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  1. Its hard to believe that this topic is here this month.. Haha, the names bring back some memories from a while ago. I Had to double check the date of the start of this topic.. =P

    oh man, you can say that again....and hey...where the F is my name?! lol

  2. ok sorry for not noticing that. I guess I need a bit more spoon feeding than your average person.

    OK, where exactly do you get the IP from? Like, say my friend is hosting, I would get HIS IP, correct? If so, now that I think about it, I think we did that already. We must have messed around for an hour trying to get to see eachothers games. We even tried hamachi. I'm not saying we did everything right, but we did try just the same.

    Ill try to give it another wurl tonight, thanks guys.

  3. I have no idea how to do that. I never touch my router, it works so I leave it be. I've been in the admin panel a few times to open stuff up for COD. I read how to do it on a forum then put it back to normal because it never made much of a difference. I don't even remember what I did, I just did a factory reset. So...that is the extent of my networking abilities. I just really have no clue how to do the online with [GR] anymore. Is there a lobby, or is there some sort of second party software to upload?

    I'm sorry for the dumb questons, but its been so long I'm like a newb again. This is going to sound bad, but could someone give me a quick rundown how to play online, starting after clicking the multiplayer tab in the menu? Because something is telling me this isnt like other games, I have to have something else opened up or something.

    Thanks guys.

  4. Well...we just simply can not get online. We can play single player just fine, but we can't seem to connect to any online server, even if we use hamachi. We can't see eachothers game.

    I'm sorry I'm not more specific, I'm just so ignorant on this becuase its been many years since I've done this. Anything specific, just ask and I'll go in my game and look and report back.

  5. OK, downloaded the mod here where it gives you the EDI and alot of the other planes and weapons packs, like for the F 18 HARV.

    Few things though, weapons packs for the F22 are not unlocked and the SU's 35-40 are not unlocked and it says I am at the highest rank therefore I can not ever unlock those planes becuase it tells me I have to be of a lower rank to unlock them

    Did I botch something? Or do I need another mod?

  6. I'm sure its too late for alot of you and everyone has moved on by now. But for those of you that still play the game I'm working on converting my mods back over. Or at least this one.

    Just put it in the local folder... you guys know the drill. The difficulty settings SEEM to apply. So maybe start out on easy. If your getting your rear end handed to you don't get frustrated and say its too hard and can't be done because I just completed a mission. So it can be. However, I do have the missions memorized. If your fairly new to the game you might want to hold off on this.

    Alot of people wanted this mod converted over as well as my "Jason's Mod 2.0", but I got so burned out from modding I just couldn't handle it anymore. Well..... I'm back, at least for a bit anyway. I possibly may look into converting this over to GRAW2 as well. We'll see.

    Please give feedback....of any kind, I don't care.


  7. sorry for the late response.

    Yeah, the graphics for Vegas are definately fixed now with a few simple texted mods. Theres a no blur, no haze, no bloom, fixed nightvision (you can't even use it at stock setting),and a resolution mod (they support very little resolutions), an intro skip, etc.

    And since these things are all just visual mods they don't effect punkbuster. On my personal computer I even went in and turned up the anisotropic filtering. They have it defaulted at 4. They give you almost no advanced options, and quite honestly. I don't see a damn difference in any of them. They did a horrible job in porting that.

  8. I'm surprised to see so many positive reactions to this. I think maybe because its something new for something old. Over at the UBI Vegas forums people have made mods to get rid of bloom and haze. It looks like crap, you can't see anything and it defeats the purpose of having high end graphics. When you put the anti bloom mod in the game looks GREAT! the colors are sharp, vibrant, and detailed. Just wait I paid for my video card to produce! We are all absolutely befuddled as to why UBI put the bloom and haze in Vegas because it looks so bad.

    I think after while alot of you guys will feel the same way, some of you already side mentioned it does reduce vision and its only good for certain modes, etc. If you keep it in long enough you'll get sick of it. Then when you take it out and put it back the way its suppose to be you'll see how nice it is.

    That's just my two cents.

  9. there have been SOOOOOOOO many bugs and suggestions over the past year people on this very site gave respectfully and constructively, even myself at first, (if you can beleive that) only to have about 98% of them to be ignored. Thats why alot of people just outright slay them becuase maybe it will sink in that way. They arent as good as they think they are.

    As I said to someone else recently, alot of people think they are good at communicating but really aren't. Its like anything else, you either have a nack for it or you don't. They need to have a representative from GRIN first of all, to do all the talking, and he/she should respond in both "press release" style communication for developments as well as answer and give comments to as much stuff as they can. Thus far the best person I have seen do this is GRIN_WOLFSONG, most likely becuase he once was one of us. Or how Rocky does for this site.

