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  1. sometimes im not really sure what im doing when i post a message, lol. Everything still going well on this guys?
  2. Not always the wisest idea to put your email addy out in a public forum like this. Just opening yourself to a potential idiot attack. GENERALLY these are great folks on this forum, but there's always that one lurker (who also writes invisible wall hacks and such) who'll sign you up for every naked 12 year old website there is. Might wanna edit that out and PM it to whoever's interested. And I recommend AFZ's public server for DOMINATION play. Or maybe even try to join a clan (few are playing, but many are recruiting for GRAW). GRAW grows on ya. Glad you like it so far...
  3. oh yeah guys, PM me if you want to set some times to play. My gamespy nickname is narhic_fd1978 so if you see me on the server i am him.
  4. OKay i was thinking it would be great to have a forum were people who have recently purchased GRAW could come in and let others know. That way the people that just started playing can team up for coop online with other new players just starting.We can set times and dates to get online for the mutliplayer and be at the same skill level as well as mission level. I just got the game , and installed it yesterday. Now, when i go oline to play i would like to find other players that have just recently gotten it and still are only on either the 1st, 2nd(demo level by the way) or possibly the 3rd level. I find when i team up online with players who have already beaten the game or come close know way more about what kind of challenges they will face and already know what rout to take. This leaves me just kind of running around and following hoping i dont get killed. Instead I would like to team up and explore a level with other New players and plan our route since we all dont really know what the level holds, therefore and take out time. Ill keep this forum topic bummped as well as putting this topic in other Ghost Recon forum were ever they may be so hopefull We can get a good list of people to play. ILl also put links to were i put these forum topics so other can check out other new players on that site. I hope this is able to help other find a good list of people to play with. here are links to other sites with same forum http://forums.ubi.com/eve/forums?a=tpc&amp...1364#5811031364 http://www.gamespot.com/pc/action/tomclanc...d=m-1-319942050 http://boards.ign.com/Message.aspx?topic=1...69&brd=5792 I f anyone can think of some other visit GRAW forums not on this list let me know please
  5. Hey i was thinking today, which is pretty scary. You know in the xml camera settings file you modify each section of either, <camera name="person" type="target"> or <camera name="new_person" type="target"> Can you add your own stuff in there were it will actually change the settings like: <camera name="person_sniper_rifel" type="target"> <camer local_offest, yada yada, yada I was curious about this , i wonder if its possibel. Would someone out there who knows more about this stuff then try this out.
  6. Sorry but that's just ridiculous; virtually every console Clancy game plays in third person, and if it was "abused" to any extent few would be playing any of them, buying subsequent releases, or so excited about each new game... More importantly third person perspective is considered essential in virtually every 2D projected ST ground combat simulator for a slew of reasons... Suggesting you can't see around corners in first person is also incorrect as you can lean -- further the lean animation and camera are not 100% WYSIWYG as far as what all players see relative to multiple positions at opposite sides of particular a corner... As Vth_F_Smith says if this is a server side mod everyone will have the same perspective and any degree of improved peripheral vision or extent that you're able to peek around a corner will be equal to all players. While perhaps not absolutely equal to all persons at all positions relative to a particular corner it's not not the case with leaning in GRAW either. I like seeing my character. i think both views look great i just enjoy the game when i have a character to look at. I want to see his reactions to me moving him around. Im all for it and hope we can get this to a very acceptable playable mod. Im excited about it, and since my game will in the mail next week, i cant wait to play the full game and team up online with peeps. Generally speaking a third person perspective can offer a substantial improvement in the realism of game-play and the realism of the tactics people play with... The 'First Person Perspective' we have in FPS games is not really first person, it's technically Pseudo FPP or more correctly 'Second Person Perspective' as those are not your hands on the screen... A 'Second Person Perspective' even with leaning is flawed in terms of absolute scale realism in may regards in addition to not being a real 'First Person Perspective' and the unrealistic issues if forces on game-play not the least of which include: you can't really tell in if your torso is under real cover from fire, you can't realistically