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  1. i have some more helpful feedback. the sniper rifles are way too powerful, they take over the game. its great that the maps are smaller, less walking around. but having snipers snipe you from spawn to spawn is just horrible. need to be less accurate and less damaging like in most games. cant have 10 guns take 5 hits to kill someone and the sniper rifle take one, thats just unrealistic. also, we walk way too slow, which causes everyone to want to run, so now you have a server of 30 people all running around with no guns out. so is it a shooter? no. its now a game of tag. i suggest you make us walk faster than my grandma in a patch, that would make the game worth playing, it makes it boring walking so slow with no gun out if you want to walk faster. hopefully less bugs, seem to get pauses and crashes, should be fixed in the final release i guess. hopefully the maps are smaller, and the single player has a lot to offer. maybe a patch with a lighting upgrade? xbox360's lighting engine looks 100 times better than this, tho still good looking in its own way, but if its an option, people with high end computer will want to use it. hope grin reads this and listens to the players
  2. forgot, also, if you minimize and re open the game, youll have either a mouse or a hourglass stuck like 2 inches away from your crosshair, very annoying. never seen that in a game before
  3. i would like to see more draw distance, or atleast an option. also looks funny how the people run, it's like they are scating, maybe a way to fix how the characters are on the ground or move their feet in a patch. sometimes when you select a class after dying it skips your respawn because you have to click your class again. maybe something that shows if you are ready to spawn or not would be nice, that way you dont think you are ready and get skipped, because that is very annoying. sometimes get a connection error. also, no way of filtering servers, or clicking on players or ping to make all the servers with the highest players appear at the top ,etc. more maps, i hope the 9 maps are 9 different maps with 8 modes each, otherwise buying the game might be regreted. hopefully this and much more gets fixed before its released or at least with a patch
  4. i think the demo convinced me to buy it. i had the 1st one, and it was very buggy, and the graphics werent all that great. i mean the levels looked great, but hte players and guns looked horrible, and it ran bad, even on lowest, and of course i can max out the demo. i hope to see a large online populations hoping alot of people get it. its still sad the 360 version has much better graphics. do you think the 9 levels are all different and thats 9 levels with 8 modes each? how will single player be better? will a lot get it?
  5. keep this on topic guys. also, please gives us feedback for those who work with graw and this site. What should we expect from this next patch? new maps, modes, fixes,...etc.? any new features. is this the last of the patches? is it goign to be free? any new plans for the game? will more people play? its kind of sad only about 100 people are online at a time...
  6. more maps, more modes, more skins, make maps available for all modes, and modes available on all maps. maps from original remade would blow me away. no night time maps please.
  7. i have a few questions to preferably the makers or anyone knowledgable to a true answer. first off, will there be more maps and game mods coming out offically? im not talking about mods. will maps be made available for all modes, along with all modes being available on all maps? will there be more skins or do we have to dl them from ghostrecon.net? if so, how are these skins? are they nice looking? do they apply to online play too or just single? i see people are working on a 3rd person view mod. will this be available to switch thru, or will it be a mod of the entire game inwhich it will be only 3rd person the whole way thru? will there be an option to switch between 3rd and 1st in single and online play? i would also like to say that this recent patch has fixed every known glitch or bug that i know of, but would like to know more on what content is coming out. if anyone knows, post it. thanks. i would just like to say, i too would like to see more maps and modes.
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