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  1. if you could give an example of when you would ever need to alter something outside the editor that doesnt directly effect the rendering of lightmaps. 99% of alterations to the files directly effect the lightmaps, so basically you would need to re-render anyways.....

    and as its rendering lightmaps that take up the processing and such its kinda pointless to do this. so like i said if you give a valid reason as to why GRIN should make time to do what your asking im sure they will consider it.

    Map names, menu name, decals, props (brushes), dynamics, vehicles, electrical and other objects that are not involved in the "static" lightmapping. I use the command line tools quite often, but I'd appreciate additional detail.

  2. I see you have put my outpost map in your mappack. I am not upset about it but a request would have been nice. takin someones work and releasing it even if it's just a mappack requires the permission of the map maker. some mappers will find it a sort of slap in the face to have there work released in a map pack without there permission.

    I don't mind it is there in your mappack and i am not asking you to take it out but i am releasing my own mappack and would like you to ask next time thats all.

    ThanX man but there are alot of maps that have no readme or anything just the bundle files, such as your outpost map just the bundle. Theres no way of knowing who made them. I would say almost 3/4 of them are like this. Its not a slap in the face to see someone hosting your map on there server and playing it. I used to mod for gr that tickled me pink knowing someone would want to play my mission that i made or use one of my mods. GRIN should integrade a system to identify mapmaker and map name in GAME how hard would that be? Include it in the editor when its bundled. Then there would be little problems. IF i get alot of authors saying hey i dont want mine in a mappack then ill stop doing it tell then the one french site is putting all the maps together and im dropping them in an installer is all. I fully understand your end of it. So far the only one that has complained is Milar and he hasn't made anything.

    All of my maps are distributed in zip files with a text file, which also includes a contact e-mail address. All of them are for use by the community, however including them in any map "pack" without even contacting me is unprofessional and unacceptible. Please remove them from your map pack.

    There's also a good chance you are distributing beta and alpha test versions of my maps which will only cause users to be disconnected from servers running the proper versions. I'd warn any users away from this pack for that reason alone.

    Maps of mine that have seen some minor distribution so far are Cerveza Muerta, Tarantino, Dresden, Hard Point, Feet Wet and Strawberry Fields (several HAVE NOT been released to the public yet - only to testers). Hard Point was never released as more than a quick & dirty beta. None of these should be included in your pack.

    The Final Release versions of Cerveza Muerta, Tarantino, Dresden and possibly Hard Point will be included in an upcoming map pack release from the BDA (beerdrinkingassassins.com) for anyone anticipating their release.


  3. When GR:AW is able to recognize new maps, and configuration settings at a time other than server start-up that is probably the way to go.

    Since you have to restart the server for any changes you wish to make *shrug*. No need for in-game anything. Kill server, make your adjustments, launch server.


    Feel free to ask GRiN to change how that works, I'm right there with you.

  4. - Default starting kit. (Rifle, Pistol & Extra slots)

    That's better left to the player, I don't want to have to repick my fav kit everytime I join a server, nor can I imagine that anyone else would like that idea... Kit restrictions ok, but don't mess with the default kit...

    You misunderstand me. I don't care about the four user programmable kits, or the kit you start with after you die (which is your previous load out). But the default kit you start with when you join the server. In games where tactical points are a concern, players don't get to start with whatever they want, they get what the server gives them as a default.

    It is *perfectly acceptible* (and IMO preferred) that these are stored in a serverconfig.xml style file that needs to be hand edited - dedicated server admins can handle it. And it will give an aspiring VB or Java programmer a project to GUI-ify the editing of said file.

    No it's not *perfectly acceptible*... In fact, it is *NOT AT ALL ACCEPTIBLE*... We should be able to have an easy to use interface that can be edited from in-game. It might be acceptible to do that from a CO-OP point of view... but seriously... for some serious use of GR:AW we need to be able to edit it without the then required use of FTP clients and/or Radmin.

    I disagree - you shouldn't be doing *anything* in game on a dedicated server, since there should be no "in-game" to be in. As for host & play servers... couldn't care less.


    As for management options, I agree the full range of standard /kick <player>, /ban <player> commands should be available, but I didn't consider those to be server configuration options.

  5. when i create my map rendered one pass on draft to test scale and such. the 1st time it loads there is no problem i can run around as usual.....but when the round ends and the map reloads the game preforms an illegal operation and has to close. no error report is generated in ghost its a windows crash.

    any ideas what could be causing this?

    This is a known issue on map editor created maps - I haven't come across *any* that don't do this. They work fine on dedicated servers thought, so *shrug*.

  6. Ideally the following would be individually configurable server side:

    - Default starting kit. (Rifle, Pistol & Extra slots)

    - Starting Tactical points.

    - Number of Lives/Respawns, 0 through infinity.

    - Weapon/Component Value (i.e. M8 scope = 15pts instead of 60 if desired)

    - Global weapon restrictions (default = no restrictions)

    - Map Rotation List (Include order maps should rotate in, and allow for repeats: Downtown, Avenues, Downtown, Church... etc)

    - Map Specific Round Length (i.e. Downtown - 8min; Church - 15min...)

    - Mods allowed (either via optionally allowing clients to use mods that the server specifically has in it's /local folder, or via some "official" mod-addon schema); Additionally personal preference options shouldn't be checked by the anti-cheat (for example reticle color).