tell if you're reasonably concealed, your peripheral vision is unrealistically narrowed by about 80%, and you can not check your peripheral area without shifting your point of aim... These and many other reasons are why tactical simulators like VBS1, and games like Armed Assault (which also offers leaning) offer a third person perspective... Realistic peripheral vision and situational awarness with regard to your cover, concealment, the relative positions of and cover fire your squad mates can offer, the fire lines of an enemy position can be more realistically ascertained, and manuver tactics can be more realistically executed with on FOV limited flat display devides via a 'Third Person Perspective'. Yeah their might be some people that use it for cheating purpose , but for one i will not be one of them. Im used to playing in 3rd person view in games. This has been the first real tactial shooter that i have played and enjjoyed. This is mostly due to the fact that it has the coop option. For instance i rented Over the HEdge the video game. NOw im 28 years old and i imagine about now your saying "WHAT!!! over the hedge. Well its 2 player and me and my brother love playing 2 player games were you can beat the game in a coop mode. Im also not big into really violent games. this game is about as violent as i get, but the this game istn a game that trying to sell it self by being a violent based game. Well with that being said, i could love to be able to play this game in a desent 3rd person view. But shoot, 3rd or no 3rd this is a awesome game. Ive never been able to understand why people woould want to cheat anyway. Well , i would say anyway that this is one of the great mods for this game. Hopefully ill be able to find some people for some online coop. Some good players that wont run ahead and get shoot, that wont just go and take everybody out because he already knows the level inside out. Im really lookingn forward to this game, and looking forward even more to this mod so keep it up guys.
  7. I would just like to see a 3rd person view with all guns. If we can accomplish that then thats enough for me with the current mod settings.
  8. hey roy, can you give us the settings you did for the current 3rd person view you are working with, the one thats giving you the resident evil look which im guessing is the picture with the head on it, or which ever you feel is the better.Would be cool if you could put it in a download form so we can just download it and then copy it to our xml files. I liked the simple one to, the body leaving the screen when you run, is no prob for me. But your right about being able to togle from 3rd person to 1st person to solve the prob. ANyway, if you wouldnt mind putting the settings on here so we can give it a try. Now, how did you add a head to him without the decompiler??? I would love to put a head on mitchell. Roy your doing a excelent job man, and everyone who is working on this. Keep it up man. thanks man.
  9. Well guys, i bought the full version of the game yesterday. I just need to wait for it to come in the mail now. It should get here by end of next week. I hope is all going well with the modding. Has anyone made any more improvements in the 3rd person mod?
  10. Hey guys, im finally getthing the game this weekend. Once i get it, and besides the multiplayer patch which other patches should i download? Should i bother downloading any of the patches unless im having problems with the game? I know some people have problems after downloading a new patch and i dont want to deal with that. IF the patches give improvements on fps then ill deff want the patches anyway. Thanks guys, cant wait to play with you all.
  11. if you cant get it ot download, go here: http://forums.ubi.com/eve/forums/a/tpc/f/2...13/m/6981089344 not sure if you know about it already. This is were i began in the modding info.
  12. if you have any problem figuring it out outcast just let us know. I knew absolutly nothing about modding and had to figure it all out and it took me time, so if your new to this i know were your coming from. Whats so awesom with computer games vs console games is all the tweaking you can do. I hava the demo right now(being buying full game tormorrow prob) and thats what i started with. SO if you have the full game and you dont want to get in there and muk it up yet, work with the demo. OH and to let you know if you do manage to do this all it takes a little longer for the game to load after this, so dont worry about your game loading time being a little longer, nothings wrong with you game. Now about the 3rd person. You guys are getting so close, i can tast it. I like that view so much i play in it alot. Now concerning not being able to zoom in with the 3rd person, if we could get it to go to a 1st person zoom that would be perfect. And i think being able to switch to 1st person for the cinamatics would be a good way around it. Im getting good at learning this game finally. Ive started to play the demo on hard and am enjoying it. Learning how to take full use of my crosscom, tactical map, and giving order as well as planning best routes to go. Come on guys, YOU CAN DO IT. YOU CAN MOD.
