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  1. I stopped by Gamestop, which is half a mile from my house. Dude was coming out of the store w/GRAW in his hand, they wouldn't take it as a trade. They had several already. I offered him a fiver. He took it.

    So now I can give our server copy back to Abomb, and if my squad decides to play GRAW (after some more patches) then I'm good to go. If not I think I can get my five back by selling it on EBay.

    Anyhow, I got a great deal dontcha think?

    You gave him a finn? Dude, you got so hosed.

  2. Wait?

    No widescreen fix?

    What the ######?

    Well, I guess I'm done. I'm going back to the games that support my hardware that I spent money specifically for gaming. Damn ######ing shame that a feature that was in the retail release was broken with one of the first patches released.

    Thank you for wasting the $50 I spent on this game by patching something out of it - even if it was unintentional, you've been told about it.

    Re: Before the "You wern't forced to buy it" arguement even starts, re-read. The feature was there BEFORE they patched it out.

    Prob is still there, with no fix. Blows me away that a feature that worked perfectly prior to 1.16 gets botched and is not even acknowledged by GRIN. And yes, I, and the people I know with this problem have tried every possible thing to fix it. No dice. My copy is sadly going to the land of misfit games, perhaps to be revisited one fine new year's eve.

  3. Interesting observation here..... while reviewing the recent posts in this thread a few moments ago... I noticed another member reading the posts... a GRiN_DrHanke....

    And yet oddly enough... not a single post from anyone with GRIN to even acknowledge the topic, the situation, or even that there might be a problem.....

    IMHO, that speaks VOLUMES....

    Call this confrontational, adversarial, or whatever you want, but I think it's high time some GRIN people weighed in on this topic.

    good going! you probably just scared grin off from even browsing the forums now! :wall:

  4. Sneaksnipe and [RS]Stalker WELL SAID.

    To GRIN and all you "why are you people complaining" complainers, there is but one thing to say...

    SCOREBOARD. Look how many people are playing the game. Yeah, those few people would be US, the people who are complaining. People are just ###### because they see a game they want so much to succeed but which has been put on life support by the choices of its publisher and producer, and the sad thing is, the game might be unrecoverable. I don't think there is a single person here, who is complaining about the games many glaring faults, who would not gladly have waited another year for a complete and polished game rather than witness this tragic alcoholic of a game drink its liver to death. That said, I still enjoy the game and have not given up yet, but if by the July patch, things don't improve GREATLY, the game is doomed (it probably already is). I don't care how much you love the game, 200 people does not make a viable gaming community for a game of this sort. Its kinda like trying to populate a new planet with just you, your mom and your sister.


  5. ...UBI released the game when they did because of GR's fan base screaming bloody murder for it's release.


    Like UBI would care. Have some coffee, slap yourself on the face and wake up.

    if you honestly feel this way why are you here? now please all you ppl who say this game sucks and UBI did this and is this and doesn't care and you won't buy their games or whatever tell me honestly why are you even here? to bother those who like the game or are hoping it will become something they like? because your lives are so boring your only entertainment is complaining about a game? I am sure you can find a more constructive use of your hate for this game then to bother those who are here for a better reason.. this is Ghost Recon .net not UBISUCKSBALLS.net

    maybe one of you can start that site and you can all go there instead?

    First off did you hear me complain? What I said (which you apparently could not figure out) was that he was naive to think UBI released the game prematurely because the community wanted them to. Somehow I don't think the suits up there could care less.

    Second off, get your head out of your ###### and think about it. People who are complaining about the problems with this game (and they have every reason and right to) are complaining about it BECAUSE THEY LOVE THE GAME and see its potential. IF THEY HATED IT THEY WOULDNT BOTHER. When I say FIX THE WIDESCREEN BUG am I being a whiny ######? If you buy a new car and the A/C doesn't work do you drive around sweating or do you complain to the manufacturer about it? And when you do take it in to get fixed do you expect the transmission and breaks to be screwed up when you get it back (a la 1.16)?Fact is if you let people get away with things they will, and last time I checked, a BETA was a PRE-RELEASE VERSION OF SOFTWARE.

    As to your commentary on my personal life, perhaps you're the one who should get one, and pick up an education while you're at it. Complaints are obviously justified, personal attacks are not (unless you start it first).

  6. The AC is a total bogus, with all the drops it causes. I know that the widescreen issue (which I previously stated was fixed - wrong) is also causing alot of issues - and made a few people completly stop playing the game.

    All in all, keep it up. If you guys stop supporting this game - I'll personally come over the pond and pee in your tea. :) (Re: I'm off work for the next 4 months, so if you stop supporting, wait till 5-6 months. :) )

    Here here to fixing the damn widescreen bug. GRIN...PLEASE TELL ME YOU ARE LISTENING TO THAT ONE...cuz frankly it is killing me (and many others)

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