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  1. just unbundled it, and it works flawlessly on the Steam version I absolutely love the Mk18 (and everything else of course)
  2. wow... that is just... Awesome doesn't seem to be quite 100% compatible with the Steam version though. If I launch with the .bat file, I get the (awesome) sounds for the SCAR-L and SCAR-H, as well as new pictures for the Ghosts in the load-out menu but none of the new weapons are available, and the old Ghost skins are still there (with some odd lighting anomoly. the guns and some details on their uniforms appear a bit brighter than the rest of their uniforms It's getting late now, so I'm gonna try poking around a bit tomorrow, see if I can get it to work properly
  3. Hello! I remember I had this problem with GRAW1 PC as well, and remember it happening when GRAW2 was new I have this Samsung TSSCORP H-552B PATA (IDE) drive, which is a DVD +/- RW DL writer. Whenever I insert the GRAW 2 disc it just spins around endlessly trying to read the disc to no avail. If I move it over to my 9-10 year old DVD-ROM (read speed is like 2x or something) it works fine, but takes ages to install. Is this just a random occurrence with my burner, or is the copy-protection on the disc designed not to work in DVD writers? If I remember correctly I renewd the drive firmware to see if it would help with my GRAW1 disc (it didn't) The reason I'm asking is because I want to get rid of my old DVD drive, and possibly replace it with a new one, but I don't want to risk having two drives that neither can read my GRAW discs
  4. I love the HK416 with Aimpoint or a plain SCAR-H. no attachments at all
  5. tried with and without CMSS-3D Tried with and without EAX enabled tried playing with 2-channel headphone settings, as well as 5.1 tried v1.41 tried uninstalling and installing the game again, then v1.41 the only thing that makes all weapon volumes sound equal is if I uninstall the mod. next I'm gonna try another set of soundcard drivers
  6. launched the SP campaign today and also notice I have that wierd volume anamoly I kitted myself and another ghost with SCAR-H (with your custom sounds), the other two ghosts with a HK416 and MK46 when I or the other ghost with SCAR-H fire, the sounds are as they should be, but when one of the "stock" guns (416, MK46, enemy G36) the volume is really low. last time I played with your mod (v1.4) I did not have this problem. I am playing GRAW2 1.05 with version 1.47 of the weapons mod
  7. thanks for taking the time to write all that down, but that's what I did. I only get 9 folders gui levels lib objects sb_templates settings strings textures units no weapons_data.xml file to be found anywhere
  8. awesome as always I've been trying to change the number of magazines, but since the weapon_data.xml is bundled I can't access it. I tried the instructions in the v1.4 thread but couldn't get it to work?
  9. nice to see a patch and anyone know where I can find the patcher music? dat is Old School, man
  10. it worked flawlessly for me, both in training and the entire single player campaign though the Sig552 sounds started glitching (missing sounds) as soon as I entered the bunker with the missile in the very last mission
  11. that's Mk.12, not M12 also know as SPR or Special Purpose Rifle (previously Special Purpose Receiver) very nice though
  12. been playing the SP campaign for the past two days, and the SCAR-H is one of my favourite weapons. it gets 20 rounds , with five or six magazines = 120 rounds. Usually not enough, especially on the missions where you have to defend stuff from hordes of enemies, like in Attack on multiple axes where you have to defend the mall. even if you set the SCAR-H to single fire it still eats a lot of ammo. the first time I played it I had like 12 rounds left when I got on the helicopter. Had I played normally, without getting cheap on the ammo when I was on the way to the helo, I would've run out of ammo for sure we should have the ability to put down suppressive fire without having to worry about ammo
  13. oh. my. God. this mod is AWESOME!! I love the Sig SG552. love the sounds, love how it handles. LOVE the EoTech sight.... not sure if I'll play with any of the original weapons in the SP campaign ever again
  14. Actually the M240B is used with TAC-P, Green Berets, Rangers, and other small to medium sized units SF untis for suppresion and cover fire. The M240B replaced the older M-60 around 2005. Believe me it is heavy especially if you do not have an AG (assistant gunner) to assist with carrying the ammo. I know from expierence. If you utilize the weapon correctly it can be a powerful tool I know what it's used for, I'm just saying a MK48 Mod 0 would be a much wiser choice for a 4 man squad like the Ghosts. I'm sure you are familiar with both, to some degree, but I'll run some numbers anyway Weight (Empty): MK48 = 8.2Kg M240B = 12.5Kg Length: MK48 = 1,000mm M240 = 1,245 mm It's clear the lighter Mk 48 would be preferred by a small unit. It's easier to handle by one man, and it's lighter = operator can carry more ammo FN Herstal was tasked to develop the Mk 48 directly by US SOCOM, which I would assume the Ghost are commanded by either way, I'm happy we're getting a new LMG
