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  1. yeah it looks like a new hard drive still in its anti static bag thing. they are just telling you that they want feck all to do with pc's anymore and are burning all the hard drives with ideas on it for any more game
  2. are the command maps on the download section of the fourms?
  3. sent there now sorry for not reading the forums properly
  4. we keep getting missing maps and have to keep restarting the server.
  5. some praise at last for the old stylie rules 1 spawn its good to see non clan players staying for the games its looking up at last. thanks for the post
  6. good job i am also likeing the look of the farm has an real [GR] look to it, nice work
  7. ive found its to do with the maps to be honest as long as the 2 dedi servers dont ask for the same map in any game mode it seems fine but as soon as they want the same map in any game mode the server that isnt already using that map and wants to use it will crash, well it does on ours anyway
  8. why not try a different game style like hh or siege then with no respawn at least people have an objective to do and it is a bit more tactical at least you have to try and do something.
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