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  1. I've seen worse happen in DM servers, only a rifle moving around. Hard to see but deadly in right hands. That happend several rounds to differend people so it wasnt any glitch or cheat.
  2. Are you trying to say I need to download some modtools and crap in patch? Why not make separate tools for those three people who wants them? As we saw in GRAW there isnt any good map makers here, only horrific tryouts released by modders. There isnt note about sound issues, but pls fix that machinegun sound what is only thing I hear if some one is using it. Very annoying.
  3. You can use first level kits all the time. You click the bottom class icon on the left side during kit selection and you get the kits for that level. No one is forcing you to upgrade your arsenal, we're just suggesting. This way I'll miss that luvly GL. BTW add some nades, in GR we had 12 or 18, cant remember, and here only 2? Oh, and did they cancel MM1 or why is it removed from sequels?
  4. So far I've been almost enjoying this game. Most my problems are sounds. In any map if someone uses fixed MP's and fires, thats all I can hear. Even if MP is 300m away it sounds like Im in front of barrel and I need to throw away my headset for a while. Card is that X-fi Fatality with X-ram. Other thing is, I'd like to see deathmessages after Im dead. Like said in opening msg, friendly names should be removed, or atleast make an option for it for better servers. I like RvsA mode very much but there sure is mayby biggest issue of game. I dont wanna use scoped rifles cause they block my view. It would be best to play in 1st. class whole time but I cant. So let me sort out my own kits. In TDM mode I can use that what ever GL-wpn and it works fine.
  5. I autopatched my game 15min ago and now game freezes totally after pressed Multiplayer tab. Serverlist opens and all favs are shown as offline and no other servers. Any button combos doesnt help, only reset. This wasnt a good patch if multiplayer function is disabled after this? SP I havent tried in any version, I bought game for MP only. Would be nice to be able to play it. To make it clear, game did work 1.01 well and after 1.02 it just freezes.
  6. Im one of those players who try SP and move on to MP quickly. When GR came, internet connections were bad (56/128k) but I loved that game, even it wasnt the first game I played online. Anyone remember DeltaForce series? There are some entertaining SP games out there, but live enemys are that thing what keeps me coming back. Not all are capable of fast MP game and Im not capable of playing Quake/Doom clones. What I want is objectives and thats why I love Americas Army. Only thing is, its too popular and hacks change owners all the time. GRAW never had that proplem, nobody wanted to make codes for unpopular game? What I expect from GRAW2? Better netcode, lag is horrific in most servers, even Im playing with fullrate ADSL now. That kneeposition chills me still, it did first time I saw or heard it. Some moving crouched can be heard so far its ridiculous. Same thing with those slides. There isnt much wrong in most maps we have, small but playable. Some change wouldnt hurt? I quess GRAW wasnt THAT bad game at the end. I played it long time after all players I knew quit it. It made me furious many times with odd bugs and disconnets etc. but there wasnt much other games to play? I dont know what games are coming next six months or so, but I quess I'll try sequell too. I know many who dissapointed with this game and will not try again. Start of GRAW2 cant be like last one or its dead soon for sure. There arent third opportunities GRIN.
  7. Isn't there still a GR forum somewhere? Oh, yeah, it's here: http://www.ghostrecon.net/forums/index.php?showforum=2 Bye, thanks for trolling! Lots of talking but no one is playing this game, go and figure.
  8. Damn, I must buy xbox too, there was mayby 100 players online in best times for GRAW pc. Dunno what is situation now when they give away this game if you but bubblegum or something... GRAW was born dead and theres no reason to believe sequel is any better for GR fans. Ill smash it more when its released.
  9. I've been running Vista RC2 Build 5744 Ultimate for about 3-4months now. My comp is two years old but X-Fi. Never had any issues with any software except PhaseOnes RAW-converter what didnt install on Vista. If I remember right I've updated X-Fi drivers but Ati's drivers are build in. I had plenty of sound problems with same soundcard in XP but not in Vista. Before I start to play I close sidebar, otherwise it will blink time to time in game. FPS was bad in XP and its about same in Vista. I havent played single or coop mode in last half year so I dont know if it works or not. Now Im waiting for update in my hardware before I install OEM Vista, thats quite hard to move to other computer. I still have XP in my laptop but that will change when HP's OEM arrives.
  10. Since last patch joining has become more and more unstable. I usually play european daytime and there are all those 30 players around world still playing this game in same server. Too many times I havent been able to join cause I get bored after "waiting for server..." it can take over 8 min, yes, I looked my clock, to get in that server where players are. When I finally get to the server, round ends and its time to change map, oops, I got kicked because I have some suspicious files in my gamefolder? All that waiting again just to crash back to desktop after 4min of playing. Enjoy your game if you can.
  11. I have played with same saved set for last 4 months. Once I found my way of wpn, why change it? I just crap Scar H with GL and couple of apples. Those "scopes" are just useless, no zoom and decreased accuracy. Drawdistancelimit is closer than I can see with ironsights. I've heard some whining about GL, but that just essential for surviving... and ###### people up. If I pop up to server with kit restrictions, I play without GL, even I miss it time to time.
  12. For me, finding servers with low pings is not a problem, but its quite boring to play alone. All servers with people in, are located in US or some where far anyways, when my ping in not tolerable >130. I've also got loads of those disconnects and many kind of crashes since 1.3. I can live with those, but lack of players is something else. I'm not going to spend my nights playing, I sleep that time and wake up 5.30 every morning.
  13. When I buy a game, Im not interested to do gamedevelopers job and download fixes after fixes. After 30 years of videogames some people should already know what people want and how to do it? I just want to play well made games not create ones, I have my own job already. I dont know anything about computers or coding so I expect gamemakers know better. I dont wanna spend hours seeking answers for my problems and if I found it, its presented a way I cant understand. I quess we are lucky these people are not making our cars?
  14. I have the same but i am using the latest drivers. Have you downloaded the latest Creative update for the card? i did immediately with mine. Also is it on a nforce mainboard? nforce and creative have some issues. There isnt that recent drivers available, half a year old or such? My mobo have VIA's KT800Pro or so chipset and like I said, I play AmericasArmy, GTR2, FEAR, FlatOut2 and many other games as well, without problems. Bug itself can be heard like a half of soundfont in repeat, behind me, little to right. Its a shotsound or mayby its echo? Point is, imagine playing while theres someone shooting behind you all the time, also while loading and choosing wpnsets in inventory.
  15. SB X-FI FPS model with own X-RAM and settings at extreme. Putting settings to med/low doesnt help.
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