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  1. Ubi US has moved the date to a new one !! http://ghostrecon.us.ubi.com/ 17th JULY 2007 Why is it that when someone posts something contributing to a thread they don't read the previous posts ? This is about the tenth time someone posted somthing like this. We're all pretty much caught up now. the new date is July 17th 2007. Its already old news.
  2. I also want to ad that I am a SP/COOP player. I play adversarial once in a while to take a break just for something different to do. I do it for about twenty minutes, then I want to tear my hair out and curse as to why anyone enjoys it... then go back to SP again and start up again.
  3. aprantly the UK gets it on the 13th, but in the US we get it on the 17th
  4. The problem is UBI never even confirmed this yet. For all we know we're still getting it on time. EB still has it as shipping 6-26-07, and theres nothing on UBI's site as of yet. And if they are still working on it then they are working on a patch, these games have most likely long since been finished sitting in a warehouse. Geez, remember that one magazine had a copy of it the beginning of this year so they could play it to make a review. Granted it could of been a special burned disk, but I'm betting UBI doesn't call their supplier a week before print up and tell them to print up several hundred thousand copies of this. I'm still completely baffled as to why its so hard for UBI to use proper communication. They know the GHOST community is a speical individualized community. If they got on here and said hey guys sorry the games going to be a little late, bare with us.... It would go a long way in easing people's tensions. But they just blindly and coldly wait till the last minute and release a delay. Oh. to comment to someone on why you would preorder games. The point of that is to make sure the store has a copy for you when it comes in so it doesn't sell out. and you can put down as little as $5 on a game, so no big deal.
  5. Thats the thing. To me it doesn't matter how long it takes. I would rather them take their time as opposed to what they did with the first GRAW... but they keep pulling this crap of constantly updating release dates. Its like that old trick of tieing a dollar bill to a string on the street and waiting for someone to grabe it. Once they get close you yank it away, waiting for them to get close only so you can yank it away again. How many times are they going to pull the dollar bill away before we all say screw it and move on to something else... or lose interest and buy it later on down the road when the price drops becuase we no longer are hardcore fans like we use to be. They would have only themselves to blame for it and would never see it, it would only back their current views twoards consoles already not realizing the huge market for PC potential. Personally when I was playing this on XBOX live I said how I couldn't wait for the PC version to come out and everyone couldn't understand why I wanted to get the same game twice and I said because its a whole different game and it completely owned the 360 version. I think I even converted a few people. If they would advertise these facts they may do this on a mass scale.
  6. What I find alot of time is that people/companies are good at one thing but not another...and that "other" thing is just as important as the first one. In the instance of UBIsoft they may be good at making games as a whole but are total and udder idiots at learning from their mistakes. They have the same intelligence as one of those little yipper dogs that constantly gets itself stuck in the bathtub. No matter how many times you take it out it goes right back in. Or the moth the keeps smacking itself into the lightbulb. It just doesn't learn. Every damn game they release they delay, or the update, or the patch... whatever. GRAW PC so far is the worst. They shouldn't even give an exact date first of all. They shoud just say Summer of 2007. Or if people want an exact date so badly take whenever you think it will be done and multiply it by 4 or something. Then when time comes close if it makes it it makes it... if it comes early they look like real hard workiring geniuses. If by some reason it needs delayed more give as much time as possible and multiply it by 2 or 3 times longer. This bullcrap of running up to a few days then delaying it again is downright infantile business management. There is a pattern to this as mentioned before, it seems GRAW PC has the worst of it, Tom Clancy games in general all get it...but it seems the rest of the games don't have a problem. I just played Call of Juarez, the game seems fine. Now, when we played GRAW PC, that was a whole different ball game. Rainbow Six Vegas, same thing. What the hell is going on ? Personal Disclaimer: I know UBI hasn't confirmed this delay yet but it doesn't matter becuase they have enough previous faults for them to redeem themselves from. Plus, if they do confirm it it will make it all the worse becuase it will be even closer to the previously claimed release date. We're just getting a personal heads up. I wonder who is responsbile for this? Why is it the PC is the only one that has problems ? Ive owned both 360 versions and they came out on time and worked fine, but the PC has all these problems. Probably what happens is they dedicated all their resources to the 360 and just leave scraggler resources for PC and it takes so long, then as a result they veiw it as a pain in the rear becuase they didn't do the job right to begin with then they'll end up scrapping it. Where if they just did the job right the first time stress would be lowered and fans wouldbe happier and they'r profits would be higher. I guess they don't seem to realize that. What a shame that UBIsoft is so pathetic.