  15. coolio. looking forward to it, though it does't look like my major gripe with the game has been fixed (Sprint-to-shoot animations. it constantly looks like you're getting shot by people in the middle of a sprint) and I hope the "M240" isn't really the M240. that's a big bulky weapon, rarely used by small Spec Ops teams like the Ghosts. the MK48 is much much more common
  16. the M203 HE has an average arming distance of 30 meters (slightly varying from projectile to projectile), the EGLM is very similar, 25-35m 5m is ridiculously short
  17. i second the motion.... when is your name gonna change to GRIN_Brettzies? x2 (3) this is looking so incredibly awesome. I'm surprised GRIN or UBI haven't offered you a job
  18. Don't judge patches by their size. Code fixes as extremely small in kb but still require a lot of work and can fix tons of bugs. true, true. I just read some of the changelogs for 1.01-1.04 and saw quite a few good updates but the fact remains. the sprint anim is still glitched. I appreciate everything else that have been fixed, that's just awesome. but the major gripe I had with GRAW and GRAW2 is the animation, and quite frankly, I am very surprised to see its still there, almost two years since the release of GRAW. I dunno, maybe it's a engine limitation that can't be fixed? and I don't mean to rant or troll or anything like that, though I feel like a ###### for throwing all this negativity at GRIN. the game has a lot of potential but it feels like a few shortcuts were taken here and there which brought the game down a level
  19. hence, the question mark. I haven't exactly followed the progress of GRAW2 since its release, and I hope I'm wrong. God knows I hope I'm wrong, about 1.05 (but considering the size of the 1.04 patch, not much can have been fixed up to this point, right?) I at least though the sprinting animation would be fixed... heck, it shouldn't even be there since it was a known problem already in the first game!
  20. That would be a headshot kill, and quite realistic. It's not uncommon to get shot before you hear the weapon fired, so with a headshot, well, you're dead before the sound reaches you. But yeah, it's less fun that way in a game, you want to hear the shot either way I guess. considering I can still hear my body hitting the ground (and other stuff going on around me?), I think I should hear the gunshots, yes
  21. so I picked up GRAW2 PC yesterday (finally the price is down, payed ~$20 with S&H), and started getting into the MP a bit (Waiting to play SP until Brettzies next mod version) been playing mostly [GR] Coop which is extremely awesome, but today I also played a bit of RvA and TDM and I rememberd why I didn't buy it when it was released. The Sprint-to-shoot animation still skips, just like in the first GRAW (which I did buy as soon as it was released), so it looks like people are still sprinting when they shoot you and you die; and a lot of gunfire sounds don't seem to play properly. I can suddenly die instantly, but never actually hear any gunfire. this seems to happen with all weapons, suppressed or not (yes, I've tried different settings and drivers). I thought these things would've been fixed by now. It's been what? 7 or 8 months since it was released? There are plenty of bugs, and the few patches that have been released have barely fixed anything? I'll keep playing COOP (on the few servers there are), because the poor animations and sound glitches are just too annoying, but bearable against (the inhumanly accurate) AI. and I'm glad I didn't actually pay full price for the game
  22. looking mighty fine there Brett got a fresh copy of GRAW2 in the mail today, waiting for this mod to finished before I install it got an ETA? Take your time though, don't stress it. Also keeping an eye on the New Looks Ghost thead
  23. I enjoyed it immensely. When I made MP maps for BHD, I would routinely make them lopsided just to see if 1 team could overcome the other. I actually like games where the odds are stacked against you. In MP, I never complain if it's 5 or 6 against me or maybe 1 other guy, and I object to balancing the teams (unless the people on my team are morons). it not just "unbalanced" when all three teammates die in a few seconds, without the player having a chance to do something about it.... it's just frustrating as hell. It's the most annoying, unfair, unrealistic and stupid mission of ANY Ghost Recon game. Heck, probably any FPS game ever
  24. I'm replaying the campaign and really enjoying all of the missions. except the last one. All three ghosts get killed withing 5 seconds after they hit the ground. I don't have the slightest chance to put them behind cover, and if I try to peek out to give some cover fire I take a .50 cal to the head. I've reloaded and restarted the entire missions like ten times. the extremely long loading times doesn't really help. I got so frustrated I just shut it down Good job, GRiN, on creating the worst single player mission, in any game of any time. I think you'll hold that title for a long time to come you can't possibly think the design of this mission is good?
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