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  1. I just noticed that some letters I put in my earlier post for an abbreviation for “whiskey tango foxtrot” was changed to #####. Lol. I am sorry if offended some algorithm or carbon based life form. I didn’t mean to do that. But serioisly. ###### if you can’t say ###??? 😂😂😂😂
  2. Okay... updated to nvidia 391.35 (which is the most recent for 32 bit windows) and now it works.
  3. Ended up purchasing a Dell 27" 2650x1440 144HZ display. Works fine with GR at native resolution at 60hz but when I switched to 144hz... get big black bars along the side. Even tried lower to 1080p both the monitor and the game but no luck. Using a HDMI 2.0 cable as the monitor doesn't have DVI-D input. It does have DP but didn't come with a DP cable (######?) Both GRAW2 and IL2 work fine at that resolution and refresh rate. The Heros Unleashed instructions do mention using that so I assume it should work. Specs for the monitor support: Native Resolution 2560 x 1440 at 155Hz (Overclock with DP) 2560 x 1440 at 144Hz (Native with HDMI 2/ DP) 2560 x 1440 at 60Hz (Native with HDMI1) • 1920x1080 (16:9 widescreen HD 1080p) display resolution or higher • 27+ inches 144Hz-refresh 1ms-response WQHD gaming monitor or better Maybe I will try resetting all the settings to default in the Nvidia settings.
  4. Ok.. borrowed 2560x1440 monitor.. connected to video card.. started GR and it works. And OMG!!
  5. I saw in a post (by Apex Mods) that 2560x1440 was possible on an 27" display That option is not available in the graphics setup. Is there some way to make that possible. Getting ready to buy a 27" 2560x1440 monitor but what is the point of that if it won't work. Using Heros Unleashed mod, btw.
  6. One of the amazing things about Ghost Recon is that the game is over 17 years old and mods are still being made for it. So hardware requirements are pretty low. Having just installed the new HU I have renewed interest in the game and am going to upgrade monitor and graphics card from an old radeon hd4850 and 22 in 1650x1080 display. I assume it will play just fine with all settings maxed out with something like a GTX 1050i 4 GB with a 27" WQHD 2560x1440 display? (Might need a deeper desk!) I'm still on Win 7 and all the new AMD cards insist on Win 10 so I am ok with Nvidia. (Though I suspect there are some AMD drivers out there somewhere for the new cards.) Thanks.
  7. This is good to know. When I upgraded from XP to Win 7 I just copied the game folder to the new build and made a shortcut to the executable. I did the same thing to install it to a new Win 10 4k laptop. Works just fine.
  8. Yes, music playing from PC, which is connect to stereo.. in my case with fiber optic or digital COAX cable. Or you can stream it to your phone if you are in the back yard or something. Or stream it via wifi to any other PC in your network. So I guess the beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
  9. This is an old, old thread which I found when just messing around with Google trying to see if there was some sort of Ghost Recon game (or similar FPS) for iPhone. For those of you who like to listen to music at home with various stereo systems and who probably also have large collections your music on PC's (or linux boxes!) I suspect maybe some even have their homes set up with multiple stereo's/speakers, etc... so you can listen to the music anywhere. But it can be a bit difficult to control that music from all the places you can hear it without using IR remote repeaters, etc... Logitech has been making the "Squeezebox" line of electronics for a while now, that lets you listen to your music via WiFi. It works good but isn't cheap. But now, depending on your hardware (i.e. PC's and stereos) it is possible to do all this with software running on PC's and iPhone. (iPod touch) Anyone can download and run the Squeezebox server on a PC (not sure about linux) . Next get "Softsqueeze" (freeware), which acts like the Squeezebox players on a PC. http://softsqueeze.sourceforge.net/ It supports mp3, FLAC, ogg, AAC, etc... SqueezeCast is an app that lets you stream the music to iPhone. If you set up your router correctly, it is even possible to stream your music to your iPhone over the freaking INTERNET!! Works best with mp3's as FLAC needs more bandwidth, but if you are using WiFi somewhere, it should work. I had a bit of trouble getting this to work but it's more a problem of understanding the firewall software in my Verizon FIOS router. Finally, to control it all there is an awesome app called iPeng that acts as a remote for the players (whether actually Logitech Squeezebox devices, or Softsqueeze players (which you can have running on multiple PC's if you like. It is pricey at $10 but well worth it. Logitech also has a free app to control Squeezebox devices, but it's not worth installing. There is also a volume control on the iPeng, so if you want, set volume on stereo higher than normal than control with your iPhone.
  10. John... The number of AI are fine. At the start of the mission there are actually quite a lot and by the time you eliminate them so you can start for an objective, the numbers dwindle considerably, which is fine. I was just lonely.
