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  1. Hi, Just thought I'd post some of my comments on GRAW. So you know my background a bit, I have played the [Ghost Recon] a lot on the PC. I loved it, the feel of the gameplay, the coop and different play styles. I just got GR:AW PC three days ago after debating for the past weeks if I was going to grab it or not. And so far, I feel very mixed emotions about this gam, like a LOVE/HATE relationship... PROS: - Multiplayer so far has its share of fun times. The grenade launcher seems to be overpowered to me, but I can deal with that. - Single player is ok CONS: - the graphics are terrible. I have an AMD 3500+, 2GB ram, Ati 850XT, and I get a mere 30 fps at 1024x768. The recent "graphic smoothing" they added in the last patch is a joke. Where is full support for AA? This smoothing function makes the game blurry. I use medium textures and medium settigns in pretty much everything. How can a game run at medium at 30fps on an ATI 850xt? This is not even a one year old card! Anyways, the graphics is my main problem with this game. A blurry screen is not what I call nice graphics. And not using the smoothing function is horrible too with all the jagged edges everywhere at 1024x768... DEVS should make game for today's equipment, not for the equipment players will have in a year or two from now. This game is definitly too hardware demanding. This is where Ghost Recon 1 excelled: excellent hardware compatibility, excellent feel visually. - where are the open space areas we used to have in Ghost recon? This now feels a lot more like Urban Warfare. I'm not against it, but I really miss the games in the forests. - No VOICE OVER IP in a game where strategy is SO important? This should now be mandatory in all games of this type. I've been playing Battlefield 2 since it came out and VOICE OVER IP is a definite MUST HAVE in this type of game. - I didn't start a multiplayer game yet, so I may be wrong here, but I thought the [Ghost Recon] had switched that allowed yuo to limit certain types of weapon. If this was available in GRAW, why is it that we see the nade launcher everwhere? Back in the GHOST RECON days, the nade launcher was almost always removed from admins because it a) lagged the game b) was overpowered. Well, that's about it... But damn, these graphics.... And to say they actually promoted this game like it was looking awsome... Very dissapointing.
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