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  1. Don't stop patching now guys. You have only just begun to address the many unresolved issues. By the way, how is the "July Patch" coming along? Is it on schedule for release this week or next week? silent_op That would be nice.... its already ready... they just decided from now on every time someone asks if its ready or someone posts a negative post they will delay release by 1 hour.. so currently the next patch will be out in 2008 .. Thanks cry babies lol
  2. No complaints = No patches. if you need something fixed and you go to the guy you got it from and you say this is broken please fix it and they say ok it will be done in this time frame and then every day you come back to his shop and say hey this is broken fix it nad he says im working on it and you keep coming back every day with the same MFing complaint do you think he is going to care after a while? Do you think it will make him work faster? do you think it will make it done faster? does it give you a sense of accomplishment everyday to complain?
  3. Thank you - your spelling is a pleasant surprise your a co-op player right? you said you have uninstalled the game until co-op is fixed so why not leave your email and we will tell you when its fix then you don't have to waste yours or our time with these silly posts
  4. well you see cangaroo Oliver here has gotten tired of hijacking other threads to put in his repeated complaints *mind you its really just one complaint he copy's and pastes over and over* so the thought it time to make a thread of his own to take up room on the forums and offer nothing in return.. and oliver I don't feel I should go out of my way to block morons if you want to block me great but let me give you a link first here ya go Just for awareness of how the wider game-buying public are perceiving and rating AW. Thought I'd throw it in as I reckon a lot more people will be likely to look on sites like Amazon to read an unbiased review of a game from their peers - rather than seek out a dedicated forum or sponsored game-site. And these people matter - they represent the hordes who are willing (or not) to put their hands into their pockets and keep this thing afloat. You can have as much faith in UBI/GRIN as you like; keep saying they're doing a great job; keep saying you'll wait and you'll be patient for the patches. But the blind faith and devotion of a few won't amount to much if the tills aren't ringing the the sound of AW steadily marching off the shelves. And from those reviews, it seems unlikely. ok so you thought that we need more places to read all the whining of ppl who didnt like the game? btw those reviews are from gamers just like all the Bitching that is here is by gamers.. so again ###### is your point.. honestly why do you come here?!?!
  5. Whenever Oliver posts its a post that beats a dead horse... a guy who has uninstalled the game and says he only cares about single player.. and seems to post something negative EVERY day.... if you don't wanna wait for the patches find a new game.. if you do wanna wait do it in silence since your not saying anything new or good... you have beaten the dead horse now there is nothing left of it so stop pounding the ground
  6. well for all you hoping for patches and support to this game the faster this happens the faster Grin moves on to another game ..
  7. That's better left to the player, I don't want to have to repick my fav kit everytime I join a server, nor can I imagine that anyone else would like that idea... Kit restrictions ok, but don't mess with the default kit... You misunderstand me. I don't care about the four user programmable kits, or the kit you start with after you die (which is your previous load out). But the default kit you start with when you join the server. In games where tactical points are a concern, players don't get to start with whatever they want, they get what the server gives them as a default. No it's not *perfectly acceptible*... In fact, it is *NOT AT ALL ACCEPTIBLE*... We should be able to have an easy to use interface that can be edited from in-game. It might be acceptible to do that from a CO-OP point of view... but seriously... for some serious use of GR:AW we need to be able to edit it without the then required use of FTP clients and/or Radmin. I disagree - you shouldn't be doing *anything* in game on a dedicated server, since there should be no "in-game" to be in. As for host & play servers... couldn't care less. ---- As for management options, I agree the full range of standard /kick <player>, /ban <player> commands should be available, but I didn't consider those to be server configuration options. you have to have in game settings that players who are granted admin access can change for laddering dedicated servers are what will be used I would guess 70%-80% of the time
  8. Don't forget we want some ingame options such as /kick or /ban and those optoins are fine for non ladder servers but if you are going to ladder you have to have a in game set up so you can switch to the map that is choosen to ladder on. also a delay in start or something so that during ladder play rules and things can be discussed or if someone has to go to the bathroom between maps it can be delayed til they get back or whatever. Also I would like to see more stats on the stat page like rounds fired/ hit % ect That's better left to the player, I don't want to have to repick my fav kit everytime I join a server, nor can I imagine that anyone else would like that idea... Kit restrictions ok, but don't mess with the default kit... I think giving the optoin is ok you could leave it as default *pistol* this way ppl can join up and get right into the game this would help ppl who forget to do there kit or have longer load times
  9. what the op failed to mention for those who didn't notice this is EBAY prices these are preused games for sale not brand new... and to the OP I am very glad you found a new love now stop bitching about my love graw and move on I think you must still be jealous of my love for GRAW since you feel compelled to come back here and dis on the game even after you supposably moved on.. so for all ppl who make these posts or think about making them how about you just leave instead and watch that the door doesn't hit ya where the good lord spit ya on your way out
  10. the OP said positive as in no flaming .. useless posts.. repeating the same complaint over and over and over and over .. no off topic posts ect .. he wanted a thread where we could actually get some constructive (positive) brainstorming done without all the lame fighting and name calling and the likes .. you can say something you dislike about the game but in a positive way.. negativity can stay out of this thread
  11. ok 1 the three things you asked have been addressed that they will be done during the summer ... Randomhero, Can you tell me where it has been posted from a reliable source that these three exact issues will be addressed in the upcoming "COOP" patch? I hope you are correct, I have been looking hard, and have NOT found anything about these specifics actually being acknowledged and addressed in the future patch. If it is confirmed,.... I too will praise GRIN. check this about the 5th post in I think this is what your looking for
  12. Hilarious Like UBI would care. Have some coffee, slap yourself on the face and wake up. if you honestly feel this way why are you here? now please all you ppl who say this game sucks and UBI did this and is this and doesn't care and you won't buy their games or whatever tell me honestly why are you even here? to bother those who like the game or are hoping it will become something they like? because your lives are so boring your only entertainment is complaining about a game? I am sure you can find a more constructive use of your hate for this game then to bother those who are here for a better reason.. this is Ghost Recon .net not UBISUCKSBALLS.net maybe one of you can start that site and you can all go there instead?
  13. I dont' mind ppl complaining about something 1 time .. thats all we need is for it to be done ONE time and we get your point... we arn't as stupid as most of you think we do understand.. yet it seems the complainers arn't very bright because even after there complaints are addressed and are said to be coming in the upcoming patches they "think" they need to complain EVERY day until the patch comes .. you already know TDM and all that is COMING in the Next few patches yet you still COMPLAIN every day about it.. I have read threads where GRIN address YET AGAIN a complaint about Co-op and after they are done addressing it the person says well what about blah blah blah.. what are you mentally challenged ? do you even READ the posts after your own or do you just copy and paste your once good but now way over posted complaints every 6 or 7 mins? Here is the deal.. write your complaint out.. then leave .. dont come back til you hear there is a new patch.. if that doesn't address your consern then post it again and then leave again.. come back when new patch.. repeat until your happy
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