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  1. I see TPS, I wish that someone from GRIN would help you out with developing this mod, because there are alot of people who would love to use this, it seems like they just don't care about the modding community, which is sad because GRAW has alot of potential for great mods!
  2. Why the heck does the camera always move when you sprint? If you can somehow make the camera NOT move when you sprint that would be great!
  3. Here is a screenshot I took using your files, this would be the PERFECT possition for the camera, if you could somehow make it stick in this possition that would be awesom!
  4. I am truly impressed, this is spectacualr! You should work for GRIN This makes single player ALOT easier and alot funner, I love seeing my character, and being able to see arond corners before I move in, The only thing I would recommend is to lower the camera just a bit, it seems a little too high, but other than that great job!
  5. YES! That looks MUCH better, now if you can somehow just make the camera stick in place. Here is a video of the 360 version - also, here is a screenshot of what type of camera would be perfect (very close to the way you have it in that video) - http://image.jeuxvideo.com/images/x3/g/h/ghr3x3098.jpg
  6. Yeah TPS it's great! But I just REALLY want a Xbox 360 GRAW camera system. And also Mitchelle looks so awesom when he runs, the animation is sweet, I just would like to see it, mabey there is a way to make the camera stay in one spot? You know like lock it in place mabey? I dunno but I am just so glad that we FINALLY have a head now! I hope you keep up the good work and continue to improve this mod! Is there a way to make it not zoom to the gun every time I shoot? That would be great, because I am a spray and pray kind of player, and I shoot ALOT, it gets me kinda dizzy going in and out, in and out every time I shoot, lol!
  7. UGH! Nevermind, this is the best attempt yet, but it is pretty unplayable in it's current form, the camera just will not stay still, when I go to run the camera goes insides of Mitchelle and every time I shoot the camera goes all wacky, but hey atleast we have a head now!
  8. TPS you are a god amongst men! Thank you so much, I almost gave up hope on ever seeing a 3rd person mod!
  9. So are we ever going to see a 3rd person mod for this game??
  10. Yeah this game is just "mediocre" in the eyes of most gamers, it kinda just came and went, well goodbye 3rd person mod. You had so much potential.
  11. Well it has been almost 10 days since anyone has posted, this mod is officially dead.
  12. Well by the time someone comes out with a 3rd person mod, this game will be completely dead, because it is already dying, I guess it wasn't very popular. Well either that, or a new GR will be out.
  13. For the love of god! we need 3rd person view mod!! third person view mod! third person view mod! third person view mod! third person view mod! third person view mod! third person view mod! third person view mod! third person view mod! third person view mod!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Well I only really ever play single player, whats unbundle?
  15. It takes twice as long to load with mods installed?
  16. Great job giys keep up the work, im gonna try and spread the word about this and mabey we can get more people interested, and jump onboard with it, who knows mabey GRIN will add it to their next patch or something.....or not.
  17. It looks great!When mitchell's head will be in his right place for sure I will try it , maybe is not so comfortable for gaming (even if it looks so cool) but could be really usefull to grab new introvideos .
  18. Can you guys honestly say that this doesn't look cool "http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yj2l_HfLHt4" but warning it's LOW quality, boring, and porly edited, but I think that 3rd person would be so great in this game, and the graphics or whatever work fine, I don't understand why people are so against it. "he decompiled one of the .dxe files and changed a variable with some assistance from nemon, then they managed to keymap it and implement some camera work, level by level" so your saying there is NO way for us "average joes" (not smart people) (me) to get the flipping head to show? because seriously, that is all I care about.
  19. Yeah seriously, I just really want the head to show, you obviously got it to show, do you mind sharing how?
  20. So.......when can we expect to be able to play in 3rd person?
  21. So that basically means everyone except nemon has to walk around headless untill he decides to release his compiler? freaking A! I wish someone could make this into a mod already, and keymap it to like say F1, and make it just like the 360 version, where it is slightly looking over mitchells right shoulder and if you press say TAB, it will switch to his left, to get a better view around a corner, you know what I mean right? it would be sweet, and make the game alot easier, because while I was playing in third person (headless of cours) I found it to be a whole lot easier and a whole lot more fun.
  22. How in the world did you get it to show his head!!??
  23. Ok I read the "third person mod" thread, and I was able to get it into third person, but I cannot for the life of me figure out ow to get mitchells head to show, I read the whole thread about 3-4 times, and some guy got it, but he didn't say how, ugh it looks so goofy walking around without a head!
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