  7. Thanks for the info guys, its appreciated. I guess what it boils down to is kinda like I said before. Versus modes really aren't my cup of tea to begin with so any type of situation where it seems like something is either unfair or takes some sort of ridiculously high skill/experience level I get frustrated with it. For instance, exploring the map to find that high sniping position to me is out of the question. I'm not going to play this enough to do that. I just jump into Versus matches just for something different to do once in a while and mess around. I'm not going to live there. And becuase of that I'll get owned and it will be even more frustrating because all of my opponents will. Its kind of one of those rich get richer and poor get poorer type scenarios. But also like I said, I can get into recon vs assult if my team is all on teamspeak and we work together. I like working as a team, having a commander, everyone having a job and a common goal. Everyone running around shooting eachother then respawning is mindless to me. When I'm in Vegas and I gamble I play poker because its skill and its interesting and requires tactics as opposed to mindlessly playing slots.... insert bills pull handle, insert bills pull handle, insert bills pull handle.
  8. How the heck are people getting over obstacles in the game they shouldn't be ? For instance, I think where ADAT B is located upu on the hill, there is a building beside the ADAT and those I beam X - shaped road block thingys... people get go around the back of that building but yet theres a wall of dirt there and if you go to the other side theres a barrel. I saw the other day twoards the far end of the map theres a little walk space where a guy was walking on the side of the mountain and I was watching in deathcam and the person I was watching through couldn't follow the guy up onto the walkspace. he got there a few seconds too late to see how he got up there. I also noticed that way up on the side of the mountain on the far side of the map, I believe ADAT C there was a guy sniping at me. Luckily I ended up killing the guy, but the only reason I noticed him was he was shooting at me and thanks to the little tracer thingys I could see where the bullets were coming from. I was like how in the crap did that guy get up there ? This is why playing VS. mode sucks in my opinion. The heart of gaming is single player. And to me the only 'fun' multiplayer is COOP. Theres no cheating, no pathetic people that live on the game memorizing every piece of the maps to know where you can see and shoot everyone from so that 2 seconds after you spawn your dead becuase the people your playing against are a 1000x better than you'll ever be because they live on their computers. I have to say though Recon VS. Assult is much better. I could actually get into that if I played with friends and we were all on teamspeak working together. Its not near as bad, but with random people its horrible. Some of the teammates play it as TDM and its just idiotic. But I played regular TDM today and it was ridiculous. Everytime I was killed I was sniped from extremely long distances. I never even heard the gun report, i just fell over dead each time........yeah thats fun.
  9. LMAO they took turns pulling a train on ya did they ? Thats the funniest damn thing I saw all day. Seriously, you want to know what the biggest problem with getting spawn raped is ? Theres two problems that need to be solved in order to lessen the bitching. ( we all know it will never totally stop ) 1. People need to play as a team. I find it very comical its called TEAM death match and everyones out for themselves. All you have to do is say "theres a guy spawn raping up on the rock, take him out Joe". But that never happens. I depsise playing on Xbox Live but I must say that 99% of the people that play on there have mics so there is almost always team play going on and I have to admit I had some of the best Versus playing on Rainbow Six Vegas on XBOX live. I played the freaking crap out of that game. I got my rank up to Lt. Colonel with 2 red bars full. 2. As someone else mentioned, there needs to be more physical barriers preventing raping and sniping into spawns. Also, the invulnerability needs to be increased by 30% 50% , enough time to figure out where its coming from. Anything else like killing the spawn raper is unfair because you always have situations like what was mentioned before.. where your running around and stumble into someone who just spawned. The spawner should be rewarded/ punished in no way and the spawn killer should be rewarded/punished in no way. You have to take a compramise from everyone because you'll never 100% resolve it for everyone. Its like trying to figure out the end of pi , it will go n forever 3.141592****************************(infinite). I have spoken.
