be well advised to copy and paste this information in your favorite text file - I won't be covering this material in-depth at a later date.
  23. OK, last modding help post for me. Too bad the old forums were lost, I addressed this same issue. Concerning velocity, and kill power: The first velocity coefficient is velocity, in meters/second at the muzzle. The second and third velocity coefficients are, basically, values which help to establish the exponential curve on which the velocity decays over distance. Do not let anyone tell you that the first damage value is damage at the muzzle, and that the second is damage at the far end of the weapon's range. That's hogwash and completely false. The second damage value is actually the larger, and more important, of the two. Again, both values work together in the equation, to establish an exponential curve of decay. As for how all this works, I suggest you go to www.ravenmouth.org, and look for my ballistics tutorial, or read my last tutorial to find out what the data is and how it works. Concerning turn bands and velocity: Velocity is the rate at which you are turning. The mutliplier will multiply the standard spread of the pips, based on your movement/stance, by the multiplier. Again, refer to the tutorial at ravenmouth.org for more information.
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