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  1. Looks nice, you could maybe add the max # of players (though I dont know if we can set the max right now). :P

    AS the game maxes at 32, I am standardizing on 16 spawn points per side. However, this brings up an excellent question one of the GRiN guys can answer in the best practices thread... can more than 16 be on a team if balance teams is turned off? This may require using more than 16 spawns per side... not sure how spawns are shared (insta-gib ala Quake 1? :) ) You never know when a grenade might take out the whole team and require them to respawn at once. :D

  2. As community production of maps (etc.) picks up we'll need an easy way to disseminate information about the maps. Here's the template I'll be using for the ones I release. Please comment on it if you think there should be more/less information, etc...


    	MAP NAME : Map Name
    	 CREATOR : Your Name
    	REVISION : [alpha, beta, 0.1-1.0; Avoid 1.0 except for the very final shipping version]
       GAME TYPE : [Domination, Team Deathmatch, Deathmatch, Cooperative]
       Copy the enclosed .bundle file to your
       C:\Program Files\Ubisoft\Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter\custom_levels\ folder.
       Ajust as necessary if you didn't install GR:AW into the default location.
       This action packed map is... <describe here>

  3. I just thought I'd ask, since several of you wonderful (smooch :D ) GRiN folks hang in these forums - if you wouldn't mind posting some of your hints, tips, and best practices for map creation in this thread.

    Things that you've run into creating the maps released for the game, gotcha's to look out for, etc... a perfect example was the solution to placing static's at various heights.


  4. I haven't had a chance to test this is as the editor is working on the final 8hrs of a map, but...

    Since you have to designate which zones connect to which, is it possible to create a unidirectional capture schema? I.e. A -> B -> C, but you can't get B from B only A, etc.

    This (if it works that way) would make a great siege style map (especially combined with the vehicle units which only seem to shoot at Mexicans). Has anyone tried this?

  5. If you're zone map has gone haywire, most likely you have portions of zones outside of the "Map" area. That's the big white floating square when you're in multiplayer view. I couldn't figure out how to rezise it in game, but as mentioned elsewhere, you can edit the zones.xml file directly, make it huge, then tweak it down to the outer borders of your active zones.

    Also, be sure and blow away the .tga file in the .../work/>mapname> directory to have it re-render a new minimap after your adjustments.

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