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  1. Exactly.....how is anyone supposed to L2P on a no-respawn server?
  2. Please correct me if I am wrong but the Physx effects are not available in multiplayer.
  3. Can anyone else see the Key Binding in the Controls part of the configuration or am I crazeeeee ?
  4. I took some screen shots using the mapped key in game but nothing in the folder you metioned.....anymore for anymore?
  5. F1 to this. You GRIN guys have proven plenty of times now that you can deliver what Customers want. Please explain the concept to UBI Soft bean counters.
  6. Game Arena have got a Server up. What champs
  7. You can get me on Xfire = 1cormac AUSSIE, AUSSIE, AUSSIE!
  8. Unwritten nice sig and go Aussie. Love to see an Aussie server up more regular like. GA and IGN may have one soonish, fingers crossed.
  9. In the Controls section there is a Key binding for Screen Shot. That says to me that you can take ingame screen shots.
  10. Anyone tell me where in game Screen Shots are saved? Thanks <3
  11. We love you GRIN please keep posting.
  12. GRAW2 is available in EB stores in Canberra Colin, today is tomorrow (11JUL07) for us Aussies.
  13. Nice pimping there Rne. Lets help to get this game going in Australia. I believe that Internode and Game Arena will be hosting Servers once the Retail Release and SADS are available. So it may be happy days ahead if we can get a good community base going. So come on Aussie come on! Lets support GRAW2.
  14. F1 to Xfire support. I still do not understand why anyone would team up with GameSpy.
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