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  1. I've been playing GRAW and GRAW2 on the PC for many months. I just picked up a copy of GRAW for my Xbox 360. Here's the problem. When I open the training mission, I can't figure out what the heck to do. I take cover exactly as the yellow objective marker suggests, but then -- nothing. What am I supposed to do next? It's not at all clear how I should proceed through the training mission, and Rosen gives me no coaching. What am I doing wrong??
  2. Fellas, My eldest son attended West Point for three years before leaving (it was the mid-90s, build-down time, and they never required him to serve). He has a continuing interest in military affairs and tactical sims. I'm looking for some authentic Soviet military memorabilia as a gift for him, maybe Afghan War/Spetznaz stuff. Any ideas about a reliable source where I could find some? Thanks for any help!
  3. Found it digging through the forums. http://www.ghostrecon.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=42414 Thanks for this great resource.
  4. Ok, update: FINALLY IT WORKS. In my nVidia 3D settings panel I forced off anistropic and anti-aliasing. I enabled triple buffering, and allowed the app to control vertical sync. I had already installed Coolbits 2 and NVTray/tweak. In Direct3D "vertical sync" in changed the 3 to 0. I have no idea why this all matters, but I can now play GRAW with my videos settings at "high." Like I said earlier, when it works, GRAW is terrific. Now it works.
  5. Where do I put it -- in custom levels? It's not showing up in the game interface.
  6. I'm sure I'm missing something obvious, so sorry in advance. When I join games in MP, the server will frequently have a message of the day, or information about downloading maps or joining a TS server for voice. When I host though, there doesn't seem to be a way for me to include similar information. Can anyone straighten me out about this with a how-to? Thanks!
  7. Well, I'm out of ideas. I swapped out my 6600 GT for an 8500 GT. I have vertical sync, anastropic and anti-aliasing turned off. All my settings are on low. I'm patched to 1.35. I even dropped my color quality to 16 bit. All my drivers are updated. My drive is defragged. Norton's turned off, along with unneeded background processes. I still get repeated freezes -- the black screen/blue sky thing. I've been playing Tom Clancy games since 1999. GRAW-1 is the worst experience I've ever had. It's terrific when it works; but it never works for more than 10 minutes in singleplayer mod
  8. Thanks NoQuarter. I turned off vertical sync, and now GRAW seems at least playable. I still get the problem, but maybe once or twice a session instead of six or seven times. GRIN really did a crappy coding job on this game. If it weren't so absorbing, I'd toss it. GRAW 2 is much cleaner. Anyway, thanks for the help. A lot of people on the forums seem to run into this.
  9. NoQuarter, Thanks, I PMd you. the fix you mention doesn't seem to apply with the new nVidia control panels. I can't find the setting adjustments you mention. franx
  10. I sure hope there's another solution, because I don't have the $$$$.
  11. I'm running GRAW 1.35 on an AMD Athlon 3800, Windows XP SP2, 1 gig RAM. Graphics card: nVidia 6600 GT, 128 megs. All my visual settings are at LOW, trilinear. Norton's is turned off; I have all background processes turned off. No Ageix card. My Realtek sound, Ageix and nVidia drivers are all up to date. My hard drive is defragged. OK, here's what happens. In singleplayer, the game will be going along fine, then suddenly the screen will freeze up with a blue sky top half, and a black bottom half. I have no idea why. I need to shutdown and restart my computer to get out of it.
  12. Thanks guys. These things helped. Until I buy another gig of RAM. I dropped my screen resolution to 16 bit; set my nVidia card to "high performance" (instead of high quality, quality or performance); and dropped all of my in-game video settings to their lowest level. Seems to work; I'm able to move ahead in the mission now.
  13. I'm running Windoes XP Home; 1 gig RAM; AMD Athlon 3800; nVidia GeForce 6600 GT with the 91.31 driver. The problem I'm having has occurred with both the GRAW 1.16 and the 1.20 patches, in the same place. Here's my headache. In the Mission Two/Coup d'Etat "Reach the VIP" segment, every time I get near, or enter, the parking garage, my screen freezes up. I have to restart the game. It's now happened six or seven times. I can't finish the mission. Any idea what's locking things up? GRAW is a terrific game, but it seems buggy, and these crashes are really frustrating.
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