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  1. Thanks... I watched this thread for a bit and figured i would give it a go to see if i could figure it out. Luckily i did...woulda drove me crazy...lol

    It appears he hit a limitation on the mini map generator, if you notice the jagged edge along the bottom, it aligns with the static tiles he used. A version with some trees, etc removed got further along, but again ended in a jagged line where the memory limit of the tool used to generate the minimap was hit.

    The reason I think it's that tool (or somewhere in that process) is that the file seems to cap at 1 Meg in size.

  2. I've owned a c omputer almost every day of my life since age 13. I'm 32 now. I majored in Computer Science in college. I don't know how to edit XML, nor do I know anything about the 5-digit codes listed for RGB colors.

    Not to try to whizz on your parade, th33f, but I find the instructions a bit intimidating. I'm sure the average Joe Bloe who just wants to put his computer together by the color-coded instructions, put in the disc and play, doesn't get it either.

    But I bet for those with a better understanding of modern computer science (I studied in 1993- MS-DOS 5.0 cost about $400 a copy, and Windows was just an office application, not an operating system) this is simple, easy,. straightforward and comprehensive. It's just that I wouldn't know...


    Please note, this is not directed at you Rabbi, your post just made me think of an appropriate quote...

    " --Maybe I don't want to spend my life

    sittin' around and explaining ###### to


    --You know how ######in' easy this is to

    me? This is a joke!

    And I'm sorry you can't do this. I

    really am. 'Cause if you could, I

    wouldn't be forced to watch you fumble

    around and ###### it up.


  3. 1. When adding props such as barrels or lite polls is there a way to raise or lower them to meet the ground?

    2. Is there a way to slope terrains or are we stuck with flat ground? Like making a level thats flat on top then slopes to a lower level hills etc.

    1. Yes - A) PgUp & PgDn, thumb button to relocate the prop. or B) Turn off planar move.

    2. No.

  4. Honestly if they implemented an ALT-Middle click and CTRL-Middle click to change the Yaw & Pitch of an object the way a regular Middle click changes the roll, I'd be willing to forget the whole thing...especially if they're as cute as that Guinnea Pig :) I don't really use the Highway Stairs Deformed anyway :D

  5. no these "non-modular objects" were not made to "###### you off" they were made to fit in a landscape that required them to be custom made in the game. the objects in the editor is not objects that we "give you" , they are objects that are in the actual game that we have used in the maps.

    the rest of your points seems to be bugs, ill have to check that on monday when I get back to the office.

    Also its nice to hear that you are disapointed in our treatment of the mod community, taking into consideration how many hours we have spent answering Pms and writing tutorials and talking in the mod forum. nice

    Willie, without a doubt yourself, Desmond, and a few others whose names I don't remember off hand go above and beyond in your interaction with us. I probably should have said "Ubi" since the majority of issues the serious modders are running into could be easily rectified with a section on extensibility related items in the readme file, which probably isn't your call. Editor changes, objects that have been removed, changed, or that don't work.

    We received this with the inital editor release, the lack one one in these later patches just stands out in stark contrast.

    My intention wasn't to offend, my apologies if I have done so... it was 2 or 3AM when I was attempting to finish this post up, and I simply wanted the information out there so others would be aware and could take measures to prevent their hard work from causing others problems due to crashing, etc. No excuse, but there you have it.

    If you have any doubts on my support of your work take a visit to my modding wiki or examine the quality of my maps. I'm probably one of the few who purchased a second copy of the game @$50 so I can have a second machine in the other room exporting maps while I continue to work/play on my primary machine.

    Also, the question concerning unusable objects was a somewhat rhetorical one, obviously your artists aren't sitting around thinking "Hey, what object can we make for modders today?". An example however, if you'll permit the segue, the lighthouse could have been used as it had in Com Station just as well if the object was completed on the bottom and squared off as a modular object - while allowing it's use in many other maps. Again, just an example.

    Colin et. al.: After re-reading it I fully stand by the text of my original post. It was respectful and to the point. Apparently the only thing that has everyone stirred up is my subtitle to the original post (which honestly I recognized as inflamatory and simply forgot to remove since it was super late).

  6. Ok, this may come off a little ranty, and maybe it is, but I believe the points are valid regardless.

    BUG: The 1.21 version of the editor no longer handles Props Brushes "properly". Specific issues are - no longer saves props brushes changes when you click "Save", no longer saves them if you export the map. This basically negates the ability to add or remove any brushed props. Deleting the massunit.bin no longer causes a new one to be created, but instead crashes the editor on export of the map due to the missing file. Work Around: Revert to 1.20 :(

    PROCESS BUG: Objects were removed from the editor. Missing objects causes upgraded servers and clients to crash when using existing maps that contain removed objects. :wall: Discovered so far: Industrial Highway Stairs (Deformed).