  10. I'm going to give my typical depressed view of the world. One thing that was preached to me and heard all my life but I didn't listen is don't ever mix business with pleasure. Becuase then its not fun anymore...... its work. Doing something when you want to and have to are too entirely different things. So,.... I wouldn't envy this guy too much. A little while down the road either through extremely long hours or through a bad business related experience (I've had too many to count). You end up losing all interest in your hobby... some even grow to hate it because of the emotional triggers the bad experiences set. And thats a true shame. The true key to a job is to find one you dont mind doing but don't "love" or are passionate about, but don't want to slit your wrists everyday and cringe everytime monday morning rolls around. heres hoping none of the above happens.
  11. i agree... thats my point the writer and editor are both incompitant. also, i never said it was intentional. like the guy woke up one day and said I'm going to defimate UBIsoft. Its just incompitance. Both from the definition I looked up and what I was taught in school was the most simplest form of libel. written/typed publicized faslehoods. everything beyond that is something augmented. It doesnt always mean intentional, malicious, defimation, or a lawsuit. those things are possible to come later. for example. You can sue someone becuase they intentionally and malicously defimated you by means of libel via newspaper, billboard, etc. see what I mean ? to simply say the word libel means what I've said all along, someone just printed a falsehood. extrapolate from that what you will but remember, anytime you jump to conclusions, even without realizing it (like we all do from time to time) you'll most likely end up in some sort of hot water. assume nothing and keep things in their most simplest form. theres our civics lesson for today.
  12. well no, the guy that wrote the article just plain ole fudged up. As the public article colin posted the recon vs assult, when your a ghost your on recon mode. And on recon mode when you die you dont spawn immediately like you do as a rebel (after about a 10-15 second wait or so). You have to wait until either the rebels wipe out your whole team and you have a full or partial loss and start over OR when the ghosts score an objective like knock out an ADT. When that happens you respawn.
  13. message boards get blown way out of proportion due to time delay. what is this ? about a ....... 20 second conversation. Me: Isn't that libel Jafo: No its an opinion Me: I'm not talking about his opinion, i mean how he says you cant respawn as ghosts. he printed it therefore its libel Jafo: well thats how he saw it Me: doesnt matter if its how he saw it. its not a matter of opinion its a fact and he neglected to do proper research which is easily available, then printed a falsehood. (blah blah blah) Dannik: it has to be malicious to be libel (skip to present) Me; I've seen many definitions of libel, some did and did not include the words malicious and intentional. For instance, my definition came from American heritage I believe. but the long and short of it is, its still the printing of a falsehood seperate piece: As I've said, what.... 3 times now? The guy was concerned about not respawning when ghosts die. Its a fact that you can respawn. thats the point. I just think the guy who wrote that article is dumb becuase he didnt reasearch too damn hard. I dont give a flying crap who prints what personally and I'm certainly not going to write UBIsoft about anything, the whole reason I even mentioned lible was to point out further how dumb that guy was. Becuase if it was me, Id make sure I had every damn comma and period in the right place let alone the content of what I was saying before I submitted to publication. and the reason i kept on with jafo was becuase he kept getting me right in the head every time i made a post about how the whole thing is opinion and everything i was saying was completely going right over his head. which is frustrating for anyone. maybe its just him, or maybe its his muscle relaxers he previously mentioned I dont know. but when you simply tell someone something and show them the proof and they still argue with it... well,.... you do the math. if you guys wanna keep this going , go head. I'm starting to lose interest.
  14. I dont care enough to write ubisoft, doesnt matter to me. I'm just telling you and the people reading this thread remember jafo, you started this. go back to the beginning and start reading it all over.
