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  1. Hey Sledge,

    I think I saw your mail that you sent to Rahnman, about with the weapon modding. If it was you sent, then I have to tell you that what you've have done is great. I mean on Mini Gun that you posted to Rahnman. The reason for why I send you this post is that I am working on this field to create my own mod.Since I am not very much experienced in 3D modeling, I need some...

  2. Eagerly await the new editing tools I do. Good stuff fellas!
  3. It appears he hit a limitation on the mini map generator, if you notice the jagged edge along the bottom, it aligns with the static tiles he used. A version with some trees, etc removed got further along, but again ended in a jagged line where the memory limit of the tool used to generate the minimap was hit. The reason I think it's that tool (or somewhere in that process) is that the file seems to cap at 1 Meg in size.
  4. Please note, this is not directed at you Rabbi, your post just made me think of an appropriate quote... " --Maybe I don't want to spend my life sittin' around and explaining ###### to people. --You know how ######in' easy this is to me? This is a joke! And I'm sorry you can't do this. I really am. 'Cause if you could, I wouldn't be forced to watch you fumble around and ###### it up. "
  5. 1. Yes - A) PgUp & PgDn, thumb button to relocate the prop. or B) Turn off planar move. 2. No.
  6. 7th August 2006 AlexSledge's Golden Ale 6-Pack This pack replaces all previous versions of the maps. PLEASE DELETE THEM. DOWNLOAD THE HANDY INSTALLER http://www.openwar.com/maps/releases/Golde...le%206-Pack.exe REQUIREMENTS : GR:AW 1.21 Includes: Cerveza Muerta GOLD DOM Cerveza Muerta II: The Return of Donde Esta GOLD DOM Dresden GOLD DOM Killing Fields GOLD HAM Morte Sanguine GOLD DOM Tarantino GOLD DOM
  7. <snipped out the dupe of Jace's awesome post> FWIW, the historical set does include bridge bottoms that might solve that issue without sticking in an arch. Lighting issues simply seem like poor quality control
  8. Real simple, all the little children their parents haven't spanked enough spawn camp. What's more to discuss? Leave them to their successful future at McDonald's. "Want fries with that?"
  9. Honestly if they implemented an ALT-Middle click and CTRL-Middle click to change the Yaw & Pitch of an object the way a regular Middle click changes the roll, I'd be willing to forget the whole thing...especially if they're as cute as that Guinnea Pig I don't really use the Highway Stairs Deformed anyway
  10. Willie, without a doubt yourself, Desmond, and a few others whose names I don't remember off hand go above and beyond in your interaction with us. I probably should have said "Ubi" since the majority of issues the serious modders are running into could be easily rectified with a section on extensibility related items in the readme file, which probably isn't your call. Editor changes, objects that have been removed, changed, or that don't work. We received this with the inital editor release, the lack one one in these later patches just stands out in stark contrast. My intention wasn't to offend, my apologies if I have done so... it was 2 or 3AM when I was attempting to finish this post up, and I simply wanted the information out there so others would be aware and could take measures to prevent their hard work from causing others problems due to crashing, etc. No excuse, but there you have it. If you have any doubts on my support of your work take a visit to my modding wiki or examine the quality of my maps. I'm probably one of the few who purchased a second copy of the game @$50 so I can have a second machine in the other room exporting maps while I continue to work/play on my primary machine. Also, the question concerning unusable objects was a somewhat rhetorical one, obviously your artists aren't sitting around thinking "Hey, what object can we make for modders today?". An example however, if you'll permit the segue, the lighthouse could have been used as it had in Com Station just as well if the object was completed on the bottom and squared off as a modular object - while allowing it's use in many other maps. Again, just an example. Colin et. al.: After re-reading it I fully stand by the text of my original post. It was respectful and to the point. Apparently the only thing that has everyone stirred up is my subtitle to the original post (which honestly I recognized as inflamatory and simply forgot to remove since it was super late).
  11. Ok, this may come off a little ranty, and maybe it is, but I believe the points are valid regardless. BUG: The 1.21 version of the editor no longer handles Props Brushes "properly". Specific issues are - no longer saves props brushes changes when you click "Save", no longer saves them if you export the map. This basically negates the ability to add or remove any brushed props. Deleting the massunit.bin no longer causes a new one to be created, but instead crashes the editor on export of the map due to the missing file. Work Around: Revert to 1.20 PROCESS BUG: Objects were removed from the editor. Missing objects causes upgraded servers and clients to crash when using existing maps that contain removed objects. Discovered so far: Industrial Highway Stairs (Deformed). PROCESS BUG: Inclusion of objects in the editor that are for all intents and purposes unusable. Off the top of my head... Lighthouse, Industrial Bridge, Ghetto Bunkers 1-4. It's late but I'm fairly certain there there were others. Hint: Editor is modular, these components are not. Yes I know we can make our own, but why give us a non-modular component we can't use? Just to taunt us? PROCESS BUG: No documentation on any changes on the editor. I Know Ubi's on your rear to get these out the door, and I know what working late nights to meet a ship deadline and to make the market happy are, but anything you can do to avoid these types of things in the future would be much appreciated.
  12. Next time you have to draw the line... draw it with "You have Captured the zone!" and "You have lost the zone!"... see no letters... smooth line. Works from 1 to a bazillion! And honestly, I have no problem with thirteen zones... but it would have been nice if you told us we were limited to thirteen zones.
  13. GRiN a request, buy that dude some beers and get November through Zed into one of these upcoming patches, thanks!
  14. Bunkers were used in Hard Point, however, Hard Point reuses the giant static mesh from mission 4 that the bunkers were specifically designed to fit into, there no real other place they'll work without a lot of messing around, and you'll still end up with something that looks like hell.
  15. The lighting switches haven't been perfectly consitent, however, in general this is what we've determined... Depending on the day/night selection when first creating a map, this little chart seems to be how things operate.... Light On Force Light Expected Result Day Off Off Off Day On Off Off Day On On On Night Off Off Off Night On Off On Night On On On Some statics don't behave (historical gas station for example), and there's the odd other occasional quirk. but in general that's how I noticed them behaving.
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