    PROCESS BUG: Inclusion of objects in the editor that are for all intents and purposes unusable. Off the top of my head... Lighthouse, Industrial Bridge, Ghetto Bunkers 1-4. It's late but I'm fairly certain there there were others. Hint: Editor is modular, these components are not. Yes I know we can make our own, but why give us a non-modular component we can't use? Just to taunt us? :)

    PROCESS BUG: No documentation on any changes on the editor.

    I Know Ubi's on your rear to get these out the door, and I know what working late nights to meet a ship deadline and to make the market happy are, but anything you can do to avoid these types of things in the future would be much appreciated.

  7. Next time you have to draw the line... draw it with "You have Captured the zone!" and "You have lost the zone!"... see no letters... smooth line. :) Works from 1 to a bazillion!

    And honestly, I have no problem with thirteen zones... but it would have been nice if you told us we were limited to thirteen zones.

  8. -Athenian' date='Jul 27 2006, 05:57 PM' post='403639']

    Well I have seen the bunkers in a custom map already. I don't remember the name but it seemed to be working properly. I didn't pay much attention to them at the time because it was way before I started to try and use them in my own maps.

    Bunkers were used in Hard Point, however, Hard Point reuses the giant static mesh from mission 4 that the bunkers were specifically designed to fit into, there no real other place they'll work without a lot of messing around, and you'll still end up with something that looks like hell.

  9. Also - what do the static check boxes for buildings do? I am talking about those that mention force light, light on..... I am going to turn those on and see, but figured I would also ask, lol.

    The lighting switches haven't been perfectly consitent, however, in general this is what we've determined...

    Depending on the day/night selection when first creating a map, this little chart seems to be how things operate....

    			Light On	  Force Light	 Expected Result
    Day		 Off			   Off			 Off
    Day		 On				Off			 Off
    Day		 On				On			  On
    Night	   Off			   Off			 Off
    Night	   On				Off			 On
    Night	   On				On			  On

    Some statics don't behave (historical gas station for example), and there's the odd other occasional quirk. but in general that's how I noticed them behaving.

  10. Tom, great work just like your first map, I can't wait to play it on a nice full server!

    I'd like to point out two things though...

    In bravo there are a few "floating" trees.

    And more of an FYI... shipping containers (and dumpsters, and many other objects) have alternate version textures. You access these by using a dropdown in the menu in the object box (down in lower left) when a prop is selected.

    I really like the exit signs in the sewers, and the layout of the map, lots of maneuver room and plenty of cover. Good stuff.

    Can't wait to see your next one.

  11. hi guys having probs with rendering mini map :angry: .

    the maps i have done work ok with no hole's

    but the minimaps never render's all of it, allways some missing blocks :unsure:

    the maps i have done are the same both end as in mirror of each udder.

    also deleted the tag file a few times but still the same out come :huh:

    i even did a 5 hour render with new sky to c if that would work but no go :wall:

    only thing i can think it is , is i started off the map to big and cut it down to size

    after i had already rendered then i did another render could this b the prob ?.

    1) Try deleting the <mapname>.tga in the folder, it doesn't re-create the minimap if it already exists.

    2) Ensure the white square that you see when you fly up in the editor while in the multiplayer layer is larger than your map. If you need to make it bigger several other posts cover the details of this.

    3) Do this before your final render/export, you'll get a much nicer mini-map that way.

  12. I add the sewer entrance, the top part is at ground level and the other is below ground. But when I go to add the next section of straight sewer it's at ground level not underground. How do I get it down to meet the first section?

    Thanks in advance for your help

    I believe you need to choose a static object (as in your case - sewer) then hold the shift key down and use the arrows to raise or lower the section that you are adding. You do this before you right click and add it.

    You don't need to use the shift key. Also, if you hit F12 first to open the console, it will report the level you move to as you use the up/down arrow keys to adjust static altitude placement.

    Sewers generally live at -750 if you're building your map on the default 0 plane. The sewer cross large, sewer entrance, and sewer stairs (piece with building on top) live at 0 instead of -750 since parts of them exist "up top"... be careful about placing statics over these pieces.

  13. What was wrong with the CHURCG map that had to be fixed?

    Acrophobia (the map with the floating container) isn't your standard map, it's done in the style of M.C Esher and American McGee's Alice - an artistic creation by Maj3stic.

    The problem with the Church map was the overlook from Bravo into the US Spawn (Alpha) that promoted spawn raping.

    = As with GR:AW itself, quirks will arise. One or two of the maps have shown unexpected quirks when full of players, so we'll be issuing v1.1 updates to the packs (they overwrite earlier versions of the maps with the same names) to correct this issue. However in the meantime most of them still work solid, so enjoy.

  14. Yessir that's right! We've got TWO full 6-Packs of maps for your gaming pleasure, containing some of the finest brews - ALL created by members of the Beer Drinking Assassins!

