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  1. As I recall, there are uniforms for all the characters, including the army and marine guys, in file. I haven't looked at them yet, but I would assume you could just change the dds files between the two. Could be wrong, but that's the way it looks to me.
  2. If anyone knows how to contact Juggernawt please let him know I have his uniform finished. I've sent him PMs but no reply. Thanks.
  3. This is now old hat, but just to add to the number of people having the problem here is yet another sad story. First, when I first downloaded the patch I had no problem setting up a campaign coop server...any map. The next day, when I got on with my friends I could no longer host other than map 1. The next real suprise was I was now having a problem hosting even the regular coop game. That is now an off-and-on issue. With the campaign coop game I get the same message everyone else does...cannot connect, etc. And then I'm asked to sign-in again. There were six of us on the other night taking turns trying to set up a campaign coop server. One person could set up any map...but no one could see his server. One other person had the same result. The other 4 people could not set up a campaign coop server...other than map 1. So, the proplem is hitting a very large number of people, at least those of us who bought the game purly for the coop side of the game. My computer, by the way, is a new (4 month old) Alienware. Glad to see the producer of the game jumping on this issue. I thought we were all going nuts.
  4. SAME PROBLEM HERE...There are six people who play in my group. No one can start a Campaign Coop server except for map 1. We can almost always start the coop maps. If someone does get a Campaign Coop map up other than map 1 none of us can see his server. Can anyone answer this one? I'm finding there are a lot of people out there now having the same problem. http://www.ghostrecon.net/forums/index.php...45997&st=60
  5. Finished the uniform and found a good patch for the arm and used the Swedish flag on the other arm. I'll send you a PM on how to get a pic.
  6. Working on that uniform now. Will let you know when completed. Wolff
  7. Sent you a PM. I have a set based on the camo you sent me.
  8. I'll work on one for you. Shouldn't take too long. I finished the uniforms, put the German flag on in place of the US, and tested them in-game. I think you will enjoy them. I'll send you a PM to get info on getting the to you.
  9. I'll work on one for you. Shouldn't take too long.
  10. negative, you got the 6 color desert camo (chocolate chip) which is outdated. i'm gonna send you a PM with a pic of what i need. i hope you can make it. Sorry, could not open any of the 3 images.
  11. Check www.onlinegamersnetwork.com. I'm sure one or two of the uniforms I did for them were 3-color. Let me know. They will be under my Wolff818 name.
  12. Played this map twice ([GR]) but can't get it to end. I thought this could be played as Recon, but can't get to the Zulu point which is in the garage. No doors open. Does anyone know the answer to this one? Thanks.
  13. I think (hope) that when the "server dedicated" will be released will be possible to play with modded skins if installed on client and server .But I'm not 100% sure. Okay, I'm confused now. I've been playing multiplayer with the skins I've done and had no problem.
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