  13. Man, you are so close to gettings this down good enough. That file settings enabled everything just about. THat settings gives you an awesom 3rd person peak. THe only issues with it, if you run strafe left the camera will go with you , if you run strafe right then it goes back to 1st person view. The only thing i would like to see is for the camera to stay behind you when you run forward. IF you guys could get that , then that enough for me. Oh and the not staying in 3rd person with other guns, just the pistol and grenades is another issue, but this is by far the best yet. Compare how the 3rd person view has come along , compared to the early version of it, you guys have made alot of progree. NOw if i can only get a head on it.
  14. Which is again an indication that my theory, that there is another seperate camera set, is true. I don't think it's the "person_new" set because I tried it and nothing changed. However great find, Roy! why is it we have to have a pistal out to get the 3rd person? IF you guys are able to fix it to get that view with all guns, then it would be perfect for me. Get a 1st person view keymap and a head and i would play like that all the time.
  15. dude , this is so simple and its the best view yet. YOu have an awesome peak with view to. We have almost got it, LOL, or more like you have almost gotten it. Now if we can only get the view to work with more then the pistal, and grenade and when you are running. If we can get that view with any weapon then its almost perfect. you can aim low or high and you dont leave sight of your character, you kneel, lie down, crawl, kneal and run, move anywere and the camera goes with you. Roy great work! Now just get the view with the other guns, and i would play that as the normal view all the time. LIke i said, you guys are all geniuses, lol.
  16. Yeah, I have to say we have some really creative people here! Keep at it guys! hey check out what settings Roy Brisby came up with. Its so simple and give us a good 3rd person view. Heres what he told me: There's an easier way to get a 3rd person camera - from what I can tell it really isn't necessary to touch the <controller> parts in the file at all. (I started over from scratch last night + was able to get a pretty good looking camera with minimal edits/additions - based entirely off of the default camera_settings.xml). from what I can tell, the answer is much simpler than what was discussed in the thread: try something like this local_offset="z y x" where z,y,x are 3 values to the line that says <camera> so it looks something like <camera local_offset="0 0 0"> Z here denotes in/out of the monitor Y is setting the height of the camera X is the horizontal offset of the camera . CODE <camera name="person" type="target"> <camera local_offset="-150 15 25" > Oh, and by the way you have to have your pistal out , not a machine gun type. Or it want show it.
  17. you guys rock. I really hope you are able to get a good, stable and half way desent play of the game. Just make sure once we get a good settings you post all the xml settings so we can try it out. You guys are amazing.
  18. they havnt completely figured out all the bug in it yet. They are gettnig close though. Give it some time and they should sooner or later get a good mod on it. It looks pretty cool to with a head on him to. So far only 1 guy has been able to put a head on there using a decompiler tool. once he has the decompiler fully ready he will release it.
  19. all i have is the demo currently can i do it in the demo. Did you give a full instruction on how to do this in the xml files. I how it looks, and you figured out how to keep camera behind him. Can you tell me how you did this? Do i need any programs to do this, or can i just do all this in the xml files? A list for dummies would be very helpfull for me, thanks man. It's all done purely in the XML file. Least the adjustments I've been making to it has been purely through the XML file. I don't have immediate access to the modified camera xml file, but you can see the relevant parts of it in the other thread. The first version of the camera was entirely too loose, but if you tighten up the cylinder aspect it *should* follow properly as well. I took out all the other "mods" I had + the camera seemed okay still. im going to do some mixing of this with the xtreme cam. Because like i see it would be hard to have this settings with a normal size monitor. THe extreme cam has a good follow but just need to get rid of the shaky ness. Can you do some mixing of the xtreme cam and yours to? using the camera settings posted at the end of the original 3rd person view and mixing them with xtreme ive manged to get swaying greatly reduced let me do bit more and see what i come up with. okay guys if you get a chance combine the 2 a little. If i look at another xml file the rest of the day im going to go crazy.
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