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  1. yeah it looks like a new hard drive still in its anti static bag thing. they are just telling you that they want feck all to do with pc's anymore and are burning all the hard drives with ideas on it for any more game
  2. are the command maps on the download section of the fourms?
  3. sent there now sorry for not reading the forums properly
  4. we keep getting missing maps and have to keep restarting the server.
  5. some praise at last for the old stylie rules 1 spawn its good to see non clan players staying for the games its looking up at last. thanks for the post
  6. good job i am also likeing the look of the farm has an real [GR] look to it, nice work
  7. ive found its to do with the maps to be honest as long as the 2 dedi servers dont ask for the same map in any game mode it seems fine but as soon as they want the same map in any game mode the server that isnt already using that map and wants to use it will crash, well it does on ours anyway
  8. why not try a different game style like hh or siege then with no respawn at least people have an objective to do and it is a bit more tactical at least you have to try and do something.
  9. we had unlimited respwans on our server on all modes until we got used to the maps weapons etc...... now on hh it 1 on siege its 5 and we only have 2 tdm maps which also have 5 are server used to be full but now all we see is the players who we mostly played against in gr1 who were used to 1 life and tbh id rather have it that way that a full server of people and half of them moaning about be spawn raped tbh. i like the idea of being kicked if you kill in the spawn that will put some players off.
  10. if your on about the RVSA mode then it works differently and you cant change the re spawn because of the game type that it is. if your ghost and you die you cant re spawn untill someone blows up a adap but if you rebels then there shouldnt be a limit of re spawns. the only time you wont be able to re spawn is if you join the game or start the game and dont choose your kit within the time limit which is 45 secs i believe.
  11. i thought you couldn't because of the same port number?
  12. nice post mate and not one mention about crysis i am impressed
  13. yeah i think the is a guide with a program called xp tweak that will go through most of the programs that windows uses and will give you an idea whether you need them or not. not only may it give you more fps but it may also make your pc run quicker in general.
  14. yes i used it several times on sp it also blinds tanks a treat. perhaps if you titled it weapons guide awareness week you might get more replies (sorry couldn't resist that one )
  15. good cause i just re read my post and it makes no sense to me lol
  16. what on this game you mean? anyway sorry no good at making videos first attempt.
  17. hh wont let you play on your own, i think it may only be siege that you may get away with tbh. or just go online and get stuck in straight away ps anders your sig is it from the the shooter???
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