    BDA Micro-Brew 6-Pack: Cerveza Muerta, Dresden, Hard Point, Acrophobia, 3 Kings, Tarantino.



    BDA Premium Lager 6-Pack: Oaklands, Morte Sanguine, Close Quarters, Hypoxia, Broken Arrow, Church FIXED!



  15. Hi all,

    I an 3 days away from changing the Mission 04 Strong Point map into a Team Death Match map.

    I have removed the scripting needed for the map and have left everything else.

    I have also sectioned off extra areas of the map to make it a little smaller for use in TDM.

    I do not feel comfortable yet about releasing the TDM map unless I get approval to use it.

    I want to make sure I do things right by them.


    Grin, can I use our map and modify it only for the purpose of creating an TDM, DM, and Domination versions of it?

    Rocky and or Grin_Wille, I know you guys are on here alot. Let me know if you think there are any other channels I need to go through for this to happen.



    I've already released a version of the map as a Domination map.... I figure according to the license UBI owns everything created with the editor anyway, how is reusing those resources any different.

    If you haven't read the license agreement for the editor and want to complain about it, start another thread (i.e. don't hijack this one).

  16. So it appears for some it is easy to make a map and have their own assets such as their tags, or other stuff. Rather than giving a run-around answer like use photshop on the objects in the texture folder (vague) how about someone who knows how to do this reply with steps for dummies.

    1. What software did or do you use to "tweek" or add your own assets? [Please reply with the software name and website references for the product to help people know where to go to get it]

    2. Having the software is the 1st priority. 2nd - what steps do you take to access the game files or objects to modify/tweek them? [did you use an extractor? What was it and where did you get it. How do you use it]

    anyone having questions please reply with 3, 4, etc - I think if some simple beginning steps can be done, more of us mappers who really want to learn and apply, can have at it.

    There may be a forum out there that goes into detail, but remember, leaving 1 step out can just cause someone to just say forget it. Lets help out the community....

    Well so far I don't think anyone has gotten custom content into the game yet (though it's just a matter of time, I've seen a few "beta" props, etc..)... but I can answer your question about tags.



    ROADSIGN_TEXT (? not sure on this, Viiiper will correct me if I'm wrong)

    The first two are the spray paint looking text which you can simply change in the editor (click in the box in lower right corner, type what you want it to say - adjust size & color sliders to your hearts content). The buildingtext tags are limited to ALLCAPS, though *some* characters convert to special symbols in game (one of the square brackets converts to the helipad landing symbol, etc...). On the Roadsigns, they take upper & lower case, but don't have a color adjustment if I remember correctly.

    There might be more, I definitely don't know every object in the editor in and out, so poke at it until you get what you need.

  17. c)it was me who made the unit in the first place, but I got drunk and left it in just for spite

    could be any of the three! once again, its not something you need to worry about;)

    :rofl: Honesty is the best policy. I think I like GRAW even more now. :g_withgrin:

    Hmm maybe someone will find a picture of you mooning everybody in one of the maps because of reason 'c' again. :lol:

    That explains sh_wall_dirt quite well.

  18. So there I was, no crap, kickin' it on GR.com's GRAW page. Sifting through the screenies. Two things occurred to me...

    1.) These were NOT, in fact, screenies from the current PC GRAW. Clearly NOT.

    2.) Except for (perhaps) those of the map editor in use, which were prolific.


    A quick link to whatever topic in here discussed that matter would be great, as I really can't afford to spend all night sifting through this entire forum. Thanks, guys...

    Start -> Programs -> Ubisoft -> Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter -> Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter Map Editor

  19. Additionally, I'd like all the information possible on the creation of the various .bin files within the bundle. How they're created, internal organization, etc.

    I've already found that it's quite easy to alter the contents within a bundle without having to deal with another multi-hour export (depending on the objects involved), so it would be nice to have any and all information you have on the specifics within the bundles.

    Some particulars:

    It appears all dynamics, vehicles and electrical items are dynamically lit, so adding, deleting, moving these items in a pre-existing map only requires some simple .xml editing.

    massunit.bin appears to containt he decals/props(brush) items, so if you have some goofs, load the map back in the editor, touch up the decals/brush items, do a quick draft export, and replace the massunit.bin inside your full detail exported bundle file.

    Deleting props from world.xml is a-ok (though some space may be wasted in the atlas .dds files from lightmaps no longer needed).

    And plenty of other things that can be played around with in there w/o requiring a complete re-export of a map.

    SO.... GRiN folks.... please share anything you can!

  20. THanx Alex your maps are now removed. Uploading New Zip as this is posted. You have some great maps there look forward to your release to play them!

    I anticipate the final releases of four (maybe five) maps within a day. If you wish to include them, all you have to do is ask.

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