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  1. nope, if you read all the pages you will see that but anyway u can install the disk on both or if you read the pages there is another way ???
  2. there appears to be only 1 bundle file "quick.bundle" and it is 3.39GB in size and it dont say single or multi but i assume the mission01 etc are the singles and the others are the multis, i am not used to bundles but have searched the whole lot and no mbc
  3. after playing embassy on the 360, it is almost exactly the same but you start more or less at the bank, so not too much missing that side, the allys all in same place, carpark the same... hell everything is the same and in the same place but better grahics and nicer buildings... BUT after play pc version i am sad to say that setting up a lan game i do not see embassy on there at all, after opening the bundle file i still cannot find it i am not saying it aint there, just i have not found it... not too happy at that
  4. ok all, thx 4 answers i will keep looking, i am asking on ubi "ask a question" but we all know how long that takes
  5. thats the 1, thats wot i meant, 2 bought copies running on 2 diff pcs but on the same internet connection
  6. ok i know there woz a work around for bf2 but i dont know wot, but wot it is is that when i have graw launched my room m8 cant join, is there a way so that both will be able to play
  7. thx for fast reply BooM, i knew to put maps there, i can get the deathmatch now and the maps are there, but if i create server or try join 1 i keep gettin this error no matter wot map i try ne idea as how to fix this plz...
  8. ok i have downloaded maps, i have launched graw and no maps, i have used the bundle extractor and still nothing, i have searched high and low and under everything in here to try find out how to make them load but nothing...lol can sumone plz help me, i need to know how to load them on my pc so others can come and play them and if they are just in the mp list to play on other servers.. thx
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