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  1. The wish list is very long but...

    If I was to choose one single thing about the questionable GRAW injury model that would imo improve the gameplay would be the to introduce some kind of immediate punishment when being hit while running.

    As it is now you can keep on charging like superman despite somebody putting you down to the red color "injury status"

    Make the player temorarily slow down to walk speed, "stumple", for a brief period of time, one sec or so (like [GR]) and even MUCH cooler, like the enemy AI's do, a certain likelihood for a fall when hit, especially when running.

    That would slow down the T vs T "run'n gunning" a bit and make players to think more strategically and make more tactical/concealed movements.


    ....this is imho the most important.... and would be a considerable step further from GRAW in terms of realism and gameplay. PLZ GRIN DO SOMETHING!!!!! 0:)

  2. Definitely MP, both TvT and Coop. Personally i didn't even finished the SP campaign, it didn't excite me as much as playing with human teammates or foes, which is enormously better and longlasting. But the problems of MP in GRAW were soooo big :wall: that really made a lot of people here in Italy leave it in favour of other games.... So this time, please, give us a fully implemented MP mode in GRAW2!!!!!

  3. About maps, some servers do display a wide range of custom maps and it is a piety that others haven't done the same.

    Now when auto dl is available there is easy for the community to begin using these maps. Of course more official maps would be great, but this particular problem isn’t one which there is much reason to froth about.

    Sorry, pal, but the wide range of custom maps you are talking about is not as good as you say, except for a couple of them. I've tested a lot of 'em and all in all they are quite similar and often full of wrong objects in wrong places, like containers upon crates or level xings in the desert....just to fill up the map with something.

    It's very hard to choose from them to create a good mappack which will be playable in a ladder and as long as there's no ladder, this game is dead meat...

    However, as my italian friend Rook says, we are looking at it...

  4. agree about the colours, esp. Hollow is no more bone fide wasteland.

    The new sounds is also very good. On warehouse for example there is a helicopter sound which sometimes gets so close that you can't hear much else. And on Strongpoint there are some funny animal sounds which are quite ok.

    Why only on Hollow??? bah! :hmm:

    And yes, they added new sounds (what a wonderful thing, allelujah allelujah!), but it seems to me they forgot to add THE GAME... MP is not complete, it still suffers the same old big problems from bad netcode, there are not enough maps, server console is everything but user friendly....sorry to say this (just because i spent my money to buy it), but Graw is almost dead... :angry:

  5. How long has this patch being tested? Judging by the length of tests it should be a VERY BIG patch, and introducing substantial fixes and news to the game.... :hmm:

    But I think it's only a hope, not a sure thing.... Here in Montecatini Terme -Tuscany, Italy - we use to say..."Who lives hoping, will die shi :censored: ting...." :oops:

  6. The JAckal' date='Aug 1 2006, 11:35 AM' post='404861']

    This MP Pack contains important features (new modalities overall) but THE difference 'll be made by S.A. server files.

    Until that release GRAW's MP dont change so much..

    Amen ;)

    I'd like to add:

    • real and secure anticheat

    • replays

    You can add all the maps you want, new game types or whatsoever....but it's no use if you don't have a good-managed server to play the game!!! I am actually getting frustrated by the inevitable and ballsbreaking crashes and disconnections occurring every 2-3 games played..... :o= ...(Not to mention pathetic Anticheat if running)..... :o= Until then, this game is dead meat for a little, little community.... (Why Ubisoft EU official servers are almost empty or down even at rush hour???)


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