    GRIN_WILLIE was OK.... but not the best. By the way, I wonder whatever happened to ole' Wet Willie ?

    Oh and PS. and for instance, if someone asks something and GRIN can't answer it they should say "we can't comment on that". That is so much more of a better answer than letting a thread drop down the ladder to an awaiting poster when you know 10 GRIN employees read it already.

  10. Rocky, I'm not dreaming man..... the folders weren't there. and I DID play those missions. My C+ is a few years outda date but I know my way around a computer still. And as far as it not showing up as being installed Ive heard of it too and its installed on the C drive. my OS is VISTA 64 business.

    I ended up taking a pure shot in the dark pot luck move and I ended up getting it to work in my own way. I honestly didn't think I would but I did.

    I apologize to the reste of you for my attitude but I'm just sick of "billionaires" that got rich off of being idiots. UBIsoft and Micosoft. (GRAW2 and VISTA). junk , junk, JUNK ! is it so hard to ask for something that works right ? Imagine going and buying cars and being this crappy.... or anything else for that matter. No one would be in business long but for computers its accepted practice yet the world revolves around it so we have to put up with it. I can quit gamging but I can't quit computers. Our world depends on them.

    this is what I ended up doing

    Ubisoft > Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 > Settings > (created new folder) Profiles > (created new folder) JasonFMX > (created new folder) Savegames > copy pasted all saved game files downloaded from this site.

    I fired the game up and all the missions were there for me.

  11. it doesnt work for me either .......... at all. cuased me to lose the mission of course..... me and ducky that is.

    how do you guys not have these bugs at GRIN ? all of us are hardcore gamers, we have the supported hardware on the box... so............... i dont get it. you guys all have one kind of computer at GRIN thatyou dont see these ? .... or do you not test your stuff that much, or just test one thing and leave others go ? I have a list of bugs long as your arm.

    you guys did a poor job with this game. its not like its just glitch bugs its bugs that inhibit you from playig the game...... ALOT of them, ... throughout the game. thats bad.

  12. Start a Game,

    Go to "Load Saved Game"

    Delet any Quick Save's you have listed there for all the levels you have done.( NOT THE ACTUAL LEVELS) just the ones that say Quick save.

    I had the same problem with mission 7 did this and it worked first time.

    thanks, i already reinstalled my game though....soooo, my games are gone. haha. I was hoping this infamous profiles folder would pop up and I would be able to install the games from the download of this site.

  13. Ill go down the line

    Ghost. yeah he told me to go download the save games file from this site and use that. then the little psycho deletes the post and says nevermind hes not going to help me.

    which doesnt help me anyway becuase on this site it says to go into settings then profiles t hen my profile then save games. well.... in my folder it has no folder inside settings or anyone else resembling my profile. ALSO, when I installed GRAW 2 it doesnt even show up as being installed in my program file list. I had to go to the UBIsoft folder and make a shortcut. people at GRIN are first year programming school level. And how bout the crap where if your playing COOP by yourself using AI and if you die you dont respawn like in GRAW 1 .... its like pre 1.35 patch... once you die you have to start over. So I have to play misssions 8, 9 , and 10 without dieing or I have to start over. what a bunch of freetards.

    noquarter, thanks for the help but I didn't get much from those threads

    zoot...... are you kidding me ? Yeah, I did it right 6 times ina row but the 7th time I just cant help but press play mission versus continue. maybe I should seek some psychological help on that ? ..... THERES NO CONTINUE THERE, THATS WHAT THIS IS ABOUT!!!

  14. I'm still not seeing what was wrong with using everything exactly the same as GRAW1 and just making new missions. All this new stuff just makes headaches. I'm pizzed.... my game will NOT let me progress past "get me rosen" , I even got an S rating and I played it twice. and.... I can't finish the game now ?

    awesome job GRIN, you guys sure do know how to make a game. I have no clue as to why everyone here kisses your rear ends. This is the last GRIN produced game I buy. This thing has been nothing but bugs since I turned it on.

    UBIsoft, I want my freaking money back. if this were ANY other product you purchase from a store you would be able to exchange it if your not satisfied, so we're stuck with this.

    This first one was horrible at first, then patch 1.35 was birthed and all was well again in the land of recon. so, i figured everything was cool, everyone deserves a second chance (which is true)..... boy was I wrong this time.

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