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  1. Sorry if im saying something already said. Didnt have the time to read through the thread. My opinion: 1. Dont use respawns => no spawn killin 2. If u use'em, u need a game mode like Siege, where the offence is more than welcome to spawn kill defence. Defence is "supposed" to guard the smoke, not attack. (Thats one thing that doesnt fit real competitions. If u wanna win, u'll do what ever it takes) 3. If u play HH w/ respawns, u need a map that is big enough, so that guys in the smoke cant see the other teams spawn. EDIT: ONLY way to avoid spawn killing and camping would be HH or Siege w/o spawns, right?
  2. Don't want to sound too pessimistic but are we still waiting for something to be released for GRAW? Honestly thought 1.35 was it. I don't want to get my hopes up for something that aint happening... And back on the topic: Merry Christmas every1
  3. Come to think of it, haven't played any other 2006 released games than GRAW. Guess i'd have to rank it 1st. That doesn't mean i'm happy with what we got. The most recent game i bought befour GRAW was Rainbow Six Raven Shield and the expansion Athena Sword. Befour that, it was [GR] and the expansions. I've bought some re-released games like Command & Conquer Generals and Delta Force. Then there was HL2 that came with Radeon 9600XT. Almost forgot. Raven Shield Lockdown. That one I bought on sale as well, cause I had heard it wasnt gonna be a success in MP. So i thought i'd play through the SP campaing. It's on hold for a rainy day So, looking back at my game "collection", i've supported UBI. Not much, but no the less. I don't count in games i've bought befour i started playing online. That is [GR]. Even Doom II doesn't get a say That was on a 14400 modem
  4. Its about how it is working at GRIN and stuff. ... a year ago. Seems to be an article from 2005. Talking about testing GRAW and how it's gonna be launch in *EDIT(fall as in typo) EDIT* spring (2005) if all goes well for Ubi. EDIT: Article starts with: Publicerad 8 november 16:41 doesn't say the year tho...
  5. This has all happened b4. Just had a look at R6 Lockdown forum. They were also promised a patch that never arrived. Guess work w/ R6 Vegas came in the way. So sad
  6. Now I don't know what to believe... GR:AW, buy it young. You might live to see it finished.
  7. Maby some1 at Grin would read this on GR.net thread at ubi
  8. 640 * 480 ~ 20-30 fps 800 * 600 ~ 20-30 fps 1024 * 768 ~ 20-30 fps 1280 * 1024 ~ 20-30 fps GF 7800 GS 256M So in other words, screen resolution has no impact on my frame rate. I'll post the rest of my system specs, so others know what to watch out for Mobo: Octek Chipset: Intel 865PE CPU: P4 3G HT Mem: 2G DDR 400 Dual Channel (4*512) GPU: GF 7800 GS 256M Sound: On board Intel ICH5 AC97 ALC650 the game runs choppy as
  9. Happened to me several times. IT IS A BUG PERIOD
  10. NICE JOB GRIN, that was fast! Guess this patch fixes the problem in SP Ready for bear? I can now continue my campaing. I think its much better that the new patch always includes all the old ones. You dont need to keep several pathes on ur hard drive, and install them all over again when reinstalling the game.
  11. As a matter of fact, yes. I don't expect or want the EXACT same, but something to do w/ the original would be nice. I bet most ppl who saw Star Wars IV, V and VI several years b4 Episode 1 came out, just HAD TO se that one to. No matter what... Ubi knew this, and Grin ######*ng should have known better too...
  12. THAT'S JUST IT! Ubi said they would bring us a new Ghost Recon. One that would please the [GR] fans. Wasn't that the reason they didnt release GR 2 on PC too? Ubi said it was not enough like [GR], and would not make [GR] fans happy. Only reason I bought GRAW was the GR prefix. Not happy w/ the product I got =(
  13. Probably no need to post more screen shots, so ill just put my specs and fps. P4 3G HT Intel 865PE 2G DDR 400 GF 7800 GS 256M All settings to low / disabled @ 800*600 FPS 10-35, over 35 if looking at a wall or the sky. Changing settings or resoltuion between 640*480 - 1280*1024 has none - "just noteacible" effect. Sad but true. All other games runs fine. (FEAR, HL2)
  14. ]FSF[-DeVIL / DeVILhimSeLF GR 1 28
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