  11. Thanks for the map! I'm not sure if there is a problem, but when playing Lone Wolf and after activating the light for Multiplayer, there doesn't seem to be all that many enemies. I only completed one objective--just the first ADAT.. so maybe missed all the activation areas.
  12. Considering the fact that GRAW2 MP server will automatically start the next mission (instead of waiting for input, if desired, as in GR) I rather prefer NOT for the mission to end and just abort it myself. That way I don't have to wait for the either the same or next mission to load in case I wish to exit or pick a different mission. Of course that might not work for those playing "real" multiplayer with other players. This is an outstanding mission and was very well done. The abundance of snipers (some hidden VERY well) make it very challenging. Bravo Zulu!
  13. Wow. Guess I "stole" your idea though I don't remember seeing that thread. I wish I had the time or patience to make it myself... but I don't.
  14. I'm just throwing this idea out because I think it's cool. Since I don't play with a clan or group and generally just play Coop missions alone and most of them can be very long... I thought it would be cool if mission objectives in a game weren't always in the same order... and even if playing with a group it would give some variety to be able to switch around the order of objectives.. enemies spawning... etc. I know that many of the coop mission objectives can be completed in any order...but the enemies tend to always spawn the same way. Also there are often many versions of various missions to change the environment.. day.. night etc... Well here's an idea. Many of the missions give the ability to change the spawn point (some of Dav's missions). Could not the same "functionality" be utilized in game to change mission objectives, environment, etc. Here's how I envision it working... and no.. I'm not on drugs. At least not many.. Initially spawn point would be a protected area from enemies. And at location there, like in a cave or room or whatever.. the player is presented with a bunch of "controls" on the wall. Instead of just changing the spawn, the controls could be used to set different mission variables. For example: set to day.. or set to dusk... or play objectives in order 1,2,3 or order 3,1 (skipping one objective).. or maybe set enemies to 200 or 300 or 50... or spawn 2 tanks.. or no tanks... I think something like this would be most useful if the spawn point is near the center of the map.. or maybe not. Anyway. There it is. Feel free to laugh.
  15. Yo... UberBogie.... How did you get a GRAW1 map into GRAW2? I almost think that map looks better in GRAW2 with the lighting the way it is. It's almost like the Graw1 version was summer-dry season while the Graw2 is winter-wet season. At any rate well done. And congrats on the mission publish statistics.
  16. Okay... I changed some of my weapons kits around and now things are better...
  17. Yeah... trying to deal with the tank playing Lone Wolf is a real son-of-a-beech without RPG or Zues.... You have rpg's with Demo 13 class and there are Zeus's on the map!! I think like 6 or so!! Maybe because I'm using a modified Brettzies weapon mod is why I don't get any RPG's. Guess I'll have to look harder for the Zeus's as I didn't see them. I was trying to pull the tracks off the tank with my trusty "john wayne" can opener!!
  18. Yeah... trying to deal with the tank playing Lone Wolf is a real son-of-a-beech without RPG or Zues....
  19. Sweet. Gonna give it a try now. Thanks.
  20. I stand with Bogie on this one. I think a little more civility and maturity would be nice. I'm sure the author did not do this on purpose. It isn't like most of the other missions posted don't have bugs in them and I know not to play them because they will crash. We should encourage beta testing but I don't see that it is the end of the world if a mission isn't tested. Just don't play it.
  21. I am not aware of any mods that will make the friendly AI any smarter. You just have to be aware of their limitations when giving them orders. They are really only useful for covering your back and even then they don't do that well. Sorry.
  22. Dude... Just SAY it... We suck soooo bad at the game.... or smell soooo bad... that no one will play with us!! Or perhaps we are soooo good that it wouldn't be fair to the rest of you... You pick.
  23. Bogie... Just WHEN do you sleep? How do you pump these missions out so quickly? Whatever it is, keep it up.
  24. I tried one of Tinker's missions as SP campaign using your weapon Mod. Though I didn't have time to play for long, there was no problem with the weapons. But I did play long enough to get very annoyed by the "Captain... captain... captain..." "Dudes!! Will ya'll shut the hell up?? I'll call you when I am good and damn ready to do so!!!"
  25. I don't mind the fact that it can take a long time to complete a mission Lone Wolf. That keeps it interesting. What can be frustrating for me is when there are a LOT of tangos right at or after the initial spawn. For example, ToxicRev's part 2. Going thru that door is pure hell. The tangos are well hidden. Also can be the distance from the "action" to the spawn. Most of your missions do not have this problem (but this thread isn't just about your great missions).
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