  15. it really hasn't gotten too far off topic at all. I'm just tryin to reinforce my original statement that there are falsehoods. Simple facts that can be proven. Mr, Jafo has already confessed to being on drugs so I guess that explains why hes being so thickheaded about this (I hope) and trying to me (and all of us) something different thats sitting right in front all of our faces. so far I think its been a pretty stable arguement, you guys gonna lock every thread where theres a disagreement ? As long as people handle themselves apropriately whats the difference ? so.... you lock whatever you have to
  16. your impossible and to comment on your last post also, your wrong... about your extrapolations of my intent, defintions of words, and last but not least the thoughts of the author of the article in question. I have already proven all three. To argue them further would make you look dumber becuase you can't read and would make me look dumber because I'm falling victim to repeating myself. A piece of advice for you, in the future .. before engaging in conversations with people about leagal, political, and social matters make sure you know what your talking about, ie: research the topics. It makes you look less ignorant. And I mean ignorant in its real meaning as in "one who is without knowledge", not its "layman" meaning "rude" as alot of people use it.
  17. Grass is green.... I could tell you its red all day, but that doesn't make it any less green. In other words, just because I see it that way doesn't make it how it is. And its not an excuse for others either if they see and think it to be red. You seem to have a hard time understanding this.... Oh well, I tried. Does UBIsoft care ? of course not. This is one review out of a billion. I'm just trying to correct an error a fan (the OP) started this thread out of concern that that was how that particular game mode worked. I'm saying it doesn't. And as others pointed out, ghosts and rebels have advantages and disadvantes (which is common knowledge). its what makes the game fun.
  18. to give an example. The above quote posted by the original poster of this thread is a falsehood. the quote was taken by the link in the orignal post. this is libel all i'm saying on the subject, while i may have bent the rules on giving information about the game I dont think this fully constitutes as breaking them.
  19. libel is when you print lies/falsehoods. there are things he is saying that are wrote/typed in that review that are not true at all....therefore being libel. Slander is when falsehoods are publically spoken. In either case if you are going to publicly say something whether on the internet reviews, newspaper, TV, Radio, you better research what your saying and be sure you can prove it. Thats the weight REAL journalists bare. What if Katie Couric or whatever some big anchor person out there got on TV and said there were nuc's dropped in South Koreans by North Koreans and send the world in a panic. Then get on the TV later and say "oh sorry... i heard someone say something about North Korea, South Korea, and Nucs's in the same sentence and i thought thats what they said.... I'm sorry, that was my perception". Doesn't work that way. I dont know how I can spell that out anymore for you... is that so hard to understand ? you act like im pontificating quantum physics or something. The guy wrote something something that wasnt true in a game review and published it. thats a fact, I can prove it. Quit argueing, it only makes you look worse.
  20. Was this directed at me? If so.... why? Sorry Judge. I hurt my back a month ago or so and these muscle relaxers make me act stupid. I meant JasonFMX i happened to see your name below as reading the thread and my mind took that as a snapshot -IamJAFO well those relaxers are messing with your cognitive abilities as well... becuase I wasn't referring to whether or not the guy likes the beta (so I don't know what the hell your talking about). Thats his choice. I'm talking about the things he says are and aren't possible in game. Those are facts and not all of what he is saying is "completely accurate" lets just say ... thats all I'm saying because we're not suppose to reveal too much..hence the locked beta thread.
  21. I'm part of the beta team so I can't really say much,.. but just so people don't the wrong impression of the game before its even released ... lets just say that there are a few things in that review that are less than accurate. Isn't that called libel ?
  22. All you have to do is get the email they sent you telling you that your a beta tester and just reply to it telling them you did not recieve a key and they will respond quite quickly (within business hours of course) and they will do their best to help you.
  23. from all the previous things that have happened if you beleived the rumor that there was going to be a beta then you deserve your unpleasantness your experiencing right now. think about how this started.... on the FRENCH forums and french forums only a post started how there would be a beta wednesday. Blundersoft doesn't hold to their official release statements let alone a loley mod on one sub forum. come on... get lives guys. keep playing the crap out of the first GRAW... make awesome mods for it. Or go get the 360 version and play that. Quit clinging to all this.
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