    - Lives on join: None, Full, Minimum Currently Remaining, or specified value.

    The following should also be configurable per map:

    - Map specific Weapon Restrictions (perhaps configured by the map creator and part of the final .bundle file)

    It is *perfectly acceptible* (and IMO preferred) that these are stored in a serverconfig.xml style file that needs to be hand edited - dedicated server admins can handle it. And it will give an aspiring VB or Java programmer a project to GUI-ify the editing of said file.

  7. I didn't want cracks or anything. I know there are other programs that protect the game, yet don't hinder you from using the tools associated with the game. Also, last time I checked the game wasn't in any way sold on it's merits of having a built in editor or anything, so I also wouldn't consider being able to render the programs on an alternate PC piracy by the broadest definition of the term.

    For the time being I am doing the PITA thing of moving the disc between machines as necessary to re-launch the editor (fixing the bug in the editor that crashes it when you load other maps would alleviate this some, then I can just leave the editor running for weeks as I copy created maps to where they need to be across the network, load and export them...)

    And when it hits the bargain bin, if the community is still strong after all these problems with the anti-cheat and server tools I may snag a copy and give in to my laziness. *shrug*

  8. Ok, ive made my first TDM but the dang mini map shows everything really dark and messed up....looks like its backwards. I know the arrow that represents you on it is pointed in the wrong direction. Plz help if you know the problem.

    You need to delete the <mapname>.tga in the .../work/<mapname> folder before every export to have it re-create it (otherwise it just re-uses what's already there).

    Also, I'm assuming the bounding box needs to properly encompass the entire play area just as it does for Domination mode maps. I've got a detailed post over in the beerdrinkingassassins for I can copy over tonight when I get home from work if no one details that process before then.

  9. I am trying to figure out why third party modders haven't made any coop maps so far. Is this because it is too much work or because GRIN/UBI has yet to release the right tools?

    The editor doesn't support it yet "out of the box"... I know a few who have a work around and are working on coop missions, but I thought the upcoming mid-July patch will enable full coop mission creation.

  10. Since the 1.20 patch, all my maps are now unfortunately showing the name I used when I first started creating the map and not the one I used whilst exporting.

    You can hand edit the description.xml and change:

    <menu name="CervezaMuerta" mode="Domination" />
    To whatever you want the map to show up in the in-game menu as. This differs from the entry:
    <export_name value="CervezaMuerta"/>
    Which only controls what the default export name is when the editor loads the map. Also, in world.xml:
    <world name="world" max_id="1391" level_name="cervezamuerta">

    Which seems to control what the bundle will be named, and how it shows up to be re-loaded into the editor.

    I'd change them all before the "Final" export of your map to whatever you want them to be.

  11. I want to be able to make my map, so that to capture a zone you have to stand on the actual buildings instead of any where in the area. However i want it so that when u capture it, i dont want the building zone just to appear captured on the map, i want some of the area surounding it to appear like that to. Is this possible, Thanks


  12. Here's the deal with night maps IMO...

    It takes a lot of work to get the proper amount of lighting in order to have a good night map, otherwise after a certain threshold everyone simply leaves on NV... so basically you end up playing a "day" map through a green filter without shadows - bleck.

    You need enough light to dissuade players from simply using NV all the time, so that timing & use of NV becomes a tactical challenge.

    [Discuss among yourselves why game devs still think NV is green tinted.]

  13. There's also been a theory floating around that the weirdly lit objects are the problem objects, and removing them will get you going again.

    Somthing else worth doing, even if others don't think you should be hand editing your XML files... peruse your world##.xml file and look for objects sitting at around -50000 on the Z axis, these are objects that have fallen off your map, and delete them.

  14. Ok, here's the issue. It takes a long time to render a map, I'm ok with that, I have multiple PC's, let me design a map on one, when ready copy it to the other and export away.

    DVD required :(

    Any recommendations other than buying a second copy for exporting maps? Is your copy protection easy enough to alter so that when running in editor mode it doesn't require the disc?

  15. I've gotten into the habit of blowing away the lightmaps folder between renders and haven't encountered this problem. I don't see why you should have to, but it's helped a few people. It might have something to do with not fully regenerating lightmaps between passes, and if you change the sky from night to day everything might still be using the lightmaps it generated for night.... pure speculation at this point, but I haven't had that error since <knocks on wood>.

  16. Things I've already tested:

    -Players on both teams when map switches

    -spawn_dummy objects well within both team spawn zones

    -no more than one zone set to team 1, and one set to team 2

    -no overlapping zones (setting snap to 1000 for zone placement helps)

    Having spawn_dummy objects in zones other than the team zones doesn't make sense, otherwise the tutorial map would crash when switching sides (and they'd have mentioned putting a few spawn dummies in every zone).

    Also, when hosted on a dedicated server it does NOT crash, only when in host & play mode.

    Thanks for the input, any other ideas (or official GRIN hints?)

  17. I'm having an issue with a Domination map that appears to crash when switching sides. It plays through fine for an entire round, but when it goes to switch sides, after ~1-2 seconds of play:

    GRAW.exe has encountered a problem.....

    It is indeed graw.exe which is crashing according to the error signature.

    Are there any known causes for this (perhaps from internal GRIN testing? Others testing? Specifically with regards to something amiss in a .bundle or the contents thereof.

    Very strange that it has no problem with a single run through, so maybe some sort of between mission clean up issue?

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