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  1. Satoh: Thanks for the hint. I will check them out, although I don't really care about the coop in graw2 because of the dumb AI. ruggbutt: Are you still playing graw2 with no respawns? If you are I'm in:) Sadly I've tried to host (not dedicated) survival server time to time but most I've had is 3v3 and no communications so it's not even close what I'd like to see in graw2 (8v8 and public teamspeak). You're right, those rounds where you cared about your life truly do stand out. I remember way back in raven shield some intense moments where I had to make right decisions under pressure and when I succeeded it was the best in fps gaming. And there's also teamwork aspect in voice comms.. I think graw2 gameplay is very nice and would work wonderfully in small team survival maps.
  2. Good to hear. Let me know if you're going to get it
  3. Hello! I personally hate playing tactical shooters with respawning (sadly for me, that's what everyones playing). Once I shoot an enemy I want him to be out of the game until next round.. like in raven shield back in the days. Anyone interested playing some team deathmatch with only one life per round - one life to care about? Rounds should be about 5-1o min long and we could probably play some small (custom?) maps so it doesn't get too boring to the guys who have to wait. If anyones interested pm or reply or whatever Im from europe btw.
  4. Too bad. I'd love to play this mod on a server with zero respawns and random initial spawns.. seriously miss the no respawn gaming in graw 2. If there would be even one server with no respawns and this mod i'd definitely play there all the time;)
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